Sticking it to the man, cautionary Swedish tales


Absolutely delighted for St Johnstone, who recorded one of the finest aggregate results by a Scottish club in European football in the last 30 years.  My brother was speaking to a Saints player this week, who told him the successful strategy and drive came from chairman, Steve Brown, a fact which Hibernian would do well to ponder today.

Malmo’s 0-7 victory at Easter Road yesterday was chastening ahead of our game against fellow Swedes, Elfsborg on Wednesday.  Celtic are in a remarkably strong position now, having produced excellent on and off-field results for the first time in the modern era, but those seven goals last night (not to mention the multitudes we shipped preseason) are a cautionary tale.  It’s also worth remembering that Rangers decline into liquidation was precipitated by Champions League elimination at the hands of Swedish opposition two years ago (“Larsson has scored”).  Wednesday presents a huge challenge.

As soon as I heard the stadium announcement on Tuesday I knew there was trouble in store from Uefa.  The second pyro punishment will lead to a heavier fine.  Celtic’s statement yesterday advised of matters of concern to Glasgow City Council Safety Advisory Group, who issue stadium safety licence, regarding a whole range of issues (overcrowding, lateral movement, moshing, body surfing).  What to say about 131 broken seats?  Ouch.

The club and Green Brigade (whose members occupy only a part of section 111) have met and we carry on as normal for now.  Question is, can either control everyone in the section?  I hope so but it’s a big ask. All it takes is one off-message person keen to ‘stick it to the man’, and there’s a long season ahead.  Place your bets, folks.

Our thoughts are with Paul Lennon and the Thai Tims after the news that one of the boys who sang on the Celtic videos died in a road accident while another is critically ill.
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    Smashing up seats is as bad as smashing up toilets.

  2. I’ve had several emails about the amount of personal abuse flying around the blog recently. Personal abuse is not what CQN is for, anyone persisting will have access suspended until they clarify their understanding of this.



    Now get back to body surfing.

  3. I’d like to thank my pet cat who scratched my leg alerting me to a new article.



    Well done Tiddles

  4. scotlands shame on



    How do u know Celtic have no contingency plans to replace them. How cud u possibly know that. Ridiculous statement. Lennon already said hoped to get striker in for next wk so in what way are Celtic not tryin to replace hooper who hasn’t actually officially left yet. Perhaps give Celtic a chance before criticising Celtic an jumping down throat.


    On another matter, thought home leg 745 but away leg 645 UK time due to time diff. Anyone confirm?

  5. PodI


    Seems it was a Celtic pools agent golf outing couple of years back.


    Confirmed by ggh last night.

  6. Terrible tragedy in Thailand with the two children from the Thai Tims. Its common in Thailand for a few people to travel on a small bike, usually a scooter so can understand how more than one child injured in a single accident, horrible. RIP Ton YNWA.



    So much negativity on the blog regards signings and how apparently Neil Lennon’s hands are tied to ensure Peter Lawwell gets his bonus, what a load of tosh! It was obvious for months that both would be sold this summer.



    Great business for the club to bring in 17.5 Mio for two players who had refused for a year to sign new contracts, in the case of Hooper in the last year of his contact.



    Good luck to them both in their future careers.



    So far we have signed two good prospects for around 4.5 Mio with the centre half Van Dijk apparently highly recommended by many a Dutch international and Balde as yet an unknown potential. So hardly sitting on our hands so far.



    The transfer window is still open and we can still throw in a wildcard for next week should we sign one in the interim, but regardless we should have enough in the tank with this squad to beat Elfsborg.



    Lets see who Lenny brings in before we denounce his transfer dealings and start with the usual nonsense of blaming the board, who do a great job under the circumstances, look across the city why don’t you.



    Have a wee bit of faith that Neil is no one’s puppet for crying out loud.



    God Bless the wee fella fighting for his life in Thailand.

  7. .






    A Wee bit Um-bridged with the Vitriol that is Heading MacJays way on This Thread..



    The Man has been Totally honest and Posted his Views..Whether right or Wrong he has Done it Politely and Been attacked a Few Times..



    I Have Never seen MacJay swear on this Blog be Anything other that Courteous to Other posters even when Attacked for his Views/Beliefs..



    All l see is Posters being Rude and using Language our Host Does Not want on this Site..



    Paul67 does Not even bother to remind Posters Anymore..



    “This is a Celtic site..There is a Difference”



    NB: He has Never had to Say that to MacJay..








    Have UEFA fined us before for pyros?



    I thought our previous was for illicit chanting and an anti-UEFA banner.



    Still starting to appear as serial offenders though….

  9. Macjay


    If you want to dish out the sarcasm feel free


    And while you are at it maybe you would like to repost your dig at the GB posted on the moonhowler shift.


    Only that I am on a phone I would do it myself

  10. No good news today then?



    Sorry for the Thai weans, family and friends, too young to die.



    They managed to experience a fair bit in their wee short lives compared to others in the country, I know it’s not a lot but hope some comfort can be gleaned from this.

  11. scotlands shame on

    Robinbhoy, my kind of Celtic supporter, hail hail.


