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  1. Isn’t it great to be proved wrong. I could not see Jamesy being in the team today , he’s done hee -haw for weeks now .


    BUT, what a show by him and the team today, back to or very best and then some.


    Thought the flying Oz was superb too/


    Chuffed to the knicker line




  2. Delaneys Dunky on



    We sent out a message today. More of the same for the rest of the season please.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic


    Inspiral Carpets CSC

  3. celticrollercoaster on

    ****LMS11 week 2 results- Scintillating Celts strike Six against the “not so” Super Js****



    Good Evening fholks



    Aah, its good to see the Bhoys back on form, but we all knew that it was coming, didn’t we? Did we heck as like! Not one of the LMSers picked Celtic as their stick-on choice for the week.



    Despite that, 101 entrants sail through to week 3.



    Tooting Tim Chelsea


    Big Al Aberdeen


    AndyF Hibernian


    TheCelt45 Hibernian


    SCAM Hibernian


    Thoms Sellick Aberdeen


    Celtic Rose Aberdeen


    Hamiltontim Aberdeen


    CiaranF Hibernian


    AuroraBorealis79 Hibernian


    Danny Mac Tottenham Hotspur


    Lennybhoy Hibernian


    David 17 Tottenham Hotspur


    Connemarabhoy Aberdeen


    stpatricksbhoy Hibernian


    The Token Tim Aberdeen


    Deccyrollercoaster Aberdeen


    DougC Aberdeen


    Slabbhoy Kilmarnock


    Gene Aberdeen


    Finn67 Tottenham Hotspur


    Celtic Soul Brother Kilmarnock


    Angelgabriel Tottenham Hotspur


    Green Army Tottenham Hotspur




    Delaneys Dunky Aberdeen


    TimsinOhio Kilmarnock


    Dena29 Tottenham Hotspur


    Dena29.1 Chelsea


    Channelislandcelt Chelsea


    Smashing Milk Bottles Hibernian


    gerryfaethebrig Chelsea


    Toor A Loo Tottenham Hotspur


    Gordybhoy64 Aberdeen


    Shuggiebhoy67 Aberdeen


    Onemalloy Hibernian


    Zico Maltese bhoy Tottenham Hotspur


    Indi the Disobedient Tottenham Hotspur


    Kelvinbhoy Hibernian


    Jamabhoy Manchester United


    16 roads Hibernian


    The Boss Tottenham Hotspur


    TravelBhoys Pardnur Hibernian


    Janice67 Aberdeen


    Bateen Bhoy Tottenham Hotspur


    Pannysbhoy Aberdeen


    BRTH Tottenham Hotspur


    Googybhoy Aberdeen


    Jobo Baldie Aberdeen


    Mursheen Hibernian


    Fess19 Hibernian


    The Good Ship Celtica Hibernian


    Bobby Evans Superstar Aberdeen


    praecepta Hibernian


    TravelBhoy Aberdeen


    The Exiled Tim Aberdeen


    Gutenberg Tottenham Hotspur


    Mrs Zico the Arab Hibernian


    The Babysitter Tottenham Hotspur


    Celticrollercoaster Aberdeen


    Letterkenny Bhoy Aberdeen


    Greenpinata Hibernian


    SetantaBhoy Tottenham Hotspur


    Bada Bing Aberdeen


    HenriksHaircut Chelsea


    BMCUWP Tottenham Hotspur


    Hearthan Aberdeen


    Postie148 Hibernian


    MikeinToronto Aberdeen


    A Source said Aberdeen


    The Souce Hibernian


    The Young Fella Chelsea


    20 hats Hibernian


    Ripon Black Cat Tottenham Hotspur


    Norrie M Hibernian


    londonbhoy88 Aberdeen


    bognorbhoy Hibernian


    Cosy Corner Bhoy Tottenham Hotspur


    Belfast2013 Aberdeen


    Edinburgh&Ballymote2012 Aberdeen


    Forres 2015 Aberdeen


    Lejog2016 Aberdeen


    Lisbon2017 Aberdeen


    LondonClaus2014 Aberdeen


    Paolos Boots Chelsea


    Big Archie Manchester United


    The Lurker Aberdeen


    GG Aberdeen


    Kolncelt Aberdeen


    Rubi the Scoffer Manchester United


    Grangemouth Ghirl Kilmarnock


    Blantyre Tim Hibernian


    Itscalledthemalvinas Tottenham Hotspur


    Stephbhoy Tottenham Hotspur


    Rhide2Cure Hibernian


    HunderbirdsAreGone Hibernian


    StevieH Tottenham Hotspur


    pogmathonyahun Tottenham Hotspur


    Tombhoy Manchester United


    Setting Free The Bears Hibernian


    Lionsroar67 Chelsea



    We say goodbye to our “Not so” Scintillating Six failures this week. But remember if you want to buy back your history and go ” Full Zombie?‍♀️?‍♂️”. Just drop us a wee note with a promise to pay us 10 more of your hard earned golden nuggets.



