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  1. Delaneys Dunky on



    Hahaha. Will do bro. Was thinking that myself. Posted last night that I wanted a hun win today. ?

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello, this is WEE BGFC. Fantastic performance today! Chuffed to bits for Wee Jimmy. He takes alot of stick but that was the best attacking performance a Celtic player has had in a long time. It’s a bit of a buggar not getting home untill 7 o’clock on a Sunday but not as much when you’ve won 6-0. It’s great to be Tim.


    Dia a ‘sàbhaladh Èirinn.






  3. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH OCTOBER 2018 7:17 PM


    Benkovic looks top class, a chance missed when we were interested in him….




    A chance missed to make a few bob, cos he would be gone by now had we bought him back then, Pedro will be beelin :-)

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    Stopping “their” 10 was nowhere near the centenary season … read my POST



    Only trying to bam you up … centenary season I was 18 and oblvous to CQN (thank fluck) the Joe Miller final was also amazing for many different reasons stopping “their” ten was good but not that important for me :-) :-) Celtic are defined (in my view) for Celtic stuff…. centenary season = amazing … double treble with a Celtic fan in charge magic … treble Treble ? Who cares …. I would prefer Brendan to stay as long as he wants

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Tempo tempo tempo



    Makes all the difference in the world to us, also helps having Boyata and Benkovic at the back

  6. Absolutely buzzing and delighted with today, it’s been a long time coming but finally a rampant Celtic and we could sit back and enjoy the match for change. They have a big pitch and it was in decent condition with a bit of moisture on it, the boys obviously fancied it. The pressing game was back today and we didn’t give them a minute on the ball in the first half, they tried to build the game from the back, not very hammer thrower like, but much to our advantage as we mugged them time and time again. Once we made that one pass thereafter we were in and we savaged them. Solid all over the pitch and fluent in attack.



    MotM – James Forrest



    Two weeks off now to regroup, a tough game awaits against Hibs, another game which should suit us though as they wont shut up shop.



    Ps. knew that jambo mob would lie down today.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on

    Wee BGFC


    The last Celtic player I saw that played like James today was a Swede called Larsson. Magical show fae the wee man.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic



  8. More energy, more desire and more attitude.



    Great result.


    Better performance.


    Big step forward.



    Played more balls through the middle.


    TR was in the mood and played it for fun.



    StJ are nothing special — regressed somewhat from last year.


    They try to be expansive but they don’t have enough quality.



    First half — 5 goals all shots along the ground — statistical fluke.


    We got lucky but we were worth the luck.


    Their GK made a couple of the shots look good.



    We played the game with 10 men — LG was nowhere to be seen.


    Playing CMcG as a DM means that he is more in the game and that is what happened.



    Nice the see JF growling — he needs to do that more often.


    Also interesting to see ML find his 4th gear — two more to go.



    Great result but it is only the start of a very long march back to form.


    Lots still to do — the comedy cuts defending gene is still present.


    However we played with a lot more determination so onwards and upwards.

  9. Paul67 et al




    Not just a great performance but a timely one. Proof positive that we are still capable of some of the football of the last few seasons. International break might not be a bad thing at this point, barring injuries of course. Special mention to Jamesy terrific attacking game, and to Brendan for calling it right when as Kipling used to say, everybody else was losing the plot!

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 7.20pm



    My mate? who I am sure you went to school with … Holy Cross ? Is also 48 stopping 10 was magic and we were in the Blarney Stone going off our grids … BUT centenary season was so special…. there’s only one King Billy that’s McNeill”

  11. good evening Bhoys & ghirls


    away all day today & first update I could get was at 5-0 with 20 minutes left to play!!


    I’ve only managed to see the goals as yet but it sounds like the REAL Celtic turned up today!


    very happy!!!


    Hail Hail

  12. Delaneys Dunky on



    Glad the Jambo huns lay down like I knew they would. Benefits us today. Hibs are our main rivals for the league this season.



  13. For the record — the red card tackle was beyond ridicule.


    He was out the picture when he lunged at JF with a ninja tackle.



    Not sure if the StJ plan in the second half was to get physical and then some.


    They had lost the battle but there was a war to win.


    Or at least play their part in the victory.

  14. not long in, thoughts, delighted with forward high tempo play in first half , second half we took the foot of the gas but still scored a well worked goal , downside ON & OE both of them their first touch and control is terrible , ON also needs to work on his shooting , KT has lost his youthful vigour , to many times he now stops running when a defender comes near him throwing his arms in the air , not much improvement in his play but certainly more muscular.


    finally LG has to learn to make the correct runs to get/be involved, couple to times he was getting in the way, he is our centre forward ‘No.9’ so would be expecting him to be on his toes in the box not his heels looking lost.


    not wanting to sound negative but only my opinion. onward and upwards.

  15. Delaneys


    The huns are our main rivals, they will benefit from honest mistakes galore, I haven’t seen it but by all accounts their first goal today was well offside, the league will come down to our games against them, one down three to go, we do the biz and we are home n hosed.



  16. Delaneys Dunky on



    Arlene Foster would have told his players to maim the fenians today I am sure.



  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Brilliant stuff.



    Special mentions for Odsonne & Tom but James Forrest? A deserved MOTM.



    Well done Brendan for taking this guy to a genuine ‘next level’.



    In days of old I was critical of James fairly regularly citing a lack of athleticism and bravery.



    Whatever back problems he had are resolved, his commitment, game management and decision making are of the highest standard.


    (definitely good enough to squeeze onto the bench for a Scotland friendly)



    Two other points, one serious.



    1. Can anyone on here EVER recall Rogic playing well and Celtic NOT winning the game?



    2. Wouldn’t worry about the Villa shortlist. Earlier this year supermodel Alassandra Ambrosio split from her fiancé.



    I’m on ‘a shortlist’ to replace him.



    Hail hail

  18. I have bemoaned the unwillingness of midfielders to play the diagonal pass due to it being the least high in completion.


    Today Rogic used it magnificently.


    He could play it with confidence as McG and Nt’cham both were positionally sound meaning an incomplete pass was not the usual panic and headless chicken routines.


    Also the two central defenders were closer to McG and Nt’cham leaving less space for opponents to exploit.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 7.45pm



    His surname sounds like an Italian ice cream :-)



    You would know his mates better as they were all bams :-) drank in Jilts, Stonehouse then the palace … no bother if you don’t

  20. Delaneys Dunky on



    Hibs are the best fitba team in Scotland this season. I am enjoying watching them. Love Neil Francis a lot.



  21. From @vincentdonohoe



    For those criticising BR and the ones who want him gone. He has not lost one single vital game domestically since he came. Not one. Take care what you wish for.



    Well said Sir.



    The Celtic fans that wanted him gone please hang your head in shame the lot of you.

  22. Delaneys Dunky on



    Our biggest opponents this season are huns wi whistles and ourselves.


    Keep the heid we win another Treble.



  23. Every team in Scotland never play like the play against us,never.So we can’t compare us against any team

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 7.57pm



    I was a “Gloss Bhoy” going to Hamilton fae the brig was a travel :-)



    Drinking wise. on a fooball level I drank in the Bay Horse many times after kicking a ball in the jock stein AstroTurf




  25. FB


    As I said I haven’t seen it, read elsewhere that it was offside, it matters not, they won, winkers.






    Hibs are playing well just now, but they will Hibs it, Lenny knows it as well.

  26. Just sat down to enjoy PSG v Lyon but don’t expect to see any more skill than I witnessed a few hours ago. Having scored 6, our next domestic opponents are HIbs who yesterday scored 6. Should be a cracker!

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