Vacancy for a coach to challenge O’Neill orthodoxy


If/when minds at Celtic get around to considering a replacement for Alan Thompson it would also be wise to recognise the international nature of the game.  Lennon, Mjallby, Parker and Thompson were all football sons of Martin O’Neill, rooted in the domestic tradition of the game (even the Swede).

Football philosophy drifts slowly between national boundaries carried by successful coaches and players.  Right now the ambitious teams in the world are trying to ape the Barcelona/Spain model, the success of which is hard to argue with, but whether we look for a Spanish influence or not, we must surely look for a voice to challenge what the current management team regard as orthodoxy, in all aspects of the job.

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  1. All ican say is get the coaching posiiton sorted.



    Then buy Joaquin Boghassain, Milan Badelj and Mathias Jorgensen

  2. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on

    Look, I’m all for being ambitious and stuff … but Pepe Guardiola says he is taking a year out, and not even the thrill of being assistant to Neil is going to change his mind. Nice idea Paul, but unlikely to come off ….

  3. In recent years, the only foreign coaches we have had who could be called ‘failures’ were ingurlish (Barnes/TM)



    Maybe the addition of a European coach can add something to Lenny’s evident talents.

  4. fanadpatriot on

    Whoever gets appointed,I hope it is an outsider,I think we need a complete new voice in the dressing room.


    Last season we lost cup games,with no apparent ideas to overcome a deficit.

  5. hoopeddreams on




    Good to see you’re posting articles again.


    I thought you had been trampled to death by a pack of wild corgis.

  6. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Just found this on Facebook,,,not sure what the source is????



    CELTIC are considering an audacious bid to bring free agent Hugo Rodallega to Parkhead.



    The SPL champions are fully aware the wage demands of the Colombian striker – who rejected the offer of a new contract from Wigan – could take him well outside their reach.



    But the 26-year-old is the kind of hitman Neil Lennon wants to add to his squad.



    And, while signing a goalkeeper and a central defender are also on the shopping list – Fraser Forster and Leicester’s Matt Mills remain the No.1 targets for these positions – the bulk of Lennon’s transfer kitty is being earmarked for a striker to play alongside the club’s top scorer for the past two seasons, Gary Hooper.



    Lennon has confirmed they would be prepared to spend £4-5million on the right man, and Huddersfield’s Jordan Rhodes could be available for that kind of outlay.



    Hail hail





    Me,I would have a coach in the stand,someone who Neil trusts and can be in constant contact,give his summation at half-time and then after the game for future reference.



    In the dugout,unfortunately,they can see little of the overall strategy,and also spend too much of the time with their eyes averted as they discuss things.



    Fortunately,of course,the SFA have a plan to assist us already in place,by banning Neil from the dugout as often as possible,but it doesn’t alter the fact that a pair of eyes outside the dugout is a winner.



    IMO.of course. So therefore it’s not necessarily a fact……..

  8. Paul67




    Neil has admitted he got the ideas for his new formations from Celtic’s Europa opposition.



    I think a foreign coach is on the cards.



    Pep said he wanted a change and less responsibility…

  9. pgtips



    Was just catching up with the posts on the last article when Paul posted a new one.



    I take it when you refer to China’s policy of ‘active encouragement’ that you’re not talking about child birth?



    A quick search of Google will tell you all you need to know about China’s domestic policies.

  10. Paul 67



    IMO towards the end of the season, we demonstrated flexibility in our formation, however this was against SPL cannon fodder who are traditionally knackered at that time of year. I would be worried with a 3 at the back in the ECL.



    Tactics need to be found to suit the players we have, or alternatively we buy players to fit in.



    The hope is that the youths can be brought on and that we concentrate our scarce resources on experienced centre half and centre mid playmaker. We need to become more rugged at the back and be difficult to play against.



    I believe that Neil is tactically astute , where we get caught out is on the road in the SPL , where you will get a few slip ups on the dodgy pitches or against highly motivated opposition in a cup tie.



    One advantage of the Shame being removed from the league is there may be an outbreak of concentration on football and a way forward to raise standards. The Shame’s style of play ( as witnessed in home games at CP) is hopeless and out of date, percentage high ball, off the ball tugs, general fouling …. very little to do with modern football.




  11. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Agents will be busy posting any old ka-ka on social media and with their ‘pets’ in the press. The traditional inside sources or ‘friends of stars’. It’s all cr@p. NFL knows what he needs and who he wants.


    How often did chico ‘exclusively reveal’ jess to RFC(ia)?


    Most sensible managers will wait ’til the euros are past before they make a move.

  12. Sometimes the manager / coaches partnership can be too cosy , seeing things with the same eyes all too often leads to a staleness and mistakes in tactics etc .



    Sir Awex seemed to change his assistants quite regularly for one reason or another , but compare that to Wenger who had Pat Rice by his side for an eternity and seemed to run out of ideas .



    Possibly a lesson to be learnt there .

  13. Paul67



    Not sure I’m with you on this one.



    Lennon is a 1st team coach, Mjallby is a 1st team coach, Thompson was a 1st team coach.



    Perhaps there were already too many cooks?



    I think we’ll look to slot in a lower profiled person from within the ranks already at Celtic Park. A promotion for Stephen Frail or even the freshness of Youth Coach success is John Kennedy.



    Lennon and Mjallby are big enough, they’ve proved it.

  14. Ajax (70’s version), Barca and Brazil (1970) owed a large part of their success due to very high fitness levels.



    Rivelino said that he never even had to take a drink of water during the games in the Mexico World Cup, such was his his conditioning.



    I sometimes think the fitness of Celtic players is not quite all it should be and would prefer to see someone brought in who would be able to improve it.

  15. We have let a good one get an academy head job at Bristol City, while there are other coaches in the club I’d like to see step up through the ranks – if Chris McCart is training youngsters for the Champions League, and quite right too, it’d be nicer to see our coaches step up than bringing in the equivalent of a star striker, just cos he’s foreign. Maybe it’s the boot-room philosophy, maybe they’d now call it sustainable coaching, whatever – make the next Celtic coach a Celtic man. From within.

  16. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Paul 67



    Stevie Clarke i think would be a good addition,,,plenty of European experience with Chelsea!!!



    Hail hail

  17. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    I remember MO’N, on being asked if he was going to give Lubo a coaching role at Celtic replied: ‘What am I supposed to do?’

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