    Marspapa St Johnstone


    Timabhuoy The Rangers v Hearts DRAW


    Guyfawkesahero Cardiff City


    Mrs CRC Heart of Midlothian


    Paddy McCourt CSC Dundee


    Murdochauldandhay Manchester City



    Good luck to all in Week 3









    Ps Hands up if had a bet on the LMS11 week 1 super treble? We did tell you it was free money!!

  4. FAIRHILL BHOY on 7TH OCTOBER 2018 6:28 PM



    I’d certainly add Brown to the 14 but that 15 should easily triumph if they play to their abilities!





  5. John Higgins was one of my Dad’s favourite players when I was a wee bhoy. As Tontine Tim was saying that thug Shearer put him out of the game.



    By the bye, Sportscene’s 2 commentators are probably the 2 best on TV: Michael Stewart and Stephen Thompson. They were fulsome in their praise of us today. Imo, Stewart always tells it as he sees it. That’s all you can ask for.

  6. Stairheedrammy on

    That Mad Mitch must be psychic- his predictions are just so accurate. Still, he will likely be on later complaining about a song he heard.

  7. Think that Kilmarnock player will get a two match ban?



    Remember Boetrigger.



    Will the ref get demoted?



    Remember, the ICT semi final doesn’t seem to have done his career too much damage.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Welcome back, Celtic!


    Much, much better. Moved the ball so much quicker, plenty of off-the-ball movement and options for passes.


    Forrest back to his direct best. Rogic really clever and subtle. Griffiths a lot of unselfish running, dragging defenders wide and leaving space for Jamesie. Think Benkovic will be good for us while he is here.


    Excellent goal from ‘Pirlo’ McGregor. A one-two with Lustig with a Lustig-Morgan one-two in between! Always prefer Callum playing a bit deeper.


    Best away shirt for years too!


    Oh, and nice of the ref to send off an opponent when we are 5-0 up!

  9. GFTB-maestro for me,centenary year is my favourite ever year in football,every other year is a bonus ?

  10. DELANEYS DUNKY.garry, lets show the rest of Scottish fitba, we are the ones to catch up to.ynwa.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD 6.34pm



    That’s a decent list from the 90’s onwards love the lot of them fling in Tommy Burns & Neil Lennon then am all yours :-)

  12. What is the Stars on



    Who’s gonna be the first to say…..jeez lads it was only St Johnstone…a bloody pub team.


    Lawwell must Go .


    C’mon the 49ers

  13. ?-thanks for your reply,agree on our captain,but I wonder if he would have made a difference today?

  14. My Wee Grandson Daniel 9 months goes into the Queen Elizabeth Hospital tomorrow to prepare for surgery on Tues.


    a wee request to keep him in yer prayers please.


    Good night all and thank you for being here.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 6.58pm



    I think we are of the same era (& a pair of jakeys :-) with a ML post code but as you mention the centenary season in the days I had no responsibility’s it’s not until years & years later I realised how important that season was…. easily as a 48yr old my favourite ever season … stopping the bank of Scotland sponsored 10 @ in a row was important (even though most of their games should have been 0-3) centenary season with big Billy in charge will go to the grave with me…


    magical 100 not out against … well we all know what we are against :-)

  16. What is the Stars on



    I am sure Daniel will be fine. He will get the best of care.


    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  17. Delaneys Dunky on



    Daniel added to my prayer list.


    God bless and protect young Daniel please.



  18. Couldn’t get on CQN during the match, I thought it was my connection but obviously not. I was surprised Mulumbu did not start but Brendan obviously does know best.


    Will the break be good for us or will it stall our momentum?


    In 2 weeks if we beat Hibs and the cousins lose to Aberdeen we could very well be top of the league depending on how Killie fare.


    Difficult to decide between Tom Rogic and wee Jamsie as to was MOTM but I think Jamsie shades it.



    Verdict: I never want a hun win but if we go top in two weeks then it will have been a very good day at the office ?

  19. GFTB-we didn’t know we were stopping anything at that point, centenary for me always,though stopping the ten was a good night in the woodhead bar?????

  20. Delaneys Dunky on

    Benkovic and Boyata look a great combo. I think our season kicked off today in Saint John’s Toon. Magic



  21. I noticed that. Quite a few posters are absent today.



    Well done the players. I must admit that when I heard Brendan pre match interview, I had lost confidence.



    So glad to be wrong

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