Test & Trace does not add up if you are Celtic


When Stuart Armstrong tested positive while on Scotland duty, Ryan Christie and two others in the squad were forced to isolate, missing important club games.  Christopher Jullien’s diagnosis led to the most extraordinary day in a Test and Trace lab in Scotland, resulting in 13 players forced to remain at home during the decisive stage of the season.

John Fleck’s diagnosis on Scotland duty resulted in no one being told to isolate.

I heard what happened in the lab when Jullien came in positive – the extraordinary focus on interpreting potential exposure.  I have seen photos from inside the plane journeys there and back – the extraordinary distances some forced to isolate were from source.

With media chat full of ‘Fergal Harkin for Celtic director of football’ speculation for months, you (and I) would be forgiven for thinking Man City’s Partnerships and Pathways (don’t ask me) manager was a serious candidate for the job.

Not so, I was assured last night.  And yes, I did let it be known that while getting the cream of the world’s talent to pitch up in sunny Glasgow can be a challenge, staying ahead of the game on persistent stories like this is easier.

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  1. Like others, I think the new strip looks good but 65 pounds for a short sleeved top? It`s not cashmere,is it?

  2. Drew1967 – Hope the new job is going well.



    New strip looks good, but, but, which players will be wearing it next season.



    I will be buying it for the Grandson.



    D :)

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    “Aff oaf furra bitta scran”






    PS – bon appetit

  4. Rascar Capac on

    There’s a new away strip… fear starts to set in.



    Steal myself to like it in time…



    It’s Adidas, maybe it will be ok.



    Click on image, watching through fingers…






    Its perfect!

  5. Several ex-rangers men seem to be keen to endorse Postecoglou as our next manager.


    Maybe I’m being cynical but this seems a little suspicious to me.

  6. The Onlooker on

    I have written every time we bring out another dull, dark, away strip.



    I’ve written at length, to no avail.


    Here is the short version.



    Peripheral vision of footballers is above average as they are always checking for opponents. When players suffered long term injury they lost a little of the peripheral vision advantage.



    Alex Ferguson became convinced that a large part of the returning players not being match fit was down to the loss of peripheral vision



    On advice from an optician players peripheral vision exercises were introduced ( similar to the bleep tests carried out by opticians when you get your bi-annual check up )




    Back to the topic…


    Football strips exist to allow players (and supporters) to distinguish players from each team.




    John Collins refused to allow the Hibs to wear their black strip, although contractually obliged to.


    Fergie famously changed from grey to blue at half-time.



    Why do we continue to bring out bottle green, black, charcoal strips that make our players less visible?




    The answer is purely commercial, as we all know. Dark strips will sell well amongst the fans who perhaps are a few pounds and inches above their fighting weight.



    They look great in the pub, they look OK in the stands , they look crap on TV and on a dull November afternoon they make our players 50 yards away , invisible.



    Maybe that’s the plan ,


    if you can’t see me ,


    you can’t booooo me.



    I got annoyed again and wrote more than intended.



    Bring back the bumble bee.


    Visibility 5,000 yards.

  7. Douglas Ross is Gonnae cost me a new Telly…



    Bad enough his ferret faced fizzog, but hls voice really diz matitsin!!

  8. The Onlooker – Good point eell made.



    Still buying it for my football crazy and Celtic crazy Grandson though.



    D :)

  9. Dexter P. Bampot on

    The Ange situation is completely embarrassing. Surely the requirement for a licence must have been considered? If it was overlooked, that’s a joke too.



    Where does the buck stop? Who is to take responsibility for the delay which now appears to be inevitable?



    If we can’t have this man until a licence application is processed (with consequent delay), surely we must look elsewhere? Clarke would be the obvious alternative imho

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    What a laugh.


    Given if we win the league we allegedly go straight into CL Group stages – and pick up circa £50m Some idiots are saying we are going after an unknown Greek guy who is from Aussie and manages in Japan and does not have a UEFA licence.



    What a joke these people must think we are idiots.



    It is fake news – isn’t it ?




  11. ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD JUNE 2021 9:52 AM


    BIG JIMMY on 3RD JUNE 2021 9:34 AM







    It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. They should have been told well in advance that if they tried to gather they would get hammered. But instead there was some mealy mouthed pious nonsense about hoping they would be responsible, when the dogs in the street knew what they had planned. So if the authorities ie the government and their police force knew what was coming they should have allowed them into their midden, where they would have been contained, because the alternative was what happened.




    I agree with MOST of what you Posted above, except about allowing THEMS ( 10,000 each of FOUR Days) Ipox…that scenario would have allowed THEMS not One but FOUR Separate Days of ” Celebrating” , not forgetting that thousands MORE would probably ” celebrate” OUTSIDE Ipox anyway, along with the 10,000 INSIDE. No doubt, that they would ALL Congregate and march on George Square…for each of the FOUR Days.


    I would also be in favour of Police Scotland using Water Cannons on the great Unwashed to try and disperse them…and maybe the odd machine Gun here and there ?



  12. I feel a lot more than 10,000 would have turned up at Ibrox on that day anyway. Those who didn’t get into the ground would have assembled outside and then still made their way through the city to George Sq., along with some of those who had been inside, with the same inevitable outcomes, por cierto.

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