Short-term fix for staple Euro strategy


There’s always a bit of reticence signing a player who has been away from his previous club for four months. Carlton Cole hasn’t played since starting West Ham’s final games of last season, and presumably has only trained in isolation since then.

Expectations of a quick return, should Celtic offer him a contract, have to be tempered with the realisation that he’ll be at least a month away from full fitness, but by then we will be set to face Molde away.

One aspect of our play that will concern Ronny Deila is that we’re short of attacking variation. The high ball forward to Samaras, so long our staple on the road in Europe, is not an option. This will be the reason why Carlton is training at Lennoxtown this week.

I’d expect a short-term deal to be concluded between now and January, to give both sides a chance to check out the fit.

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  1. Nah Jobo baldie no £2 tumbola tickets on sale tomorrow night.


    That means the pools office will be closing early & that means


    bummer here is me thinking I could rifle my pools book in before


    our match tomorrow now to realize nah I’ll have to rifle it in


    earlier that means two journeys over to CP on the same day


    ah well my car needs a wee run around

  2. AULDHEID on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 7:03 PM


    In all the predictions on TRFC cash flow there are the unknown unknowns. Like is there any other money keeping the real business running?




    The case for tighter controls is unarguable. But would it kill our game?



    Financial money matters already killed our game back in mid eighties (30 years ago)


    & that’s a fact footy is not a sport anymore it’s a business simple as that

  3. AULDHEID on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 7:13 PM


    Carlton Cole?


    Mibeez aye, mibeez naw.


    One for the “We’ll see” bag.



    Aye Auldheid it’s in the land of maybe’s.


    Carlton Cole also needs to understand that


    1) he’s not being playing regular footy for a while so how long


    will it take him to get up to speed.


    2) he’s 31 years of age so he needs to get up to speed quickly


    3) he’s playing in Scotland so his wages need a reality check


    No League money that’s banked rolled by TV Money.


    4) he also has the tag of other Club’s surplus too requirement


    tag which he needs to prove wrong.


    He should look @ the Hoops opportunity as a chance to get


    his footy career back on track simple as that

  4. Right I’m offski folks to watch the BBC Shameland’s comedy show aye right


    if I would watch those shower of dodgy cheats being cheated rolled aye


    they need the money because the Banks have already suffered with their


    dodgy past dealings later’s folk’s & hail hail :-) :-)

  5. Auld Bertie,


    You talk some amount of pish, then again your type of pish patter has become more common on this blog in the last three years.

  6. We have 3 home games in a week. Huns do not.



    We have got 6 home European games. Huns have not.



    We have drawn a team from a lower league. Huns have not.




    We have a msm and national broadcaster that run us down at every chance. huns have not.

  7. ach, that’ll be the last update from me as The Missus has just twigged it’s a hun domestic game and not a BIG European game…………..



    Rumbled CSC

  8. Tallybhoy



    Darnell played the full match in their 4-1 defeat of Hamilton and got the 1st half of their 2-1 defeat by Killie.


    Not sure if he was injured or it was tactical but they were drawing 1-1 at half time.



    Perhaps they were keeping him fresh for tonight? :)

  9. GORDYBHOY64 on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 7:36 PM


    Very quiet blog tonight,





    is everyone away watching the berrs



    as long as their not paying for watching thats ok




  10. JOBO BALDIE on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 7:44 PM


    I want to be in that number!!!!



    dont speak too soon



    but I love it :-))




  11. GEORDIE MUNRO on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 7:46 PM









    Blog will be hoaching if this score is reversed



    True so we better make the most of it now




  12. Watched the last 10 minutes and it’s not a bad game. In fairness Sevco were in the ascendancy leading up to the goal and had a shout for a penalty which the Ref rightly ignored. A pulled back corner cracked brilliantly into the corner from edge of the box.