Short-term fix for staple Euro strategy


There’s always a bit of reticence signing a player who has been away from his previous club for four months. Carlton Cole hasn’t played since starting West Ham’s final games of last season, and presumably has only trained in isolation since then.

Expectations of a quick return, should Celtic offer him a contract, have to be tempered with the realisation that he’ll be at least a month away from full fitness, but by then we will be set to face Molde away.

One aspect of our play that will concern Ronny Deila is that we’re short of attacking variation. The high ball forward to Samaras, so long our staple on the road in Europe, is not an option. This will be the reason why Carlton is training at Lennoxtown this week.

I’d expect a short-term deal to be concluded between now and January, to give both sides a chance to check out the fit.

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    You are right, we probably do moan on the blog, a lot more than in person………….I’m probably the opposite :-)))))

  2. tonydonnelly67 on 22nd September 2015 3:41 pm



    There is no argument for Sammy in my opinion, Cole signs he signs, he doesent we move on, he does we see how it goes, he does well, it’s a good punt, he doesent, he moves on, no matter what Sammys gone ffs, deal with it, and the……….we loss Sammy we fall apart in Europe?……..ffs keep it real ,.


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/short-term-fix-for-staple-euro-strategy/comment-page-4/#comment-2683700






    Well, that’s every angle covered.



    What can we talk about next.

  3. Perhaps there is an inkling that Leigh will be missing a few games once the SFA catch up with his recent court case. I believe disciplinary action was on hold awaiting the trial. Cole may be required as domestic cover?



    In terms of comparison with Ian wright I think he was 36 when he arrived, cole is 31. At 31 wright was scoring 30 plus goals a season.

  4. Cowiebhoy



    how you doing mate? i came across this article which may be of interest to your lass and her thesis topic.


    Both these article may be of interest to her









    There is also a 5live podcast but alas ah cannae find it,



    Good catchin up Sunday



    hail hail

  5. EORDIE MUNRO on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 4:01 PM


    “What can we talk about next.”






    Kezia Dugdale??



    DUGdale………..that’ll have someo barking and howling at the moon ;-)

  6. Often thought Paul should have a ‘moderator for charity day’, where the chosen one gets to allow/delete posts at their leisure. The more they delete, the more they pay to selected charity. I know I couldn’t afford it though. (smileyface).

  7. Interesting Carlton Cole fact 134



    Carlton Cole was born on 12th of October 1983……the same day………as Bhoylo83



    Hes goin to be a Celtic legend i think




  8. tonydonnelly67



    So you are worrying about it then……………….nah, didn’t think you were………

  9. I wish I’d been born on the 12th of October, 1983.



    31 years old must feel right braw.



    I was a 40’s baby myself.



    No lookin’ too good noo, me.

  10. Worrying about the CC signing?


    Naaaaaa I was just passing comment that the theory of the wee man getting a stretch of games 4/5/6 he CC could come in handy, then again, when the SFA are involved I suppose there is a worry there when it’s a Celtic player I suppose.

  11. Got rid of Sammi and the country voted no. And Sally quit. And we’ve failed to make the CL twice in a row after only needing to avoid defeat. And Mad Men finished.



    It’s all Sammi’s fault.

  12. Does signing Carlton Cole for our domestic scene just prove that Lennoxtown Can be considered a white elephant ?




  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Another thing to consider is that Anthony Stokes is still awaiting sentencing on “bluesuedeshoesgate” so we could find that we are without Leigh Griffiths and AS at the same time. I am sure that between criticising the ref last week and the singing, LG will end up with a 3 or 4 game ban.


    One up front might be our only option.



    Always prepared to give players a chance. Wasn’t too impressed with the griffiths signing given his issues but he has settled down well now.



    Here for over nine months and nae weans in that time. :)

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Phil bhoy



    Just wan? He must be taking precautions.



    Heard that the last time they thought the panda was pregnant he had been to the zoo the previous day.

  15. West End of East End on

    Up like a bird – Interesting that you say that, I was watching the shoot in warm up on Sunday and Tom Rogic belted every one past the keeper. Leigh Griffiths was a close second, I should have taken my own advice and stuck him on for first goal scorer.



    ps, You’re right about Stokes, don’t go walking down the aisles with a pie n bovril if he’s practicing…

  16. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2015 4:20 PM









    Try my best to support the team.







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