Stokes, Griffiths, desolation and competition


Anthony Stokes started the season with a flurry, scoring four goals in the first three league games of the season, but he managed just another three goals before the arrival of Leigh Griffiths two weeks ago.  He has since scored against Aberdeen in the Cup as well as Sunday’s hat-trick against St Johnstone.

Three goals in 28 appearances is a desolate return for a Celtic striker, especially during a season where the team have been so dominant, and would have contributed to Neil Lennon insisting a striker, capable of scoring regularly in the league, was recruited in January.  Managers often talk about needing competition for places, so it’s natural that we should extrapolate from the arrival of Griffiths.  While we may see both strikers play together between now and the end of the season I’m not convinced the manager will have this pairing in his mind for next season.

A generous CQN’er, who would like to remain below radar, has offered £1000 sponsorship of the CQteN Dream Team, if 125 people submit a team.  The Dream Team is your chance to select your team from those who have played 10 or more games during the CQN decade.

Select 11 players in either a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation; you’ll need a goalkeeper, two full backs, two central defenders, 3 or 4 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards.  You also need to select a manager from the decade.

The team judged as the strongest will be announced at the CQteN St Patrick’s Dinner on 14 March.  The event is open to bloggers and lurkers but you can only enter ONCE.  Closing date is 3pm, Sunday 9 March.  There will be prizes!!

So far around 60 people have entered teams so we have lots to do to hit the £1000 target.  For a comprehensive list of players who are eligible for selection, see CRC’s comment here.  Email your entry to Doc here, and remember to include a manager: doccqten@gmail.com

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  1. __________________________________88______________
































































    We’re jammin’ (jammin’, jammin’, jammin’)


    I’m jammed: I hope you’re jammin’, too.

  2. Livibhoy,



    The Glen tavern in cowdenbeath has a ‘class system’



    Anyone with a modicum of it doesn’t enter :)

  3. livibhoy



    Tennent’s bar on Byres rd used to be divided between gay men and those men who are not gay. At that time there were no women allowed in the bar. There was no partition just 2 sides of the room. I’m unsure where bisexual men stood. I don’t think we had them in those days.


    It’s still a great pub where some unusual sights are to be seen. I once watched a guy putting nail varnish on his dug’s claws.


    Ye wouldnae see that in the Brazen Heid. ;-)

  4. Cliftonville Celt


    Scrolling back. Think the pamphlet you were referring to was co authored with Fr Raymond? Murray. Both were heavily involved in documenting injustices against Nationalist Prisoners/internees. A lot of the evidence against the British Govt in the case taken by the Irish Govt in your fathers case was collated by Faul and Murray. Incidentally the British Govt was found guilty of inhuman and degrading treatment rather than torture which they felt was a result??. Best chance of hard copy/ copy would be the Linenhall Library’s Politics/troubles collection. HH

  5. tonydonnelly67



    Aye very good. My wife heard that sound track and came in to ask if I was watching some dodgy movie.

  6. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Roseburn Bar is my local – in there of a Saturday night. Trap 2 myself in front of the football guys who sit by the fireplace.



    Normally good banter between the various fans. If you all behave there’s normally not much bother. A real old fashioned sports pub with football always on TV. Enjoy

  7. Doctor Whatfor @16 13.



    Through the years Tennents has featured .–



    Fenian Corner.



    The Gormenghast Crew



    Sally s Stallies.



    various Monday clubs



    The E Wing ( for the selling and the buying ).



    Jim Whyte and the Shites.



    etc etc

  8. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    PS anybody still in Roseburn Sat night when I come in, pints on me!!

  9. Moonbeams WD. Kano 2000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 29.9%. Champions. C’mon Wee Oscar. @ 15 .46 hrs.



    Many thanks for the update with regard to train cancellations.



    Incidentally best wishes to both GB Curling teams in the first Russian Federation Olympic games. Green Brigade Curling Teams, surely that cannot be right.?



    While at work I have been following the Curling ( I cannot believe I said that ) and as both teams are essentially Scottish this is an even greater attraction.



    Exciting stuff first thing in the morning.



    HH, Always in Celtic.

  10. south of tunis



    Sally’s Stallies?? Hmmmmm.



    Are we allowed to say Fenian? Is it like African Americans using the N word. ;-)






    16:13 on 18 February, 2014




    See the ole Cowsers – live at CQten




    did you used to call people cowser.at the MUNGO.????

  12. Embramike do you know Big Al from Formby who works in the Roseburn? My wife’s cousins boy. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12



    Can you verify this trap system actually happens?


    I might pop in sometime in the next month or so. I will enter trap 2 and shout alright Mike.




  14. South of Tunis


    in the mid/late 70’s the corner to the right at the window as you went in the main door was referred to as the confessional by the barman because it was frequented from students at Dowanhill (part of Notre Dame)



    probably Fenian corner under another name

  15. tonydonelly67 @ 16:32



    Every time I hear the words “Pole” and “vaulter” in the same sentence I always think of the great Chic Murray line…



    I met this chap at the Olympics. I said to him, “Excuse me but are you a pole vaulter?”



    He replied,“No, I’m German, but how did you know my name was Walter.”



    Braw !!!

  16. Reading few posts there about Falkirk ….then my thoughts drifted to the flare which scorched their playing surface thrown by one of thems…..give sevco their due, but they did say they would foot the bill for repairs…..just wondering if the goodwill of falkirks insurance company would be attending to the matter.

  17. Wull Neil Heid fur the Tall n Uncut??



    Ur Ya serious?






    Is the Pope A Methodist?



    Same Answer, pal.. Tae awe those questions..




    There wid be as Much chance Neil,Leaving the hiz Cushy Ludgin’s in Paradize, as Kojo wid Pass up the chance tae wrap his jaws ‘roon.. a Butter Mulk Dainty,again…



    Which is.. Zippo! … Nada….Nain!



    Mrs. Lennon, Did no raise No.. Dummy… Sonny!… n neither did Kojo’s Mammy.



    Neil, knows where his Bilsland’s Bread is Buttered.



    Na.. Neil , Is set tae Remain wi us.. Until..



    The Third Lanark , wance mair..take the Field at Cathkin..or..



    Bill Bailey.. Finally… Diz…Come Hame..!!



    n.. That’s The God darned.. Trewth.





    Still, Laughin’

  18. tonydonnelly67



    16:39 on 18 February, 2014



    that looks like Oldtim after a week in tenerife

  19. After a match at Tynecastle I remember a few of us regaling the locals with a few tunes.



    The locals didn’t appear too friendly as the chased us oot the door !!

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