    Life is short, enjoy it, life with Celtic in it is good, better than the alternative.





    Agree re MACJAY.



    His politics are not mine-nor,frequently,are his views on Celtic.



    However,he has never been less than forthright but polite with me-and that takes some doing!



    I think he just caught the fall-out from earlier in the day.

  13. Paul67,



    Delighted for St Johnstone as well. We need as many teams as possible doing as well as possible in the ole European tournies. Thankfully, a 0-1 score is just as bad as a 0-7 score. Small mercies.



    Celtic, I hope, mete out some sort of revenge for Hibs on Wednesday.

  14. The trouble in section 111 is coming from a crowd of wannabees-daft laddies-who enjoy the noise, fashion and in some ways notoriety of the GB.



    They migrate to this section which is causing the overcrowding, damage to seats etc…



    I know some of them…you wouldn’t have them in your quiz team lets put it like that. They are daft bhoys getting caught up in the attention and excitement. They recreate some elements of the GB at school cup finals (I kid you not) and friendlies etc against lower league teams. ‘Bangers’ is a good description! They wont be considering the consequences and that’s a danger to the GB.



    What needs to happen is proper stewarding working alongside the GB and anyone else who has a seat in that area to ensure only those with their own ticket get into section 111. If they don’t the good work done by the GB and others to bring some much needed atmosphere to the stadium will be undone.

  15. The Kerrydale Bar before the game, does anybody know if you need to leave the bar and then back in via the turnstiles (same as the Champions bar years ago) or can you go straight to your seat ??



    When does it close prior to Kick off ?

  16. South Of Tunis on




    Lazio were fined 40 k euros for a – Free Palestine tifo ..



    Lazio were fined 16 k euros , then 32 k euros and then 48 k euros for fireworks at Europa League games .



    Bendtner was fined 80k euros for revealing a sponsor’s logo on his underpants during Euro 2012.



    A Juve fan of my acquaintance opined that it was time that UEFA started to fine the likes of Bendtner for impersonating a footballer.

  17. !!Bada Bing!!



    12:34 on 26 July, 2013



    Tip for ultrasonic in the 3.45 ascot.





    Gonnae have to take that bet on.



    Thanks for the tip wee Chap. :))

  18. bognorbhouyle on

    mainly lurk , and sad podium chaser


    love reading the comments and banter


    but the last couple of days have been hard work


    people have opinions and air them here ,


    doesn’t make them wrong or right


    opinion are like backsides …. etc



    mind that’s only my opinion :-)

  19. Roy Croppie



    You could almost argue that with success comes a resonsibility to maintain it and the GB, without having that onus as their aim nevertheless find they are having to realise they do have a responsibility to fellow supporters.


    Growing tends to require taking responsibility as a pre requisite.

  20. SofT


    You were talking about Taj earlier.


    An album you might want to here is


    World Music


    An amalgamation/best of compo of 3 previous albums


    Very Caribbean sound.


    Excellent for hot summer days

  21. DBBIA


    Thanks for the news about the baby. Didn’t even realise she was expecting – they kept that quiet. It would be churlish of me not to offer my best wishes to Will, Wee Kate and Nicholas Witchell on their great news!



    Anyways, another couple of days of Andalucian sun, chilled red, and the sounds of Nik Kershaw before hometime.




  22. Thoughts are with the families of the young Thai Tims.



    Well done to St Johnstone.



    Backed them to win the first leg last week and made a tidy profit.



    Didn’t back them last night – lightning not striking twice and all that.




  23. Auldheid



    Responsibility is what is needed here and I think the GB realise this. The danger for them is that they have become the generic name for some of these dafties. Take the friendly at Cliftonhill two years ago; 50-60 youths, flares, drums, flags etc…they were ejected and it was reported they were the GB.



    No they weren’t…but they were happy to be identified as such.



    I really hope the club and the GB work together on this.

  24. Geordie Munro on

    “Smashing up seats is as bad as smashing up toilets”



    Bobby, neither is as bad as smashing up toilet seats! ;)

  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    As football fans and more importantly Celtic fans we all have a little knowledge about our great club but I stress a little knowledge.Very often what we write on this blog is our opinion and not fact and everyone is entitled to there opinion what is surprising is the amount of vitriol written by some Celtic fans against other Celtic fans is out of order.I support Celtic wither we qualify for the Champions league or we dont, I support Celtic wither we sign another striker or not, I support Celtic wither we spend any of the money from our transfers out or we dont.I consider it a privilege to support our great club and I trust the board the custodians.of our great club have the best interests of Celtic at heart.They may not do things the way I would do it or even how you would do it but in the main these are serious business men and probably have forgotten more about running a football club than you and I have ever known.So lets share our opinions and remember they are only opinions and everyone is entitled to there opinion so lets not just say Celtic fans are the best in the World lets practice it. H.H.

  26. Funny how Celtic never acted when they needed the GB to inspire the whole club in a tepid season.



    Who will ever forget the Tifo against Barca which the club did not even donate a bin bag to when asked for by those who spent days of their own time setting it up.



    Corporate Celtic becoming a horrible plastic sham of the club I love.




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