Test for an emerging Celtic team


We play plenty of no-win games, where all that can be achieved is an expected result and the avoidance of a humiliating loss, or draw.  Tonight is different.  Tonight we play the team who won the Europa League last year and who are significantly better resourced that Celtic.  When Celtic entered this group, opposition from Spain, Italy and France ensured that expectations were never going to get wildly out of proportion.  Indeed, after Sion, defeat in Madrid and a solitary point at home to Udinese, many expectations were of an early exit.

But, after four games, Celtic have it all to play for.  Two solid performances against Rennes delivered four points and a big performance this evening would give Celtic an excellent chance of progressing to the business end of European football.

This is a test for a young and emerging Celtic team.  Don’t underestimate them….

Read the unofficial Celtic v Atletico Madrid programme here.

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  1. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon says:


    30 November, 2011 at 16:29





    Interesting observation… but a bit random, not sure how you deduce that from the piece you quote.



    But hey the old leftist soundbites are the bestest soundbites dont you think






    Because you seem to think bankers and traders can eff everybody, get them to pay for it, demand huge bonuses for being crap at their jobs and bankcrupting COUNTRIES and its everybody elses fault the world is in the rafael!



    Hows that for a piece of deduction Moriarty?

  2. the_honest_mistake on

    Paddy Gallagher 30 November, 2011 at 16:34:


    Getting your head caught in the doors of the clockwork orange makes headlines.


    I know through personal experience. Nobody told me until a few hours later.

  3. Serge (10) Tommy Burns says:


    30 November, 2011 at 16:32


    Interesting day at work….this is what i come up with! Obviously not going to happen but it shows what kind of money can be generated if Clubs are willing to take our Players.






    Lukasz Zaluska, 500,000 – NOT A HOPE IN HELL


    Badr El Kaddouri, Loan Expired


    Cha Du-Ri, 100,000 – MIBBIE A GOOD BIT MORE


    Daniel Majstorovic, 100,000 – NOT A CHANCE


    Mark Wilson, 500,000 – NOT A CHANCE


    Glenn Loovens, 1m – NOT A HOPE IN HELL


    Dominic Cervi, 100,000 – VERY FUNNY


    Jos Hooiveld, 2m – POSSIBLE


    Daryl Murphy, 500,000 – POSSIBLE


    Morten Rasmussen, 1m – NO CHANCE


    Darren O’Dea, 1m – NO CHANCE


    Efrain Juarez, 2m – DOUBT IT


    Niall McGinn, 500,000 – ABOUT RIGHT


    John Thompson, 100,000 – assumeyou mean Josh, ABOUT RIGHT


    Richie Towell, 100,000 – WHY SELL?

  4. http://www.plus-sx.com/newsItem.html?newsId=1419480



    DJ Rangers Football Club Plc Director Declaration






    The Rangers Football Club P.L.C.



    Director disclosure



    The information in the paragraph below is disclosed pursuant to paragraph 18 of


    Appendix 1 of the PLUS Rules.



    Craig Whyte was disqualified to act as a director of Vital UK Limited in 2000


    for a period of seven years.


    The Directors of The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. accept responsibility for


    this announcement.



    (END) Dow Jones Newswires


    November 30, 2011 11:31 ET (16:31 GMT)





  5. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on




    Where exactly have I said any of the above.



    I agree with most of what you have just written actually (most not all)



    You see a label and apply a liberal dose of stereotyping. Quite successfuly I may add

  6. The Honest Mistake on

    paulsatim is neil lennon 30 November, 2011 at 16:45:



    I’ll see you in court BBC for telling the truth!!

  7. any gamblers on here?



    Rubin Kazan v Shamrock Rovers over 3.5 goals 11/8



    througha few quid on it and get todays wages back from the strikes




  8. Citibhoy,



    Those who maybe never had your education to understand how the financial sector works ( the banking reforms over years have been made so complex and varied that no one is allowed to understand them for obvious reasons) that you should be mindful of that they were simply investing in pension schemes that became common practice and supposedly regulated. The liquidation of MF in USA is only a recent case were pensions & savings can be wiped off & dissappear at the drop of a hat through corporate greed.



    I didn’t want to enter the Zionism topic but you are right if alluding to very high occurrence of this connection with the banking fraternity. The new Italian & Greek leaders are bankers from Goldman Sachs, as well as many others in Eurozone.



