Nordsjaelland, stalking-horse Harry, Hooper


Just two years after winning their first trophy, FC Nordsjælland from Denmark qualified for last season’s Champions League group stage.  They drew one and lost five of their games and were on the receiving end of one of the Champions League’s worst ever piece of sporting behaviour, by a Shakhtar Donetsk player.  Cash wise, they did all right.

They received €8.6m for reaching the group stage and €500k performance bonus but they also received 11.3m euro from the market pool.  By comparison, Benfica received €2.3m, while Porto and Anderlecht each received 3.2m.  Nordsjælland’s opponents in next week’s third qualifying round, Zenit, received €6m from the market pool, while Celtic received €8m.

Celtic, Nordsjælland and Ajax (€9.8m) benefited from being their country’s only participate in the group stage, and from having television deals which are comparatively better than their east European competitors (Bate Borisov earned €290k).

Juventus and Milan, being Italy’s only two representatives, cleaned up, earning €44.8m and €36.2m respectively from the market pool.  By comparison, Arsenal, one of four from England, earned a more modest €15.8m.

In short, the lesson is, if you come from an small west-European league and want to earn money from the Champions League, it’s far better to be the only competitor from your territory.  We shouldn’t forget this among all the complaints about having to play three qualifying rounds due to the lack of success in Europe by other Scottish clubs.

On the subject of which, good luck to St Johnstone tonight.

Gary Hooper wanted to go to Norwich City in January but the club, knowing his desire to leave Glasgow, offered a little over £2m for his services.  In stepped the unintended stalking-horse, QPR boss, Harry Redknapp, who met Celtic’s valuation and forced Norwich City’s hand.  City have returned to the table with an acceptable bid.

One rash club can cause havoc in the transfer market, even when they don’t buy a player.

Training for 1254125 10k is now underway. See yesterday’s article for sign-up details.
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  1. masty is neil lennon on





    12:22 on 25 July, 2013







    why change your moniker when you spout the same rubbish

  2. Twists,got an email from you.At the minute my yahoo account is up the left(bit like Sevco really).Will be in Scotland from 1st August I think.The Mrs keeps changing her mind as regards dates.

  3. masty



    if you consider it necessary to repost my posts please do so in their entirety

  4. twists n turns on




    Sorry mate, couldn’t pass to you……like all greedy strikers I simply slammed it home.

  5. Being the only team making it in Europe gives a bigger reward, but the smaller co-efficient makes it more difficult to get there. It seems unlikely that we can get automatic entry to the group stages back without other clubs contributing.

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    It’s a rainy night in Dingwall



    Such a rainy night in Dingwall



    I feel that it’s raining all over the world



    Lord I feel like it’s raining all over the world




  7. From previous article…cheers for any help




    Morning Bhoys and Ghirls, long time no see.


    I have a wee favour to ask sometime between now and the autumn next year I’ll be looking to take the ferry over and take my dad and one of his mates (who I also know and who helped me out recently with my first place) to do a bit of Salmon Fishing. And was wondering if anyone had any hints/tips/general advice. I literally am at ground zero when it comes to planning this (so no month/location) – I know he’d read an article last year about a river that was open earlier (possibly later but think it was earlier) than normal (feb I think) and from memor it was south east coast.


    But if anyone has any general advice – would probably like about 4-6 days all in, so maybe 2-3 on one spot and another 2-3 in another – maybe one being value the other quality….


    Cheers for any help

  8. Paul67



    If, I repeat IF – Gary Hooper leaves


    who would you recommend as a


    replacement ?


    Only asking Gaffer :0)


    Hail Hail

  9. Paul



    Someone suggested last night we knocked back a 7 million bid for Hooper in January, its good you have put that right.



    Mind you 2 million was a bit cheeky

  10. If I read one more ‘Kevin Doyle for Celtic’ post I’m gonnae feckin scream!




  11. If its better to come from a small western country why not spend the money to add to our chances of being there?


    This harks back to my moan about the willo window..

  12. mearns 2 milton on

    PL must be looking at the monies we have made in the last year and thinking of replacing Gary with a BETTER player? We aren’t asking to be pumped into wild debts but I would like to see £7M spent on a player. We can be the Porto of 2004

  13. twists n turns on



    keep me updated. I’ll drop you a mail with my phone number and if you have a problem with your mail, feel free to text or call.



    Hope you and the good lady are both well. I betcha you are looking forward to seeing your family. Enjoy.



    In case anyone out there didn’t know, Raymac is one of lifes good guys. Considerate to a fault, talented musician, and one of those rare people who’ll go out his way to assist you regardless of how well he knows you.





    I know Chris is hoping he can catch up for a beer and a blether. We ain’t too far from Stirling so very possible we can arrange something.

  14. G_J


    Did you see rightsnet this morning re commissioners decision on ESA decisions based on health professionals having no idea of the subject and their illness. Could be a subject t matter..


    MASTY 1230



    They were outfoxed by the local town planners who trashed the place about thirty years ago.

  16. mearns 2 milton



    12:32 on 25 July, 2013




    The only way for that to happen would be if – the Cellic support grew a pair and united as one and announced to the bored et al – no SB’s purchased until we see who you are gonnae put on the pitch first !



    Get everyone on the same page – CSC

  17. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Melbourne Victory v Liverpool – 2013 – Attendance: 95,446


    Melbourne Victory v Celtic – 2011 – Attendance: 20,794

  18. Gordon.


    Have used that arguement at a few tribunals. .


    I always check atos professionals area of expertise prior to appeal..

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