Spotlight will inevitably find Moussa, wanted or not


You know when you get to a stage with a player when you think, “Moussa, how about you slow down with the international goals?” Celtic are ticking along well right now, and while I appreciate how important it is that when we sell players, we sell them at an elevated price, I’d be happy if Moussa didn’t attract too much attention right now.

His hat-trick for France under-21 last night was another milestone in his inextricable rise to the top. Coming hard on the heels of Olivier Ntcham stealing the show last week for the same international side, we can expect plenty of scouts at Celtic Park in the coming weeks.

Australia v Honduras tomorrow morning is the last World Cup qualification fixture involving Celtic players before headcount returns to full levels at Lennoxtown. This international break (for those who got the break) was invaluable to Celtic. We have two games per week from Ross County on Saturday until the winter break on 30 December.

That’s 13 games in 42 days, including a cup final, two Champions League fixtures, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and Newco; the squad will be stretched to its limit.


A Celtic State of Mind presents its 23rd instalment of insightful discussion into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes is joined by Bafta-winning documentary director, John MacLaverty, and Scottish comedian, Phil Differ.

John’s Lisbon Lions documentary – Glasgow: 1967 – is an incredible celebration of Celtic’s European Cup win 50 years on.

Phil has been a staple part of Scottish comedy for decades, and has worked on such iconic productions as Scotch & Wry, Naked Video, City Lights, Rab C Nesbitt and Only An Excuse.

The CQN Podcast has gone from strength-to-strength over the last few months, and there are many more guests lined up in the months ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.





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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I have every confidence that the GAA will go from strength to strength, as I said before, they have the national infrastructure, the sponsorship, facilities and, traditionally and historically,virtually first pick of Irish youth.



    When you include the inroads that professional rugby has made, in terms of TV coverage and the resulting sponsorship, then there is not much room for soccer to thrive in a country of circa 5 million.

  2. MIKE IN TORONTO on 14TH NOVEMBER 2017 10:02 PM


    re: england … will be a tough few months listening to them



    They know how bad they are, no one is fooled by the hype anymore, and they know they’re not winning anything with Southgate in charge

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim, I had forgotten about the legned’s stint at Old Trafford .

  4. Owen: RTÉ = Itoldyousotv.



    MON could have done better, imho, but he doesn’t have a great pool of players to choose from.



    Biggest culprit in all of this is the FAI.

  5. Celtic40 …



    but I find them a bit like the zombies …. I think that, deep down, they must know the truth … but , every time, they sitll come out with their nonsense… and genuinely seem to believe their own lies!

  6. Dallas



    Was on phone to Chris there. He is on a fitba high. Scored his first professional goal on Saturday, MOTM award, got his team into a semi final in Wales, named in SPFL Team of the week today. He is enjoying his time in Dumbarton. Ian Durrant is great with him. Big fitba influence on him.

  7. MIT


    Enjoy the holiday with your Mum, precious times indeed. Hope your trip to Ireland wasn’t a one off.


    Keep the faith big guy.




    Agree about Dunphy 100%. A complete arse of a man who couldn’t do it on the football field and is now carrying that ineptitude into analysis. Classic hurler on the ditch. One of the great mysteries is how someone with a face like a well skelped arse/ Toby jug can get a gig on TV. Just as well he’s normally on after the watershed.



  8. Martin O’Neil must have been listening to the panel because he was visibly angry during the post match interview, cut the guy off as he made sure he put his point across. Then he walked away before the interview was done. Afterwards in the studio Dunphy backpedalled so fast I thought he was going to fall out of THE TV box.

  9. MIKE IN TORONTO on 14TH NOVEMBER 2017 10:25 PM



    Something seems to have changed here in England since the euros, and in particular that game against Iceland. As a Scotland supporter living in England most of my life I’ve given and received a lot of stick over the years but their heart doesn’t seem to be in it anymore. It’s a shame as it’s provided me with some great sport during some very barren years.

  10. TTT: I coached u7 -u11 teams at local soccer in the JC era. I was the motivator rather than the coach.



    I saw local kids play wonderful inventive football but saw their natural skills coached out of them. By the time they went to secondary school(12 years of age) they were ‘moulded’ towards EPL team standards.



    The FAI and local clubs are too intent on chasing the EPL (Sky)£££ rather than developing the skills of local talented youth to modern competitive standards.

  11. Off to mo leaba.



    Still a TIM



    Still invincible. And



    Lynchiebhoy needs a ticket for the Anderlecht game if anyone can oblige.

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , I hope you are feeling better .



    I posted on Saturday about Chris scoring.



    It must be pleasing for him and your family he is getting a regular game with hs sort of local team , the Sons.



    Putting aside my feelings about Durrant , he had the potential to be a really good player and I hope , in his coaching capacity, he’s good at that also which will help Chris develope as a player.

  13. Almore



    Hope our lurgy clears soon.


