We knew KT bids were coming


We have known bids would arrive for Kieran Tierney since shortly after he made his Celtic debut.  There have been inquiries as to his availability for more than two years (all discouraged).  Everton were interested a year ago, but they were chased, and did not take the matter as far as a bid.

Celtic are certainly in no hurry to see the player go.  He has four years left on his contract and he will only appreciate in value over the next two seasons.  From what I hear, Kieran has shown no indication of wanting to leave.  This can change when contracts worth four or five times current earnings are offered, but Kieran is not going to pull a Moussa Dembele-type stunt.

Top players eventually play in the top leagues for six-figure-per-week wages and Kieran is a top player.  He is not going to remain at Celtic throughout his career.  When he goes, the fee will be important.  Dembele increased our top fee by almost 50%.  That £20m raised the value of all other Celtic players.  A big inhibitor to Celtic has been our inability to attract bids that Benfica and Ajax receive for their players.  If we cannot narrow that gap with Kieran, we never will.

There are plenty of targets he could stay to help deliver over the next two seasons, but right now, the club’s overwhelming target is to qualify for the Champions League.  All other considerations, for club and player, have to be secondary.

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  1. Big Joe on 25th June 2019 7:03 am



    GooooooooooooooooooooooooooD morrow



















    It’s our Future



    Pray for the Leaders is a Strong Biblical message.



    Who’d be a Leader?



    Neil Francis Lennon is a Hero of mine.



    The way Neil kept everything simple in his play and passed it to the Better players, always available for the pass. He was a right good player. Rarely booked too despite the perception.



    It is Good IMO there are so many Doubting, Celtic have had it to easy, through no fault of their own.



    Social Media is what it is.



    Keep on Sailing Joe.

  2. An Tearmann



    “Re cqn and sentinel celts


    I tend to introduce parliamentary jargon


    Sentinel celts is ‘the “other place”




    I have seen that phrase in use but I hope it will become, soon, AN other place.



    There are many great Celtic sites on t’internet. Things can get a bit bitchy between them as we, often, try to defend our pub as the best. But, honesty, there are good and bad bits about every Celtic site. This one, CQN, could do with improving its accessibility to posters, for a start.



    I see that CCE, went over and was aggressive on the Sentinel Celts site last night. The creators of the site, Mahe and BMCUWP, did not deserve that. There was, however, still a good few posts taking potshots at CQN before CCE came on. I have high hopes that Sentinel Celts will soon drop or lessen that aspect of its presentation, as it has plenty to offer and they, even, tolerate oul WITS going on to give them horsey tips and some bracing scepticism to their mainstream views (every Blog has them).



    There will be an outpouring of dissatisfaction when this transfer window ends; there always is. However, if we fail to land, at least, 3 new defenders, by the end of August, we will all be joining in.



    it;s a Big Season coming up. Much Angst will be outpoured. We will need some internal resilience to overcome this but we have the right people in Scott Brown and Neil Lennon to do this.



    If we achieve 9iar, there will be , sadly, some among us, who will write it off as “the least we should expect, given our money advantages”. The rest of us, most of us, will carry on celebrating a feat we never thought we would see again.

  3. traditionalist88 on

    Don’t tell me anyone is taking that guff from the West Brom guy seriously.



    They thought Burke would stroll it up here because they have arrogance way beyond their own football abilities.



    Too much money clouding their judgement.



    Burke lost his place because he wasn’t good enough and by West Broms admission hes not a winger, and neither is he a striker who can play with his back to goal…makes you wonder, doesn’t it. Transferred for £15m twice with a touch/technique like his…we are shopping in the wrong market.




  4. traditionalist88 on

    Celtic are certainly in no hurry to see the player go. He has four years left on his contract and he will only appreciate in value over the next two seasons.





    Why aren’t Arsenal being chased then, like Everton were last year? Sell him in 2 years with 2 years left on his deal, keeping him for 10IAR and everyones happy? Especially if his value is only going up???




  5. Traditionalist88



    I see that another Celtic site, Celts are Here, has come up with a very plausible explanation of the outburst from West Brom.



    They are currently trying to keep Rakeem Harper from signing a contract with Celtic and are, consequently, keen to portray Celtic, and Neil Lennon, as a team that does not give young players game time or develop them well. They are also a bit peed off to have Olly Burke back on their books when they do not want him.

  6. traditionalist88 on




    Yeah they’re definitely playing games but its desperation time from them and I don’t think its going to work,




  7. I know nothin’ about fitba’…………….BUT………






    …there’s a player in Ollie Burke I think. His big issue is confidence. Celtic are too big a team for a reluctant talent like his and our stadium, built on the expectation of quality……. is no place for the feart.



    However Ollie has come to this juncture in his career, it’s those that have advised and handled him prior to Paradise that have to think on what they’ve done with the precocious talent they had on their books.



    West Brom have got stuck with a big expensive problem and they know it.




  8. Just my random thinking.



    Stevie G knew Brendan Rodgers well. He fancied it, Time is always there.



    I posted that Neil Francis Lennon is a different animal from Brendan Rodgers, he is Hardcore and got all the scars for the Liverpool Legend to examine.



    Neil has defended Celtic mair than Brendan did in his whole tenure (a wierd comment against the referee in an away game @ St Mirren disnae cut it).