    Cameron was belittling Milliband today on being “left wing & weak” ! whilst lying through his teeth about saying that the strikers were wrong to withdraw labour when negotiations were ongoing. Danny Alexander, an extremely nasty piece of work with no morals, is on record along with others like Maude saying how the last offer on table was ‘best they’ll get’ ! BBC report the ‘weak’ headline and not the outright lies of the PM.



    As said earlier we should not be fighting amongst ourselves like they have manipulated but striving together to establish our country and freedom from the tightening grip of the central banks of which the Bank of Enfland and Federal Reserve play pivotal part and make enormous tax free profits !!!!



    Hail Hail

  9. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on

    Green Jedi



    Yes Josh obviously!



    Can you see Towell getting a game? I cant.

  10. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on




    I have been visiting here courtesy of Paul67 for many years. ( He might be reluctant to admit it now that I’M a social leper but we have met)



    Not a strike day for me -Im working. Another good day for HMRC. ;-)

  11. Huns results. unaudited…………….





    Just Released:






    The Rangers Football Club P.L.C.



    (the “Club”, the “Company” or the “Group”)



    Final Results






    * No longer reliant on bank funding



    * Turnover at GBP57.2m for 2010/11 was an overall increase of GBP0.9m over the


    previous year



    * Gate receipts and hospitality sales increased overall by GBP1.3m to GBP27.1m






    When I became the majority shareholder and Chairman of this great football club


    in May this year, the sense of honour and privilege I felt was overwhelming.


    Those feelings are stronger than ever within me now.



    First, I would like to address what matters most to every Rangers fan –


    football. In recent years the performance of the players and the football


    management team has been quite magnificent and I would suggest their


    achievements rank among the Club’s greatest.



    Three successive League titles, three out of the last four Scottish League


    Cups, plus two Scottish Cups and a UEFA Cup Final appearance is extraordinary


    by any standard and set the seal on Walter Smith’s outstanding second term as


    Manager and a truly remarkable managerial career. Every Rangers supporter owes


    him an enormous debt of gratitude.



    Walter also left the Club in good hands and Ally McCoist, Kenny McDowall and


    Ian Durrant are showing the same tremendous drive for success. All of us wish


    them – and the players – continuing success this season.



    In May, the Club entered a new era both on and off the pitch. Whilst this


    Statement covers the 12-month period ending on 31 June 2011, it also affords us


    the opportunity to look forward.



    I am the first to recognise the contribution that my predecessor as majority


    shareholder, Sir David Murray, made to Rangers over 20 years. With any change


    in ownership, however, there will be a change in approach and I firmly believe


    the changes I have implemented will be in the longer-term interest of the Club,


    which must always come first.



    We have a new Board. In addition, we have appointed a new Chief Operating


    Officer to drive the business forward and take advantage of emerging


    opportunities and a Director of Football, whose role is to help Rangers


    maximise every opportunity to develop, attract and retain playing talent, as


    well as ensure the Club engages productively with football authorities at


    domestic and international level.



    Perhaps the biggest change that has been effected since the takeover in May has


    been the repayment of all bank borrowings. The Club is no longer reliant on


    bank funding, nor does any bank control our operations on a daily basis.



    I hope fans would share my view that, looking ahead, the Club should do


    everything to live within its means and operate on a commercially viable basis.


    I firmly believe that is the only sustainable, long-term strategy for Rangers.



    Performance on the field has a direct bearing on the Club’s business


    performance. Participation in the UEFA Champions’ League remains important


    although increasingly difficult to achieve given the qualification process for


    the SPL champions.



    During 2010/2011 we qualified for the UEFA Champions’ League and played in the


    UEFA Europa League. Turnover at GBP57.2m for 2010/11 was an overall increase of GBP


    0.9m over the previous year. Gate receipts and hospitality sales increased


    overall by GBP1.3m to GBP27.1m, due to the extra European games games, although


    there was an overall reduction in season ticket sales, hospitality sales and


    sponsorship revenue.



    Net operating expenses increased by GBP3.6m to GBP47.5m reflecting increased salary


    levels, higher European fixture costs and operational cost increases across the





    The Club remains embroiled in historical tax issues with Her Majesty’s Revenue


    and Customs, primarily the tax tribunal on Employee Benefit Trusts. It has been


    a dark cloud hanging over the Club for far too long and any resolution must


    enable the Club to move forward.



    Rangers has never been short of challenges in recent years and there is no


    question there are many challenges ahead for both the Club and Scottish


    football in general. However, I am certain that, as a Club, we can rise to


    these challenges and deliver success both on and off the pitch. That is what


    Rangers is all about.



