Thank you, Celtic, growing the family


“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“*!*! you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”
“Thank you, Celtic.”

That’s the response from Scottish Premiership clubs on notification they will each receive £365k solidarity payment from Uefa for Celtic reaching the Champions League group stage. At the bottom end of the league, that will pay the wages of six members of the squad for a year.  To one and all: You’re welcome.

Further up the table, it could make the difference between being underwater and not needing to seek borrowing. Be in no doubt, this is a great day to go to work at all top flight Scottish clubs. Directors across the country, who keep their clubs afloat with personal loans, would have been on their feet cheering as Scott Sinclair’s opener hit the net – all of them.

I loved the interactive billboard campaign which launched within minutes of full time: “This is how it feels to be in the Champions League”. As a club, we are hitting all the bases right now; opening avenues for the whole of Glasgow, and Scotland, to enjoy and participate in our success. This is how it feels to grow the Celtic family.

As for the weak-minded among you: there was never any danger last night. Without profligacy in front of goal, we would have been ahead at the break. Scott Brown learned that two mistakes in quick succession is likely to lead to a goal, while Mikael Lustig satisfied his long-held curiosity as to what would happen if he was the last defender, and instead of closing down an opponent rushing towards goal, he backed off.  It would have been a great learning experience for some of the young players involved.

Rijeka couldn’t lay a glove on Olympiakos last night, while Sevilla only just clung onto their advantage over Istanbul Basaksehir, who were a goal away from qualifying for the group stage, and elevating Celtic to pot 3. Our hopes now lie with Hoffenheim overturning a 1-2 deficit at Liverpool. Pot 4 beckons. Still, I’m not complaining.

Hospitality for four on Saturday: meals, bar, Directors’ Box tickets, the lot!!

Celtic sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing, have offered four full hospitality tickets for Saturday’s game against St Johnstone. You and three friends could benefit from a stunning pre-match meal in the Walfrid, halftime refreshments, as well as a complimentary bar before and after the game.

You will also watch the game from the Directors’ Box. In collaboration with this raffle, we are raising money for Mary’s Meals. Over 3,000 children in Malawi and Liberia eat each school day in a kitchen supported by Celtic Quick News readers. You can donate a minimum of £5 here.

To win, email your MyDonate confirmation to me, celticquicknews@gmail.com with the answer to this question IN THE SUBJECT LINE:

How many Champions League qualifying games have Celtic played in the Astana Arena before last night?*

Other emails with the correct answer will also be considered. Competition closes at 14:00 Thursday afternoon. You need to be able to collect your tickets in Glasgow on Friday. Please ensure you leave reliable contact information on your email. Good luck!

*Failure rate on this question is higher than with any previous competition.  If you know your history… ooft!  It was only four years ago.



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  1. traditionalist88 on

    dessybhoy on 23rd August 2017 12:03 pm






    Bale v Mikel, out of all the Pot 1’s Benfica for me, for no reason other than we beat them here usually.






    Bale v Mikel, in a lets see who can get injured first contest ;)




  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    thought there was a caveat in that the windfall had to be spent on youth development, then again some clubs are good atr creative accounting…………………


    Only two out of fortyone teams see fit to congratulate Celtic on putting Scotland on the football map?







    MOONBEAMSWD on 23RD AUGUST 2017 8:29 AM






    Congrats to @celticfc qualifying for the Champions League group stage. So important for Scottish teams to be competing with Europe’s best.






    CONGRATULATIONS | Well done @celticfc on qualifying for the group stage of the Champions League. Let’s do our nation proud!



    Ewan Heartshun will be doing cartwheels






  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ” Weak minded ” ?


    aka realists.


    Like Brendan.



    Their was no joy when our second goal went in.


    Just relief.


    Check the vid.

  5. If anyone would like to congratulate Celtic on their “This is how it feels to be in the Champions League” advertising campaign/celebration/GIRUY/promotion, then here is the email :






    I am sure John Paul receives a great many communications of complaint. A bunch of positives would be a pleasant change.





    From previous…








    Agreed. During the early “downsizing” years,the wage bill actually increased due to quantity over quality.



    Every signing should be at worst challenging for a first-team place right away. Otherwise they’re only challenging for a place as the new scapegoat.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 23RD AUGUST 2017 12:15 PM


    Very disappointed that we lost our 50 game unbeaten run




    Heads should roll.







    ParTICularly sarcastic these days , WITS.





    Your Dub boyo Johnnie is just finding his feet.


    Have no fear.

  8. traditionalist88 on

    Without profligacy in front of goal, we would have been ahead at the break





    We’d have scored in Bratislava but for that too and eliminated Artmedia over two games.



    So you can see why the nerves set in at 4-1 and being hit with waves of attack with little resistance, a couple of other close calls too. There was relief from all concerned when it went 4-2.








    Once we scored,Astana had to score seven.



    They’re far from Barcelona,in more ways than one.



    Admittedly I wasn’t watching,but never any doubts if I had been,based on the above.





    I notice the club commissioned Forrest Media for the poster campaign.



