Uefa compliance officer set for SFA next week


A Uefa compliance officer will visit the Scottish FA early next week after European football’s governing body were asked to look into what was happening inside Scottish football by people within the German game.  Scottish football has been rocked by allegations of improper registration of players for over a month now.  The SFA recently concluded an inquiry into Rangers without reference to the allegations while the Scottish Premier League have announced an inquiry, but indicate it will not report anytime soon.

Although the allegations have consequences beyond the SPL, including international and European football, the SFA have failed to actively address concerns which could see 12 years of football results rewritten, prompting interest from Uefa.

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  1. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I wonder who Brian Quinn chose to come over. A very competent German who is not big on the drink and low on the humour but sharp highly efficient. I reckon.




  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Ithink I’d be quite willingto accept that, its something I considered and raised a few times on here with very little response. In the interest of forcing th Scottish game into the 21st century a few years in the wilderness will be a small price to pay.

  3. Mort



    Bilbao do employ non Basques.



    As for uefa and their involvement, Celtic would win any case they took to CAS.



    The sfa have been derelict in their duty to the detriment of ALL scottish clubs bar one.

  4. 31003 on 15 March, 2012 at 19:48 said:





    Will do…….a 25 year old told me he felt like a 50 year old when he had same problem…..told me he got the stent and felt like a 25 year old again……can’t wait till Monday





    Before this happened I told the wife I felt like a 25 year old, she said “tough, you’re stuck with me”!!!

  5. Was listening to Graham Hunter (a decent writer based in Spain) pre-match.



    He said that Athletic Bilbao (no ‘o’) still apply the basque only rule although other basque clubs now play some non basques.



    Can anyone confirm for definite.

  6. It just keeps getting better and better doesn,t it.


    One little thing puzzles me tho.


    why haven,t Dimitri and Tralolololol,released any further bulletins or statements.





  7. For our Belfast Bhoys,FIANNA are playing in The Rock Bar,on St Patricks Day also Sunday before Cup Final.Jelly and Ice Cream on the menu.Slan

  8. Shout out to sannabhoy for a couple of scoops during the week. Great guy who does some sterling work with the Kano Foundation.



    Smashie and nicey csc



    Árd Macha

  9. SmashingMilkBottles on

    31003 @ 20.12



    Hopefully this is THE news we’ve been waiting for……hope it comes late on Monday…..can’t think why!

  10. Paul67






    You should be very proud of CQN and the essential place it has in the Celtic Family.




  11. Sporting hoops holding their own against a formidable Man City.



    By the way,the news that UEFA are getting involved in Scotland’s very own ‘bonfire of the vanities’ is what I’ve been waiting to hear.


    Thank you CQN!

  12. “Scottish football by people within the German game. ”



    I’m pretty sure that these people within the German game have a favourite song that starts with “Fritz a grand old team to play for.”




  13. Paul67



    You are getting me very excited.



    Lets hope that UEFA do not do a watergate.




  14. Now that is good news



    Can’t you just smell the fear coming out of the SFA offices at that news?



    I wonder will the nice man from UEFA be served jelly and ice cream for lunch?????

  15. TinyTim on 15 March, 2012 at 20:28 said:





    You are getting me very excited.



    Lets hope that UEFA do not do a watergate.



    There wil be no whyte wash, at the big hoose.

  16. Jayesh Leverkusen and Stuttgart both exited Europe early in the last 10 years at Rankers expense ?



    I wonder if somebody contacted them ?

  17. Awe_Naw



    I believe you mentioned yesterday something about huns wrecking Stuttgart city centre,I do


    not remember hearing anything about it here.


    (obviously) could you elaborate ,please my friend.

  18. This probably explains the SFA smokescreen and mirrors announcement tonight ref Rangers charges…..

  19. Mr X loves having a "fly kick" on

    Wonderful news Paul.



    Prompted by people within the German game? Hmmmm…..

  20. Why would anyone have faith in UEFA, they can’t even control the English scheduling games at the same time as the Champions league. Remember Bocanegra this season, allowed to play in Europe while not registered to play in the SPL.They may act after any SFA decisions but they will be ambulance chasers only.

  21. TinyTim



    Good to see you posting so much this past couple of days. You’re not NeilR really:o)

  22. I’m sure there’s gonna be another topical spoof of that ‘Fuhrer’s bunker’ youtube………soon




  23. Paul67, The SFA have had every opportunity to operate a fair, open and honest Governance process within Scottish football, to the benefit of all clubs.


    Their failure to do so, has brought Scottish football to this, we need a deep and wide ranging investigation into the workings of the SFA, only then can we all move on.



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