Sure things don’t exist in football


St Mirren lost at Tynecastle in November, their fifth consecutive in the league, but since then they have lost only twice: at Celtic Park and last Saturday, when the roof fell in against Ross County.  During that run they recorded good wins against Dundee United and Motherwell.  They sit second bottom of the league but this is an incredibly tight league.  Saints are as close to bottom Dundee as they are to second top Inverness.  In straightforward terms, St Mirren are a form team.

Anyone who believes Celtic are a sure thing better think again.

Remember the days when it would be impossible to get past 8pm and still not know Montrose earlier took a point at Ibrox? Sign of the times it wasn’t really news, I suppose.
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  1. hoopyathome is neil lennon \o/


    thanks for the west london csc mention. we moved just down the road to “THE HORSE GAURDSMAN” If any body is planning to watch the celtic game here dont bother. the police have asked us not to show it, and to take all celtic related material off the wall.Why? because chelsea are in brentford.

  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    dharma bam \o/ stands up for neil lennon



    20:21 on


    26 January, 2013


    how can i watch mrs doubtfire?






    with your eyes …..i’ll get my coat

  3. Thats twice watching Chelsea a commentator has called them


    European champions, since they are now out of the tournament at what point do they lose the title

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Leftclicktic. Won’t work on my ipad……buut thanks a lot for sending tha link …….!!!!!!!!

  5. Hoopyathome is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Couldn’t remember what the pub was called you had moved to. Not shocked to hear the cops asking for the game not to be shown. Last time we played QPR, we were drinking in the Princess Vic on Uxbridge Road and the cops closed that, as there were 20 ‘known’ Chelsea fans in the area! Not called London Huns for nothing!

  6. borgo67



    12:15 on


    27 January, 2013


    I have never noticed it before but Andy Murray looks like a young Charlton Heston



    Funny old world innit… Andy Murray reminds of the xenomorphs that Sigourney Weaver seemed so fond of in her younger days.



    Complete opposites of the spectrum?

  7. 67Heaven


    The link at 12:34 is the best one,


    Seems the other link has been chopped at end.


    Till later all


    I think we will win well and hope we dont give the MIB a chance to influence the game, but will take a lucky 1 nil

  8. On way to match . For 2nd time as left ticket at home on first attempt. After that and getting up early to watch the tennis the days has to get better.



    Aside from two years ago v the Dandy Ds I can’t remember enjoying too many semis but although there have been some real stinkers over the years we do usually win them.



    A day for getting the job done with a decent performance being a bonus.




  9. Andy lost the final after that feather broke his concentration.



    It shall be known as/referred to as ‘The Feather Final’.



    Fancy 4-0 today. Lucky scants on:-D

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    As long as we don’t continue with the attitude of the last few years we will win, throwing the jerseys on the park is not enough from the players I hope they have learned that lesson.

  11. gordybhoy64



    12:50 on 27 January, 2013


    Thats twice watching Chelsea a commentator has called them


    European champions, since they are now out of the tournament at what point do they lose the title






    Technically, they are entitled to use the title until another team replaces them as Champions. And, they are English…

  12. … and being English, the English will continue to refer to them as European Champions right up til the 96th minute of this years final, when the wee team from Scotland succeeds them!



    Hail hail!

  13. Tried to put a double on the game…a red card to be shown….and Ledley to score,us to win…..wouldn’t accept it…said it was contingency related…hmmmm

  14. When a manager tells you he could see the equaliser coming and not doing anything about it, you know he is not cut out for football management, I have never heard a manager say he would boo his team, Ally must stay

  15. got to love the msm’s drive to get players out of cfc. be happy if we see out rest of season with the squad we have.



    already stated i think hooper will be off sooner rather than later. but then, i suspect, that applies to every player we have given out transfer policy, so not to worry.



    onwards and upwards cfc hail hail

  16. BMCUW





    Two of you from Kilwinning?!



    On this blog?!



    Is this a world record?!









    2 tims from kilwinning…..not a record….its a miracle…….

  17. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    HAIL HAIL the Celts are here…



    Lets hope the great weekend continues. Youngest AB (9) at Hampden via hospitality..



    Whit?? His old da here never knows such luxuries. Though as I say to my mini ABs , in Our seats in the North Stand in Paradise we re the row in FRONT of the pie( posh) seats.. You can smell the pies, I say.. Something to aim for in life kids!



    So, BBC Scotland edit the podcast, the OLDCO creditor of the day is the SFA, WHAT A LAUGH this old country is..



    Hope the hoops bang in a few..




  18. This place is bonkers! Joe Strummer and his ilk have a lot to answer for. They espoused their bone headed politics – and how the fools followed them. How many of our resident commies were brought up with a love of the dreadful music of the Clash?



    Those who respect dictatorships should try their luck in such a country. You’ll be running back soon enough… Comparing Scottish media with communist China indicates a lack of perspective or irony.



    Do any of our socialists here actually redistribute their own wealth? Moreover, have any of you ever lived in a dictatorship?



    Thankfully Celtic have no interest in allowing our club to be used as a place for political extremists. Bob Kelly showed everybody what Celtic thought about wicked regimes when he protested all those years ago against expansionist evil. Thankfully, the great Bob Dylan also told the socialists to beat it. All respect to the man and his music!

  19. Malc, cheers for clearing that up, and I like the way you see it ending,


    only thing is we will become the British club in the press

  20. Snake Plissken on




    I haven’t got a camera but it is sleeping or at best sitting at the top of the tree.


    KABUL CELT 1306



    Haha,very true….



    I posted on here a while ago-slagging off wur toon the way only us non interlowpers are allowed to-that when I left,the collective IQ dropped by 50%



    Quick as a flash,someone asked who the other TIM was!!!!!!!

  22. My desired line-up:



    Wilson in for Rogne whatever happens, and if Commons is fit, a more direct attacking three up front.



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Zaluska ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    Lustig ::::::::::::::::: Wilson ::::::::::::::::: Mulgrew :::::::::::::: Matthews



    :::::::::: Mcgeouch :::::::::::::: Brown :::::::::::::::: Wanyama ::::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Commons :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hooper ::::::::::::::::::: Watt ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    If not, I’d be happy with the same team that beat DU (with exception of Wilson), although I still have my doubts about the rehabilitation of Biram Kayal.