Roberts craft, Rod the entertainer, January anxiety


Albion Rovers did as much as could be asked of them yesterday. They defended solidly, conceding only to an impossible to defend strike from Player of the Year-designate Scott Sinclair, until the final 13 minutes of the game.

A lazy observation would conclude that it was tiredness which caused the part-timers to lose two late goals, but that wasn’t the case. Patrick Roberts ability to draw opponents close, before exploiting the space behind them changed a 0-1 score into a 0-3 result. Without Roberts, we would have continued to pass in an arc around the Rovers defensive pyramid.

A home draw in the next round was as welcome as it was unexpected – what happens, I suppose, when a good Celtic man gets to draw the balls. Rod Stewart proved he is the complete entertainer as he brought colour to what is too often a soulless procedure. When presenting to the public, some forget football THEY ARE EMPLOYED in an entertainment industry.

Having already spent a reasonable amount of money this month, the normal January anxiety is contained to the permanently anxious, but, as you know, transfer windows are all about the last few days. We’re still working. Usual caveats apply.


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  1. on ssn ” Hull confirm Ryan Mason has been talking aboutTHE INCIDENT that led to his injury at Chelsea”

  2. If a horse dies in a race, and there’s another horse from the same stables,,and it goes on to win the The said race you get paid out on the odds the dead horse was, if the horse that died say, won two grand nationals, then the horse who won the race would be the owner of those two titles and also any winning history the dead horse had, BUT! It can’t race anywhere in Europe for three years, hope that cleared things up.

  3. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 22ND JANUARY 2017 6:23 PM



    “Just saw the Arsenal “penalty”. Never a penalty: it’s high feet so is an indirect free kick for dangerous play.”






    Maybe if he’d missed Koscielni’s head, but he caught him, so it’s kicking an opponent, a direct free-kick, which, in the 18 yard box means a penalty.



    Dead right about the Citeh stonewaller, though!

  4. Bada



    Yeah, Burnley got one for a player being kicked on the leg, so a kick in the head’s not going to result in a lesser punishment.

  5. Summa



    thoughts & prayers with your family and yourself.



    I do not read too much hatred on here and I especially don’t think anyone would direct any at your dad or your good self, except to offer their thoughts and prayers at a horrible time for your dad, your family and yourself.



    Take care buddy.




  6. Paul67 et al



    See elsewhere on this dear green place that newspaper sales in Scotland for December 2016 are down 13.5% year on year. The Daily Record sales are down to 155,000 per day. That might explain how a complete nonentity is able to claim a back page ‘story’ albeit only one which attacks Celtic. The Record is winning the race to the bottom, and with luck will soon passing the finishing line. It is an affront to journalism with an accompanying website which is the media equivalent of a car crash. As they used to say back in the day….it’s a good news week!

  7. SUMMA…


    All the best bud,hope you find the strength to get through what must be an incredibly hard time.


    Thoughts and best wishes to you and yours’.

  8. With the new parking restrictions round CP from next season,I can see supporters buses getting more business…..

  9. Boyata and, Bitton both feigned injury to be taken off the pitch during our defeat to the huns in the SCSF when we lost in penalties a couple of years ago…only saying.


    Maybe, Brendan has sown a pair of cojones on them both ?


    Maybe, Brendan can see a couple of players in them ?


    Maybe, Brendan’s polishing them up like, Big Tony Mowbray’s pebble’s on the beach for a possible sale ?


    Maybe, Brendan’s decided that he’ll go with what he has at his disposal players wise ?


    Maybe, Brendan’s had the rug pulled from under him by PL and, that is why Brendan was singing PL’s praises the other day in the hope that, PL would change his mind and let Brendan have free reign of all transfer activity ?