    Who could they be,I wonder…

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Their bitterness is reaffirming.



    Who would welcome the approval of such as them ?

  12. God knows what I did with this last night; lost in beer somewhere on another thread…







    Gorrdon – AGAIN. Saved the shirts when called upon; suddenly thrust into an unwitting shooty-in session muinutes into the second half; like Israel last year, the big fella faced up to the task. Will curse himself for the fourth, praise himself for stopping me wailing as he clawed their fifth deflected looper over – an unrderrated wonder-save as he had to re-adjust in mid-air to get his fingers to it. 8/10



    Mick – BRILLIANT ball to Callum to then set up Sinky for our first. He held it up under pressure, moved forward, found a slider right to the wee man’s feet. Shares blame for their 4th when caught in two minds; didn’t choose to close down quick enough. But SHOULD have been in at centre-back in a 3 when the pressure was on. Aside, his game-management – finding time, running clock, keeping possession, communication – great. 8/10



    Ajer – Young, fearless, ball-winner, NEVER hid, even when the chips were down and it was easy to lose yourself in the storm. Let down by mor esenior pros around him struggling. Ridiculously unlucky with opening goal. 7/10



    Bitton – Demonstrated why he’s NOT a centre-back. Defensive mid, yes. Extra CH if required, okay. But under P? No chance. NOT a natural defender so dire positional sense when it was all happening around him – example their 3rd. Free header. A mistake he repeated at least twice and got away with. As soon as they were dynamic and relentless, and thought required defensive instinct too, he got found out. 6/10



    KT – As usual, 100% on it; in the thick of it when all hands to the pumps and took a dull one. Managed to play out the game and keep us at 11, due to believing Olivier Ntcham was actually Paddy Roberts up ahead of him on the wing. Concussion is a useful device at times.



    BROON – FFs. Imperious first half – bossing it, strutting and swaggering and dictating the play. Second half? Kidnapped at half-time, obviously and replaced by Mr.Bean in a Broony outfit.


    Chucked the first goal at them with comical play – the duff pass, the flaffed header right into the boy’s goalscoring path – then looked bewildered and irritated and lost and… well, right out of sorts for the rest of the game; like he’d woken up in the middle of a great dream and realised he really was on a pitch in Khasakstan with skillful foreigners zipping around him and not about to hear his alarm telling him the early gravedigging shift was starting.


    9/10 first half for CL-captaining supreme. . 3/10 second half for getting in the way ocassionally.




    Ntcham – Absolutely marvellous. SAM JACKSON in a Celtic shirt.


    Showed those m#ther####ers how it’s done with exemplary m#ther####ing cool. Ran the m#ther####ing game in the m#ther####ing middle. Like Zinedine m#ther####ing Zidane himself said: ‘When you watch the game, you do not see Ntcham. when you watch Ntcham you see the whole m#ther####ing game. M#ther####ers.’. 10/m#ther####ing 10 for hauling us through. M#ther####ersOf The Match.




    McGregor – Great industrious first half, but faded badly when the heat was on. Still, proving a lot of us wrong and deserving his Hoops. 7/10




    Forrest – the Prestwick Pele roasted them a few times before subbed; confidence in his outstanding pace works wonders for him. I sometimes wish we’d look to play him in behind more. Again, he’s done the business in the qualifiers to get us through. 7/10



    Scotty S – Sheer magic in those dancing feet. Stunner of a strike. Terrorises the opposition. Couldn’t BELIEVE him being subbed – not just becasue he represented our best out-ball and attacking threat; but obviously I had a tenner on him to score both halves. Worst substitution since the Ronny Deila take-him-off-when-he’s-on-a-hat-trick school of game management. 8/10 ‘cos he’s wonderful, magical.



    Griff – strangely quiet. Hard shift but lacked his usual nuisance-value; missed a sitter at 3-1 to put them back in their box. Scored a cracker in the last minute. But overall, a peculiarily ineffective night compared to his standards. 7/10




    Rogic – Big T came on with that shambling guile of his and impacted in that disturbingly languid style that we have become used to seeing bewilder opponents. I would have reckoned the tie would have been over by half-time if he’d started the game. 7.5/10




    Armstrong – Great Hair. Looked comfortable to be back in there with his future sorted; more confident, professional, keen to show his class. Fitted in well from bench to secure the middle. 7/10




    Ralston – The bhoy’s a beast. Raw energy and pace, a fine effort on a nerve-shredding task – ‘get in there and shore it up son.’ Acquitted himself admirably, needed more help from the experienced heads around him but they were struggling with their own games so the bhoy got on with it and tore in; he’s a keeper. 7.5/10




    Brendan R – Startled into a bad dream first five minutes of second half. Must have thought Israel was happening all over again. Saw his defensive problems magnified. Made what I thought his strangest-ever sub when sincy went off, got away with it after KT recovered – we could have been down to 10 men and really up against it. Thought he was caught off-guard but 2 CL qualifications out of 2 speaks volumes. Hero. 7/10.




    Who do I want in the group?



