Uefa get tough on non-payers


Not before time but it’s good to see Uefa get to grips with clubs which fail to pay their dues.  Malaga, who are still this season’s Champions League, have been banned from European competition the next time they qualify.  In the event they win the competition this season, they would join a short ignominious list and become only the third team in history to be banned from defending their trophy by the European governing body. Think of the shame.

Eight other clubs have also been barred from Europe for a season, including our very old friends, Vojvodina.  The message is simple, pay your bills!!!

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  1. It used to be things like this.



    David Begg: “I have to say, Gordon, I really think that throw-out from Allan McGregor was one of the finest examples I’ve ever seen of a goalie having the potential to turn defence into attack in a split second.”





    CQN comment: “The Huns are so Lilian Gish. Even £100m-rated Greegsy is garbage. He just booted the ball straight out of play for a shy to Hibs.”

  2. Anybody else think that Stephen Ireland could fill the role as playmaker? A wee phone call to Lambo fae Lenny would soon sort it.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire


    16:53 on


    23 December, 2012


    Think izzy is still short of games, his distribution is poor at the moment




    He’s not half as bad as he was a few months ago, must have believed his own press! Onward and upward for him hopefully.



    Enjoy your mince!!!! :P






    Off the beer for the last 5 months.



    Down with that sort of think, it’s ending now. I’m away to the pub!!!



    Happy Christmas to all CQN’rs. We may have had our squabbles, but at the end of the day we’re all Celt’s.




    Nollaig Shona daoibh uilig agus blian úr faoi mhaise.




  4. BT/Tooting Tim



    Next time, let us know. There is a brilliant CSC here in the social club affiliated to our parish. We even feature in a quite-famous piece of street art near the building.

  5. Listening to Radio Scotland makes away games a nerve jangling experience. I wasn`t too keen on David Begg and the new guys are pretty much the same. Anti Celtic!

  6. charles kickham on

    Men against boys – said the commentator – in the villa game – now where have I heard that before

  7. After this game tonight you have to fear for Lamberts future.


    Dun Utd pull one back against the minis.




  8. blantyretim,


    in the days of David Francy I wouldn`t even listen to games.


    :-) I did go to away games in those days, right enough.

  9. Thatcher supposedly used to say she survived on 4 hours sleep a night. Im surprised her conscience let her sleep at all.

  10. Blantyre Tim



    I remember Francey. Incoherent to the extent that you didn’t know which team had scored. Once said after a Celt had been chopped down by a Ranger ‘might have been lucky to escape a booking but I suppose al is fair on Cup Finals.’ Murdo McPherson, Peter Thompson, Roy Small, George Davidson. Shortbread has had some crackers



    H x 2

  11. ernie lynch



    16:01 on 23 December, 2012



    67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    15:53 on 23 December, 2012



    Think we should move on from discussing this aspect of the ibrox disaster …… Leave it to their institutional collective conscience…..all those poor people lost their lives, and that’s the important aspect






    We should move on when people actually know what happened.



    As far as people are concerned there was a terrible disaster that was no one’s fault and the club did the decent thing by erecting a memorial.



    The truth is that the club were responsible for the disaster and lied and cheated to escape responsibility and to deny compensation to the widows and orphans..



    I’m not sure why we should be involved in covering up the truth.



    > I have been aware of the Fallen Masonry article for a while. Well said Ernie. Spot on as per sir.

  12. While i’m on and it’s quiet


    A merry Christmas to you all may the God of your understanding smile fondly on you & yours at this time and only good things come your way.


    Fae me & mine :)) HAIL HAIL

  13. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Don’t know who the guy commentating our game on Shortbread yesterday was, but let’s just say Beggs legacy lives on. Ithought Ross county were playing Ross county because all he kept going on about was Ross county

  14. BT



    It wouldn’t have mattered



    I managed to miss the first two trains out of sheer drunken incompetence



    I felt dreadful as I dried out yesterday …



    The work’s day out went well if not wisely

  15. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    I must stop spoiling Christmas by talking about and thinking about hunfuds like Begg so that’s me finished.

  16. Has the 17m in business pledges which The The Rangers received pre the public share issue been realised.



    Could Chucky Non Lar physically display this 23m if requested?



    Just curious like…

  17. Good evening CQN



    The kids from the Get Up and Go Youth Club


    Would like to say a big thank you to the KANO foundation


    For a special Christmas party at CSA this afternoon



    Merry Christmas to you all

  18. Dundee United pretty poor today, I would not bet my house on them beating the zombies comfortably in the Scottish Cup imo. Hope i’m wrong.




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