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  1. BSR………..



    stroang, stroang roomurz that Thistle are gonna tempt thge teddies wi’ a real money oaffir fur Stevie Bhoy……




  2. BSR


    Because he obviously would not leave a Club which is doing so well and challenging for the title from 6th place.. Brendan`s team, on the other hand,is performing dreadfully.and is way down in third place.




  3. OK, he ends up on a positive note but this guy ( whom I honestly did not rate as highly as others did) goes ever further down in my estimation.




  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    NorrieM 8.00am






    TR was excellent but I think wee Jamesy F edges motm for me, glad we are starting to have a couple of choices for motm, it’s been a while :-)

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    It is my understanding that BBC Sport Scotland are incompetent, Sevco loving, Sevco fearing, halfwits with ZERO journalistic or editorial integrity.

  6. MurdochauldandHay


    Whit whit ye mean the SMSM are telling fibs about The Famous Glasgow Celtic.:)))))




  7. An interesting observation from yesterday.



    For me Rogic is our most creative “No.10” . He has the most ability, best vision, and is the most liable to create something out of nothing.


    But everyone already knew that right.



    The actual observation is to do with the degree of space afforded to Rogic. And this was no accident. You see, I believe we struggle when Brown is the sitting / holding midfielder. As between all 3, Ntcham, McGregor, and Rogic they all cramp each others style. Limit one anothers space.



    Huge difference yesterday. With McGregor adopting Brown’s position, sitting deep and taking the ball off the centre halfs. It cleared the way for Rogic to maximise the space in the “No.10” role.



    Not rocket science, but a worthy observation none the less.


    I actually agree with Commons.



    Jamesie has shown himself to be too self-centred and that is what Boydy has been alluding to ?



    Their both from Ayrshire and that’s maybe how Kris was able to spot the rasher of selfishness in Fourest ?

  9. Before the glee club goes into orbit.


    Yesterday was just one step along a very long road.



    We tried stuff. — it came off.


    We played through the middle, the ball stuck the pass was played.


    We got on the end of the pass, the shot was on target and it went in.



    We came into the game with some fire, drive and ambition.


    We left the game with some confidence, some focus and a bit of form.



    Big step forward but it is only the start.


    We have the talent but we lack heart and we lack desire.


    Consequently lots to do over the next 4 weeks.

  10. Interesting that Brendan chose yesterday to raise the issue of him having a bloated squad. After the Kilmarnock game he admitted he had changed things too much. That was code for him saying he needed to go back to the players he can trust. It seems that quite a few were told they have no future with us but chose to sit tight and collect a good wage as is their contractual right. One or two others were maybe asked to get some football under their belt. Those players are likely to be Allan, Compper, Kouassi, Benyu, Ralston, Gamboa, Hayes. The comments that Brendan made were in response to a question about the dressing room being split.



    What we have now is a squad of around 21 players that the Manager will use until January. I believe all of those players are together. With regards to the rest of the squad, January will be an excercise in getting as many of them off the books as is possible, at any cost.





    They’ve both been known to attend a certain bar/diner in Prestwick. Quite possible they have the occasional mutual friend,but I doubt very much that James would voice any disapproval of Brendan.

  12. RM @ 10.39



    Interesting observation.


    I would only add that the whole team seemed to play at a faster pace.


    Causal vs Coincident — our style of play with or without SB?



    When SB is in the team you get the impression that he has to touch the ball at the start of every move. Yesterday DB seemed to hog the ball and CMcG only got involved if he had to — the work was shared with ON.



    Plus TR played deeper as he had two ahead of him to stretch the game / keep their CB’s occupied.



    On the other hand StJ tried manfully to play some football in the first 45 minutes. They had limited success and most of their opportunities came from our Comedy Central defending which luckily didn’t come to anything.



    We are not lacking talent but we are lacking confidence.

  13. Pebble in the pond time.



    JF has more talent and ability than AMcG — his game has more breadth, more threat and natural speed.


    However AMcG worked on his game non stop and he moved up a level.


    Focus / ambition / desire = things happened.



    JF on the other hand looks a bit shy and his ego looks under-cooked.


    I’m sure he still needs ID in pubs but the future is his if he wants it.


    Yesterday he started to growl so there is hope.

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