    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters who have offered


    me so much encouragement. Your support for the Club is inspirational and I can


    only promise to ensure that the interests of Rangers and our fans will be at


    the heart of everything I do as Chairman.



    Craig Whyte, Chairman



    Unaudited Consolidated Profit & Loss Account



    for the year ended 30 June 2011



    2011 2010



    GBP’000 GBP’000



    Turnover 57,183 56,287



    Net operating expenses (47,525) (43,856)



    Trading profit / (loss) 9,658 12,431



    Amortisation of player registrations (8,412) (7,339)



    Operating profit / (loss) 1,246 5,092



    Exceptional items:



    Gain on disposal of player registrations 4,202 512



    Taxation of Discount Option Scheme (3,270) –



    Profit / (loss) before interest and taxation 2,178 5,604



    Interest payable (2,102) (1,395)



    Profit / (loss) on ordinary activities before 76 4,209





    Taxation – –



    Profit for the year 76 4,209



    Basic and diluted earnings per share 0.07p 3.87p



    Basic earnings per share is calculated by dividing the earnings attributable to


    ordinary shareholders by the weighted average number of ordinary shares


    outstanding during the year.



    For diluted earnings per share, the weighted average number of ordinary shares


    in issue is adjusted to assume conversion of all dilutive potential ordinary


    shares. The Group has 1,200,000 of potential dilutive ordinary shares at 30


    June 2011. As the current share price is below the option price, the basic and


    diluted earnings per share is the same.



    The Directors do not recommend the payment of a dividend (2010: nil).



    Unaudited Consolidated Balance Sheet



    as at 30 June 2011



    2011 2010



    GBP’000 GBP’000






    Tangible assets 116,856 118,688



    Intangible assets 8,626 11,594



    Investments – –



    125,482 130,282






    Stock 2 2



    Debtors 5,899 5,640



    Cash at bank and in hand 8,893 348



    14,794 5,990






    Amounts falling due within one year (49,065) (27,568)



    NET CURRENT LIABILITIES (34,271) (21,578)









    Amounts falling due after more than one year (20,369) (37,938)



    NET ASSETS 70,842 70,766






    Called up share capital 10,879 10,879



    Share premium account 120,973 120,973



    Capital reserve 9,185 9,185



    The Rangers Bond 7,736 7,736



    Revaluation reserve 57,207 57,770



    Profit & loss account (135,138) (135,777)



    SHAREHOLDERS’ FUNDS 70,842 70,766



    Unaudited Consolidated Cash Flow Statement



    for the year ended 30 June 2011



    2011 2010



    GBP’000 GBP’000



    Reconciliation of Operating Profit to



    Net Cash Inflow / (Outflow) from Operating Activities



    Operating profit 1,246 5,092



    Depreciation 2,265 2,416



    Amortisation of intangible fixed assets 8,464 7,391



    Advance royalty release (1,450) (1,450)



    Capital grant release (222) (226)



    Loss on disposal of fixed assets 35 27



    Decrease in debtors 210 2,262



    Increase in creditors 2933 (3,356)



    Outflow on termination of discontinued (178) (260)





    Net cash inflow from operating activities 13,303 11,896



    Cash Flow Statement



    Net cash inflow from operating activities 13,303 11,896



    Returns on investments and servicing of (1,228) (1,392)





    Taxation – –



    Capital expenditure and financial investment 948 (6,460)



    (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires



    November 30, 2011 11:30 ET (16:30 GMT)



    Cash inflow before financing 13,023 4,044



    Financing (783) (1,328)



    Increase in cash 12,240 2,716



    Reconciliation of net cash flow to movement in


    net debt



    Increase in cash 12,240 2,716



    Decrease in debt 783 1,328



    Movement in net debt in the period 13,023 4,044



    Net debt at 1 July 2010 (27,074) (31,118)



    Net debt at 30 June 2011 (14,051) (27,074)



    The financial information presented above has been extracted from the draft


    unaudited report and accounts of the Company for the year to 30 June 2011. The


    Company’s auditors have not yet finalised their audit report.



    The Directors of The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. accept responsibility for


    this announcement.






    (END) Dow Jones Newswires



    November 30, 2011 11:30 ET (16:30 GMT)

  12. The Pantaloon Duck on



    Anthony R. Hamilton


    #Celtic XI: Forster; Matthews, Majstorovic, Loovens, Ledley; Samaras, Wanyama, Kayal, Ki; Forrest & Stokes. Formation could change!

