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  1. Going by the numbers on OddsChecker — the bookies will make real money if it is a draw.


    They will be ahead if it is a TFOD2.1 “victory”.


    Lose heavily if we win.



    PIT numbers so there is a tail of different odds over the past week.



    Playing a game without a recognised LB — interesting.


    Playing a game with the MIB Ludge crack A team in attendance — doubly interesting.


    I wonder what the odds are on a penalty being awarded or red cards dished out?

  2. Checking on the Sports News on Teletext, I noticed an itme anout BR being rushed to hospital with stress after he was sacked at Liverpool. Funny it comes up at this time I thought, hmmm


    4 – 0 the good guys



  3. BR seems to be in full USSR 1988 Final mode.


    Never mind the formation just pick a team of all your pals.



    We are much better than them.


    However we need to turn up.


    And play with some style.

  4. Wow…there yer’s Sky agenda rite there…flags flying…Scotland and Union side by side…wonder who the hun double act commentary team will b




    “Playing a game with the MIB Ludge crack A team in attendance”


    That is my only worry today. though I think N’tcham will take them out the equation today,expecting a massive game from him and all the Bhoys today.

  6. As Brendan says “we’re either going be in a good position or a very good position” after today. My money’s on very good.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning bhoys and ghirls. To those attending Mt Doom, I pray you have a safe day.


    If we settle down quickly, we have little to fear. Silence the baying hordes and the rest will follow.


    For those that think Broony is past it… well watch and learn today.





    ” If “he” is on the bench why isn’t he playing “






    because “he” (insert any name) isnt brendans pal anymore.



    thats how teams get picked dont ya know.

  9. LCT @ 11.51



    Last game against the TFOD2.1 — ON showed how good he is.


    Struggled to play at that level since so hopefully he remembers just in time.



    Just how good he is.



    Plus RC to step up to the plate and show his class.


    Still half finished but he is now showing real class.

  10. BSR,


    And thats exactly right.If you are not fit,why take up a bench place.If you are fit enough,play.


    No logic to this for me.Losing Calmac from the midfield,to me is a blow.Hayes would have done just as well at LB,letting Calmac play where he should be playing.


    Hope to God I am 100% wrong,and all the boys play well,but this is a weakened team,no matter what anyone says.No KT,no Rogic,no Calmac in middle.Mikey has to be confident,and take them on in the box.A chance to be a hero.

  11. COYBIG. 2 game changers the bench should it be required – hopefully not.


    Magners chilling in the fridge, glass of Jamiesons poured – Let’s get the rout of Sevco started

  12. Turkeybhoy,



    what does “fit” actually mean to the coaches AND THE PLAYER himself.



    coach to kt, are you ready for 90 minutes, we dont think you are, cos you havnt played in a few weeks, and i have fully MATCH FIT options.



    kt, but boss, your ma pal, and i want to play the whole game.



    coach, nah, your good cover for the end of the game, or if it doesnt work out with fully fit calllum, so your good for the bench, just be ready.



    its not rocket salad.

  13. PARK ROAD 67



    The desperate pleading on Sky for a hun victory would give ye the Boak:((



    Mon Celts let’s put this mob to the sword and quick:))




  14. Tactical from BR straight away. They have been looking at playing against Edouard up front and McGregor in midfield. An hour to change Slippy G’s tactics.



    Don’t even know if the Ferryman will be at left back. Might even be a back 3. Sinclair, Forrest and Johnstone will inter-change through the middle. They will all be difficult to pick up and mark. Causes real problems for their defence.



    Anyone who doesn’t think this team is good enough to win is deluded.





  15. Brendan knows what he is doing. I am no less confident than I was this morning. No point in guessing where individual players will play. I fully expect our very pacy front 5 to pull their defence all over the place.

  16. MNCELT



    Celtic tv having a moment, relying on our bhoys on CQN


    for updates.


    PARK RD 67


    Yes you asked me about Matt McKenna but i worked offshore


    and did not know him.


    H.H Mick

  17. FFS Slippy G tells us that Goldson is having an injection to play.



    BR French Eddie and KT couldn’t play 90 minutes. They will be brought on if needed.





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