    Bet you are glad it kept you from Aviva tonight.


    I have never seen a poorer Irish team in my life. Sadly.

  14. Dallas



    It is a leftie leg thing. Ian Durrant tells Chris every day that he has the best left foot in Scotland after Kieran Tierney. ID knows Chris is Celtic daft. He got him tickets for PSG game.


    My thoughts on ID have changed recently. He has shown nothing but kindness towards my Godson and my sister.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Regarding Aidan, I have never seen anyone put in so many poor crosses in such a short time on the pitch.


    I don’t think there’s a single Ireland player who would get into the Celtic team, and that most certainly includes Aidan.

  16. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s , that’s good to hear about Ian Durrant. It sounds like he has matured and is moreopen minded.



    Dumbarton FC has had plenty of Celtic links over the years, most notably Sean Fallon’s tenure as manager along with it being John Cushley’s last club ( I may be wrong with that one ) , Tom McAdam , Murdo McLeod and Pat McLuskey.



    Tom McAdam was very underrated.



    Good night all and sleep well.

  17. Great start to the game but we couldn’t even do the simplest things after that. No one showing for throw-ins hence we lobbed the ball forward and lost possession. Again and again and again. No learning curve or tactics at all. So the end wasn’t surprising.


    Hi to MIT.


    Hot toddy to Almore.

  18. DD: gutted we are not going to Russia (from a fan’s point of view) but we are a poor footballing team at the moment. Best of luck to the Danes and the good football teams.



    Will support one of the teams from developing nations next year.



    Hope your mam is staying strong.

  19. DD- i have met ID a few times, and know his brother in law, don’t judge a book by it’s cover as they say, a good guy.





    We both know loads of people who have different views from us,but are still good mates.



    Everyone does.



    I’m delighted that Ian Durrant is coaching Chris,he was a tremendous player. That’s what I’ll remember him for,like Jim Baxter. Ian will push,pull,demand.



    And Chris will keep listening. He’s got it,as you know. He just needs to keep hammering on.

  21. Gearoid



    When I said I was thinking of somewhere south for a sun holiday, I was sure Almore would suggest Dublin!



    Will definitely not be my last time in Ireland. Growing up, probably due to dad’s influence, I always felt like Ireland was my spiritual home. Having been there now as an adult, I feel it even more so. Great people, great Craig … and speaking of nice people I met while there …



    Magwai. Hey, pal! How ya doing? Keep my seat in the Bad Ass Cafe warm until I can get back again.

  22. BB



    My Godson says that ID is the first coach to truly believe in him. He encourages him every day. Told Chris last week that he could get the left back shirt at Ibrox no bother. They love the banter between Tim and Gers man. ID has taken a shine to my gorgeous sis too. ;)))

  23. BMCUW



    You know C’s views on previous coaches. Durrant sees something in Chris that he saw in himself. He wants our Chris to reach the top. My sis told him,”The top is Celtic Ian.” He laughed and agreed he would love him there. :) Good guy.

  24. Watched the game tonight in a Dublin city centre pub with some great but very disappointed Irish Bhoys , poor performance from the Republic !

  25. That was a hard watch tonight in Dublin.



    There was a lot of nonsense spoken again about the respective merits of MON and WGS when Scotland failed to make the play offs that ROI managed to make.



    The truth is that these are two highly capable managers of two fairly mediocre squads and both squeezed as much out of their “talent” as they could. Michael O’Neil did likewise with an even poorer Norn Ireland squad.



    If any of these teams had qualified for Russia they would have been goal difference fodder for the likes of France, Germany, Brazil and a few emerging nations. No matter who is in charge of the next generation of Scots and Irish players they will struggle to get a squad to the level of competence of an Iceland or a Serbia; they wil definitely fall short of Poland, Switzerland or Belgium, and they will be nowhere near France, Germany or England level (and I know we were leading recently in a one off game).



    The only qualified teams I could see us hurting would be the qualifiers Sweden and Denmark and maybe Peru, Japan, Oz and Saudi. It would have ben nice to get there but we are not really ready yet.

  26. Moussa scores a quickfire sensational hattrick.



    Olivier scores an Incredible goal just coming on to the the Field of play.



    Something is happening.



    I found it difficult to watch “the white ribbon”. I’ve never had the attention span to……..Every previous Time I tried.




    It was a ………………………




    I watched it all the way through, Knowing I was going to be bombarded with Health and Safety sh!t that was going to bore me to tears.



    The Dude was alright.



    I Hope he is sincere in his claims to ask questions of the Global conglomerates. :))) :)))) :) :))))))))






    Paul67, Globalism is really Bad IMO, Great Celt.



    It is Terrible.

  27. It is all Bullsh!t from the mega companies.



    Shocking those paid so much act like utter bellends.



    Obviously have no affinity to what really matters.



    Everyone has to Forgive.