    I Thank Brendan for overseeing Celtic dominating Scotland.




  9. Will Eboue Kouassi be the dude that surprises us all this upcoming Season?



    Lenny was the Main Man in that position.



    Who knows?

  10. traditionalist88 on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 25TH JUNE 2019 8:55 AM


    I know nothin’ about fitba’…………….BUT……





    …there’s a player in Ollie Burke I think. His big issue is confidence.





    I think its a vicious circle.



    His technique often lets him down and it dents his confidence.



    We keep hearing what hes not – a winger, a back to goal striker, a no.10… this can’t help either. I wonder what Leipzig and West Brom considered him to be when they were paying the mammoth fees?!



    You’re right, West Brom have a costly problem on their hands and they thought they would have been able to cut their losses with us.




  11. Another lost season for Olly Burke. Technical director is trying to save face.



    Oh well, Celtic won the treble treble and KT is staying.



    Have a nice day!

  12. Paul67



    Just read the most astonishing piece of lazy journalism i’ve ever seen, allegedly from West Bromwich Albion.



    Who have thunk we’d end up getting that on CQN?

  13. DAVID66 @ 6:28 AM – SFtB’s @ 8:37 AM,



    Thank you, and good luck to your wife David, they can do special things these days, so my hopes are high. He’s at the John Ratcliffe, they looked after my grandson as an infant (eye cancer) and were brilliant. My pal’s still in his forties with a young family so a youngster in my book:)) He’s a fighting Tim so no doubt he will be fit and ready for next season;)



    HENRY JOY @ 7:10 AM,



    “As long as NFL keeps our feet on der huns filthy squirming throat, whilst I get paid my dividends, frankly my dear, I couldn’t give a damn.”



    Yes, I’m sure you’re right and I hope they continue to be the total dysfunctional mess they are, so you can continue to enjoy.



    One of my first, if not thee first comments I made on CQN some 15 years back, was stating that we should be looking at emulating what the best of our peers in Europe are doing and ignoring what Rangers were doing.



    My views have not changed, in fact during the Brendan Rodgers’ era we were propelled to pot3 status and have taken our rightful place as a top30 European side. To build on that would have been special…






    Rangers now, Rangers then, Rangers forever…



    Not for me…



    Hail Hail

  14. quadrophenian on

    Ta Lennybhoy.


    You’re a beacon of light amid a murky sea of dilapidated junks, inveterate steamers and old tugs.


    Hope it’s all true.


    RB slot?

  15. Thanks for the optimism LennyBhoy



    The press say Harper is off to Juventus and Julien isn’t sure he wants to come to Celtic.

  16. Well done Lennybhoy & big thanks,



    That sounds like 3 good signings – big powerful athletes to complement the tippy-tappy side of our game.



    Like the sound of Harper.

  17. Timaloy29 – “The press say”



    Operation Celtic in crisis v. Stevie Gee’s Rangers are coming to get you…pre-season tournament coverage.



    It’s not even subtle anymore.

  18. Christopher Julien is 6 ft 5 inches


    Kris Ajer is 6 ft 5 inches



    Thou shall not pass…..csc

  19. Thanks Lennybhoy, but how long can a medical and signature take.



    I hope after all this the bhoy can play like Messi. No pressure son.



    D. :)

  20. ” It is reported”……………….







    A cracked Celtic crest can’t be far away from scoddland’s finest……………and lookoooot for pot-shots at Neil’s and Sparky’s wellbeing………..



    Scotland’s shame.

  21. What is the Stars on

    Turnbull failed medical





    he had heart palpitations when introduced to Mrs Shevd

  22. If celtic was signing freebies and bargain basement players everyone on here would be going mental, yet when other teams in the league are signing up said players we are told they are doing good business and we are lacking.



    Just to confirm If turnbull arrives we will have spent 5 x more on one player that anyone else has in the league. I have not included the 2 million we spent on shved and that is before we sign up a new rightback, leftback and centreback.



    We have been linked with harper and connell who are kids worth spending 400k on.



    It is a bit to slow I would agree, but I will judge how we done once the transfer window is closed not when its Just started. I will judge based on the outcome of your season.



    Ps everyone knows we always lose the pre-season battle.




  23. eddieinkirkmichael on



    IF Shevd is half as good as his wife looks then we will have some player on our hands.


    To all the female lurkers, excuse my misogynistic comment.

  24. BIG WAVY on 25TH JUNE 2019 10:36 AM


    Timaloy29 – “The press say”



    Operation Celtic in crisis v. Stevie Gee’s Rangers are coming to get you…pre-season tournament coverage.



    It’s not even subtle anymore.





    I agree with you. There is absolutely no doubt who will “win” the transfer window regardless of what Celtic do.



    Stevie G is already out there saying Aribo turned Celtic down.



    To be fair, the Julien story is from the french press. They say he is still unsure about his future.



    Still, I put more stock in what Lennybhoy says. I guess he knows a few cleaners around Celtic Park!

  25. St. Brendan ( and backroom staff )


    Lee Congerton


    Scott Allen


    Dorus De Vries


    Mikael (legs gone ) Lustig


    Filip Benkovic


    Jeremy Toljan


    Christian Gamboa




    Ollie Burke


    Timo Weah


    a Cleaner


    a Security Guard?



    Have left the building 2019 CSC

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