    I think that,…Brendan is a magical merlin and will transform Ronny’s squad into a, hun-skelping, treble-winning, group of players that haven’t been seen at Cellic Park since the MO’N days and,….crucially, I can see shades of Henrik in Scott Sinclair and, magical merlin Brendan will amplify these shades of Henrik in Scott Sinclair to the extent that, the European galacticos will be falling over each other as they try to, prize Scott Sinclair with his shades of Henrik away from Cellic Park but, by that time,….Brendan the magical merlin will have put PL straight as to who exactly is in charge of – all – transfer activity at Cellic Park.


    Look at,…….


    James Forrest last year, heading for the door coz he was playing under a manager who didny know how to play him – running onto the ball – not getting the ball with yer back to the goals with 3 big hun hatchet men waiting to clog you down….knowing that they’ll get away wi it. Ye see, James Forrest was on the receiving end of what I used to call – Peter Grant type passes….nae brains or,…Cellic cuteness.


    Look at,…..


    Stuart Armstrong last season, heading for door, being labelled as a useless lump by those who couldny see that he, like JF,…were being mismanaged by a manager who wisny – Cellic cute enough.


    Now look at SA under Brendan the magical merlin’s watch,….a manager that know’s how to manage players to the best of they’re ability. Ye see, it looks to me like Brendan the magical merlin has suscribed to the Mr Stein theory that – “Football is a simple game.” – Why try to fix what isny broken ?


    Look at,….


    How many times have, James Forrest, Michal Lustig been injured,….hardly at all.


    Brendan the magical merlin dizny ask players to do stuff that they aren’t good at,….he keeps it simple and, brimming over with savvy….just like Mr Stein did.


    Aye,….Brendan is / was, a squirrel but, he’s certainly a squirrel who’s well worth putting up with….imho.


    Michelle O’Neill….You’ll Never Walk Alone….in the Jungle, good luck hen.


    Oh,….Hoopy Birthday to Mrs Starry Plough


    have a grand time hen.



  10. Summa of Sammi



    Summa of Sammi



    Very Sad News


    Thoughts and prayers for your dad and your family


    God bless you all







    Thoughts and prayers for your dad and your family


    God bless you all





  11. Interesting programme on BBC 4 tonight about Scotland and the Klan!! Interesting methinks.



    Have we signed a “Lubo” yet and what happened to the Stephane Mahe money??






  12. SUMMA OF SAMMI – God Bless ye pal, don’t make the mistake that I made by opening up on here….I won’t again.


    Thoughts and Prayers for yer Dad and, all who are close.






    Sorry about that mate, the above post was addressed to your goodself.





    I’m looking for a bit of info… I’ve been having a lot of bother with my hip for a while now, so the GP sent me for a X-Ray two weeks ago.


    I’ve now received a letter telling me to attend q.e.university hospital, the nuclear medicine department for a bone density scan. With a side letter saying its to see if I have osteoporosis.



    I was just wondering if this is a common practise?





    Had two , been told no osteoperosis but bones are thinning and likely to have osteo pennia soon.


    Its a 10 mins job



  15. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on








    They may have seen some evidence of osteoporosis or osteopenia on your x-ray






    Easy to see osteopenia on an x-ray so they want to check whether you need some intervention to prevent osteoporosis in the future.



    Simple scan will check bone density in your hip and spine, nae bother…….

  17. Sorry tae here of your loss onemalloy. I lost my one and only sibling 15 year ago, he was a great Celtic supporter and a very good player and I often wish I could call him up after games tae talk about them. BTW I fell out with him, over nothing tae, for a few years, would love tae have them back again.



    SUMMA OF SAMMI, I don’t see as much as hate on here as frustration with what is allowed tae happen with that mob. I knew a lot of bluenoses growing up, still talk tae some on FB, still look back fondly at my friendships with them, could always count on them tae. Didnae know any huns or want tae know them.

  18. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on





  19. Summa



    I am a non believer in God.



    But your Dad is in my thoughts.



    There are many many good Rangers supporters.



    Love Celtic,Hate no-one.




  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    If you are about, how many are you thinking of bringing to Lisbon and for how many days?



    Just so I know where to hide you away from mortal sin and ACGR!!

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