  13. The Pantaloon Duck on



    Anthony R. Hamilton


    #Celtic subs: Zaluska, Hooper, McCourt, Brown, Mulgrew, Bangura & F Twardzik

  14. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on




    Once again – i do not disagree with much of what you write.



    (Milliband however is a devious schemer and tax avoider just like Craig Whyte -)



    My point from the beginning is only that until the rights and freedoms of the indvidual are given primacy over those of the State then we are all slaves.



    Whether your a multi millionaire “banker” or down and oput on Skid Row.



    We only go forward as free men by getting the yoke of the rapacious state off our backs

  15. rileyskeepingthefaith on

    6 o’clock kick offs are pish at work till 8 roughly big job needs to be finished need to make do with shortbread



    3-1 to the bhoys enjoy everyone that can make




  16. My dear,dear,dear,friend..Serge






    Na . . Ah believe taht Master Towell is subject tae the Axe.



    He will be allowed tae Leave.



    Actually, when a Player is Allowed to Go oot oan Loan..



    Usually, although, there Ur..the Rare Exceptions..



    That is the First Step downward.. to finally ending in the Demise of his Celtic Career.





    yer pal…who likes ye aloater

  17. Hun poster pretending to be a Tim –



    Anybuddy tell me when the gemme kicks aff the night and is it on telly?

  18. Celtic v Atletico Madrid team news: Forster; Matthews, Majstorovic, Loovens, Ledley; Samaras, Wanyama, Kayal, Ki, Forrest; Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, McCourt, Hooper, Brown, Mulgrew, Bangura, F. Twardzik

  19. Good luck to our bhoys tonight.




    Samaras and Ki playing together is going to give Kayal and Vic a lot of work to do.





  20. If that is the Final Team Selection for this Evening..



    Let me say this..



    Ah Gie it…



    The Bronx Cheer!



    The Breaking up of a Successfull Duo.. is .. INANE.and..Morphs intae…


    INSANE… wi the Addition of an extra Letter!



    Lenny,if this is True…



    Tut! Tut!




  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    “From each man according to his ability, to each according to his need.”



    It’s not a bad old maxim, and embraces a fondness for collective betterment.



    Between 1997 and 2007, according to ONS, productivity in the private sector improved by 20% – output up, cost flat.



    During the same period, productivity in the public sector reduced by 0.3% – output flat, cost up.



    Question: Are private sector workers more able?



    87% of public sector workers will receive a Defined Benefits or Salary Related pension. 12% of private sector workers will.



    56% of private sector workers have no pension provision, while 32% pay into a private scheme that provides a lump sum from which an annuity is bought. Annuity rates are currently below 4% of lump sum. The average private pension pot will provide a lump sum of £30,000, which will deliver an annuity of about £1200 per year.



    Question: Do private sector pensioners need less?



    All very glib, but there is an issue. The public sector doesn’t work as hard as the private, but enjoys better terms. That’s not my opinion btw, that’s what all the measures of work in the UK confirm. The public sector doesn’t need to work as hard. It doesn’t need to return a profit. It isn’t in competition. So why bother?



    I really do get the contractual bit, and appreciate why those who walked out today did so, but there needs to be an honesty in the dialogue, something missing in my view from the Government’s side during the 2007 settlement, and perhaps from both sides currently.



    On balance, our public sector colleagues are better paid, for doing less, and better provided for in retirement, than the majority of employees in the country.



    If that’s the kind of nation we want, fair enough, but it’s not a particularly easy position to square with reality.



    Hey ho.

  22. Citibhoy Shoulder to Shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    TBB 17.08



    Youll need to swap the Tammy for Tin Hat.



    The blind do not like the truth.

  23. shamrock rovers just equalized 1-1 after 12 minutes



    hope yous had a wee bite at the bet earlier

  24. enmac75 stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    Beating down in the gallowgate. Won’t dampen our dpirits!


    Quick pint then on to the game


    Mon the Celtic



    Hail hail

  25. Serge (10) Tommy Burns on




    Hi mate,



    I just cant see who he would replace, At right back or in midfield. There is 2 players atleast going to be ahead of him for either position



    We have a huge squad and alot of then are squad players, we need to trim it big time. Getting rid of players is easier said than done though.



    Serge, HH.

  26. Can’t help thinking Lenny’s adopting the 4-5-1 in Europe as received wisdom rather than what’s right for his players on the day. Leaving Hooper on the bench is clearly formation over form.



    Having said that, Ki and Ledley were our only effective players when we played Atletico, which may have influenced this line-up.

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