Scott Brown, party plans pooped


Footballers typically hit their testimonial year well after their peak, but this is arguably Scott Brown’s best season of his 11 in a Celtic jersey.  His Supporters’ and Players’ Player of the Year awards, which he received last night, were a formality.  We all knew the captain would collect both prizes.

The first thing Brendan Rodgers did when he met the media on his appointment was to cite Scott as the most important player at the club.  Brendan knew what he could get out of the captain and understood the importance of setting his expectations out early.

Scott will be 33 in June.  One day we will discuss succession, but with his form and fitness at their best ever, that time could be a several years away.

Party plans were pooped on Saturday but at least Newco won yesterday, doing us a favour by ensuring that we can take the title by our own actions on Sunday, and not potentially while watching Aberdeen and Hearts on Friday night.

Normally I would tell you that the cup final is far more important than Sunday’s league game, but I want to win the league this weekend.  A lot.

No more mistakes, Celtic.

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  1. Broony richly deserves his accolades, he’s found another level under Brendan Rodgers, one that I didn’t think he had, good coaches make good players better and the bond between the two Celtic men is vital for this teams continued success.



    Broony is as fit as a fiddle and I can see him playing another three seasons easily:))



    Bring on the Sevvvies…

  2. I thought Sevco were bad..then i saw Hertz.



    Jeezus,they played it like an away tie against 70s Brazil.



    If ever a team deserved to be beaten it was them, horrible , horrible outfit.

  3. I was really disappointed that the league wasn’t put to bed on Saturday, but there you go!


    Meanwhile, I have been busy in Clumpany Towers. Here are three new pieces. One of which is all about the implications of Saturday’s defeat…


    How To Deal With A Celtic Defeat https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/how-to-deal-with-a-celtic-defeat/


    The Union Bears Make A Cup Of Tea https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/the-union-bears-make-a-cup-of-tea/


    A Desperate Plea To Dave King https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/a-desperate-plea-to-dave-king/

  4. CCB & Family



    I’ll light a candle for Mick in St Peter’s Drogheda this afternoon. I was up in the Harbour this morning and was thought of you both.



    It was a lovely morning and the views were spectacular.



    To the northwest, Slieve Gullion and the Ring of Gullion of South Armagh. In County Louth, the Hill of Faughart, the birthplace of Saint Brigit (and the death of Edward the Bruce in the Battle of Faughart, 1318) the Cooley Mountains and Slieve Foye. To the north the Mountains of Mourne, County Down and Slieve Donard,



    To the south across the plains of County Meath to the Dublin Mountains and the faint shadow of the Wicklow Mountains and to the west Kavanagh’s County Monaghan.



    Anyway, I thought of our time there and came back to read of Mick’s ill health.






    Best Wishes on a speedy recovery.






    Congratulations on the job. You’ll be grand :)




  5. Richly deserved awards for Broony.



    Like a fine wine he improves with age!



    One of the things I have noticed since BR arrived is that when there is a lull in the play during a game, Broony going over to the Celtic technical area to receive instructions and have a wee conflab with BR.



    Broony is undoubtedly the main mhan on the pitch and BR trusts him implicitly,




  6. 50 shades of green on

    Broonie imho is our most accomplished capt since Big Billy..



    Congratulations on your awards Scott and KT.





  7. DD, you and others mentioned your former priest Father John Mone. He became the Bishop of Paisley, not Motherwell, as suggested. But as you and others correctly stated, he was a wonderful person and a great pastoral man. I counted him among my friends.



    Just before he died, after a long illness, I was visiting him and he was lying in bed semi-conscious. As I was about to leave, he opened his eyes looked at me and said, “Where are the Celtic playing on Saturday?” He was a season ticket holder and had a great knowledge of the game. Above all , he was a wonderful human being and I miss him greatly.



    Incidentally hope the job was to your satisfaction.



    Clogher Celt. Interested to know what you meant in your post when you mentioned Kavanagh’s County Monaghan.

  8. Auldheid,


    From last thread.


    The man has spent all his life in Scottish Fitba’. If he doesn’t have any opinions or preconceived ideas about how the game has been run up here in that time, then he must be an airhead. I doubt he’s that, because Thistle seem to be a reasonably well run club, operating without the benefit of payday loans, as happens elsewhere.



    Just because Regan was a failure, and totally inept, to boot, doesn’t mean that another outsider would be the same. And besides, those who’ve come from inside the game so far haven’t covered themselves in glory either.


    I’d rather have seen an outsider, with no allegiance to any club. A hard-nosed businessman, prepared to make hard decisions based on the good of the game, and the fans who finance the game here. All the fans. Decisions based on a strong sense of Integrity, justice, fairness, and honesty.


    First impressions ? They come from all of the above, as limited as my knowledge and access to inside information is.



    I could be wrong. I hope I am, but it’s just an opinion at the end of the day, not an attack or criticism of anything you’ve written or expressed.

  9. 50 shades of green on



    50 SHADES-hoopslegend Danny McGrain?




    Wouldn’t like to pick between Danny Paul @Scott….all legends to me mate, but as leaders on the park I think Scott Shades it


    ( not by 50 Shades just by a few:-) ).







  10. bournesouprecipe on 23rd April 2018 1:03 pm



    So sad and the impact it will have on the wedding party not to mention his family will be unfathomable



    R.I.P. Liam Colgan




  11. Any word on BMCUWP amd LIONRORS67 today please?



    I don’t have time to scroll back!



    Thanks in advance.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Would rather Sevco weren’t involved in the title winning game.


    All it does is raise their profile.


    We will get a whole week of “old firm”, “title decider”, “biggest rivals”.


    Interesting that not a single person in the MSM referred to the Hibs game as a “title decider”.


    Anyway, let’s get the job done.


    Agree about Scott – got years left in him.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on 23rd April 2018 1:16 pm


    Agree . I’m sorry they have to be anywhere near our title winning game







    It was a decider ‘no build up’ only afterwards when Brendan’s duds ‘ bottled it ‘



    Scottish cup ‘revenge game’ with old firm ‘party crashing’ a plenty all week.



    SMSM csc

  15. BMCUWP and LionsRoar67


    Best wishes Bhoys for a full and recovery. You are both in our thoughts and prayers. YNWA HH

  16. 50 shades of green on

    I know some travel by train to dalmarnock, seems as though the line is shut this Sunday for essential work and its been planned for months..



    Great planning ffs..

  17. whitedoghunch on

    LIONRORS67 best wishes for a healthy recovery


    Mick hope you are on the mend, ask a nurse for the hospital wi fi password




    Happy St George’s day to our neighbours despite the fact most of them couldn’t tell you the date from the top of their head



    *quite appropriate when another breidsnapper enters the world.

  19. The Token Tim on

    BMCUWP and LionRoars67,



    I wish you both a very speedy and full recovery Bhoys!






  20. Ian Maxwell being appointed should be good news. He has good knowledge as a player, coach and administrator for several teams. I hear he is welcomed by Celtic and I believe was one of the “good people” referred to in Peter Lawwell’s interview with Tom English. I had heard that he was often in the Board group voting against the McRae/Petrie old guard.



    Time, of course, will tell, but, I hope his first move will to ensure that the long awaited report from Compliance is released.



    If he is one of the good guys, I expect him to ensure the likes of Bryson are out the door as soon as possible.



    Will he be appointing a Deputy? if so, that could also be interesting

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