    In the words of Olvier Ntcham – ‘M#ther####ing anybody. Bring them on. M#ther####ers.

  13. Watched the game again this morning. What a gem we have in young Ollie Ntcham man of the match without a doubt. Hope the young South African is another excellent addition. On another day we could have scored at least another 3 goals last night. The futures bright the futures Brendan

  14. traditionalist88 on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 23rd August 2017 12:25 pm



    Put it this way, for a spell in the second half, if Astana were going to save the tie, they were going the right way about it – but a bit of reorganisation from BR knocked the wind out their sails and the two goals came. Football eh.





    Also,I expect them to be removed quickly as a traffic hazard. Awfy difficult for hurtin huns to drive when their eyes are shut.



    Google images for “provocative billboards removed”



    Some are hilarious,others just erm worth a look-wi yer eyes on stalks!!!

  16. As for the Huns 365K – please deduct the cost of toilet repairs for the season ahead, at source, Celtic.



    Then make the Monkeys beg for it.


    MACJAY 1228



    I’d view it as a step forward.



    Meantime,grateful thanks to East Fife and Brechin City. Class.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Have a look at the bench when we scored our second.


    Prior to that , they needed three in twenty minutes.


    Doable. Particularly when our defence was porous as ….a semi ( or totally ) permeable membrane.



    Osmosis ya bas.

  19. Paul67



    All these grateful clubs will be right behind Celtic wanting an enquiry into SFA handling of Rangers liquidation and ridding the game of the guilty.



    Sure they will.

  20. Rivaldo, Jozo, Dedryck – our three centre backs for the CL group squad.



    Going by Moussa’s Hun trolling tweet last night, he’s going nowhere. But that hamstring may prove very unreliable.



    New additions – fingers crossed on Paddy R, and another; maybe a striker. I can’t see a run of the mill midfielder wanting to join and compete with what’s already there – any sigining in that position would need to be top-drawer and come with guarantees; squad unrest a given. The understanding developing between ON, Broon et al will be crucial for the CL groups; the most vital part of the team. So, doubtful. Olivier Jackson will have been our only mid addition this window.



    Anyway. Happy days. Again.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    East Fife and Brechin.




    Particularly noteworthy and should be appreciated.



    Mind you , who gives a mother`s about the ” also rans ” ?


    Time we treated them for what they are.



  22. Despite some poor individual errors last night (no names, no pack drill) over the two legs we were by far the superior team and if we had been a bit more clinical last night in the first half could have been 3-1 up at half time!



    Well done to Brendan, his backroom team and all of the Bhoys who played in the qualifications ties.



    We will be much stronger when everyone is fit again and hopefully will make some decent additions to complement the squad in the coming couple of weeks. Don’t know anything about the South African kid but if Brendan rates him, his track record so far is no’ bad!



    Looking forward now to the draw! Mon The Hoops!

  23. Has anyone asked Arnold the Accountant on FF



    if we can afford to play players Bonus for qualifying for



    champs League





    ps Forrest Media is that not owned by the guy Trainer one of our


    biggest shareholders ….probably didnt even charge us

  24. BMCUW @ 12:22 PM,



    Yes, I think BR said something along these lines…



    …if a player is not an improvement on what we have, we won’t buy him.



    To me that’s sound.



    Our last three Managers had, at any one time, a third of their squad not in contention for one reason or another – Madness.



    Also, now, rather than take a punt on a “project”, we are paying good money – either on transfers or wage wise or both – on top prospects.



    Having the likes of Dembele, NtCham gracing Paradise knowing we can still come out with a profit… What’s not to like.



    Hail Hail

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CHAIRBHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2017 12:43 PM



    I get the impression that Brendan is a lovely sociable guy whose interior is hard as nails.

  26. BMCUW


    Do you know something about the Forrest media Group?


    I Googled and discovered they are a Glasgow company with an MD named Marc Keenan ( My mother`s maiden name…..Keenan, not Marc) which MIGHT suggest a Celtic connection but, as I said, do you know something else about them (that would annoy the Huns even more !) ?


    Incidentally, I think you may well be right about a campaign ( or a Statement) to have `these dangerous signs` removed. They will certainly have an impact on the concentration level of many a driving Hun.




  27. Sandman



    “Going by Moussa’s Hun trolling tweet last night, ”



    What was that, then?




  28. MACJAY1 @ 12:47 PM,



    Yes, and with nerves of steel.



    Resting players in last night’s crucial game takes some bravura.



    Also can’t believe the Griff gets injured EVERY time he gets up to high jinks;)



    Hail Hail

  29. Hot Smoked



    As Above sure Forrest Media are owned by Chris??? Trainer



    might have been on board but was a major shareholder.

  30. Sandman-Like you I was wanting BR sacked for subbing Sinclair……………1 fiver @ 33s to score in each half…….I thought LG would have been subbed due to lack of gametime,and Sinky would have scored on the break,what do we know……..On the subs,I was surprised we committed our 3rd sub with a fair bit of the game to go,KT could have been carted off with the head knock,or similar,the double substitution was necessary at the time to try and regain the MF.HH