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If you review the comments section in August, you will note the demand for a holding midfield player to be purchased.  There was corresponding anger (to put it mildly) immediately after the close of the window that one wasn’t purchased.  Roll on three months and it’s difficult to see where such a player would fit in, even during Champions League games.

Instead space opened up for Stuart Armstrong, who, often used on the left, was well out of the picture last season.  Now he’s playing central mid and earned two assists and a goal on Saturday, leapfrogging Nir Bitton and Callum McGregor for his place.

McGregor again answered the call at left back, but his move into the middle at halftime changed the game.  Two goals down, Celtic needed someone to take a grip on the game.  Operating with very little space McGregor played a one-two with Armstrong, dropped the shoulder on a defender, before finding the corner of the net.  True control under pressure.

Kolo Toure’s first game back from injury was memorable for the wrong reasons, caught ball-watching for Louis Moult’s goals, the first of which is Goal of the Season material.  Sharpness will improve for Kolo, but the change in defence illustrates how effective the Sviatchenko-Simunovic partnership has been.

Graeme Souness met the Scottish media last week and gave his personal insight into the game.  On Celtic’s dominance, which he was unequivocal about, he posed one question: “What does 10-in-a-row matter?”

I know one Celtic fan who is neither here nor there on the subject of 10-in-a-row but for most of us, that number of consecutive league titles has enormous resonance.  46 years ago Celtic broke their own record to go seven-in-a-row.  When nine was achieved two years later it met with little enthusiasm, but a target was created – and met.

Nine-in-a-row was a record many of us were enormously proud of but it’s no longer something we can shout about, nobody can, when two share the achievement.

I suspect the week after 10 is achieved we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about but our world view will change.  10-in-a-row represents the horizon for many of us, we cannot seriously consider what lies beyond until we’re there.

Here’s a couple of thoughts for you.  We’ll no longer count our achievements in years, but in Generations.  Generations of Celtic fans will perhaps know the occasional blip, but that’s as harsh as it will get.

Perhaps more tellingly, Celtic will not to lose another Scottish league title in their lifetime of a fair percentage of fans.  It’ll be green and white, right ‘til the end.

Directors’ Box auction prize

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  1. Wasent to sure, didn’t see the :) it’s usually a good hint :)









    That was clearly meant in jest,an open door.

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Ten in a row so we can beat a record that was set by the Lisbon lions the quality street kids and Jock stein and Moonbeams illegitimate financially doped Rangers …. it´s all Old Firm



    This is exactly why we need rid of this PLC.




  3. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Stuart Armstrong will go on to become a Celtic Legend a cracking central midfielder now played in his correct position



    Celtic will win the league title FOREVERMORE that is a certainty in my opinion



    That kill ultra dude is a troll


    Blinkin’ flip,PAUL



    That’s taking triumphalism a bit far.



    Hope yer right,mind ye.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Will we still get 10m for Biton or should we sell Stuart Armstrong for more ?




  6. For generations? It is my sincere hope that at some point in the not too distant future Celtic will be unable to win another Scottish League title…because they won’t be playing for it.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good article, Paul. I suspect Souness may not have said that if he had stayed at Ibrox and won ten!


    Always rated Armstrong – just needed to get his confidence back.


    McGregor helps us move the ball quicker – which you need against teams that set up to be “organised”.

  8. TURKEYBHOY on 5TH DECEMBER 2016 12:33 PM


    A wee gem from Monkey Media to lighten the proceedings,















    First Team






    3,333 posts









    Posted 20 hours ago



    We’ve struggled when playing Hearts recently, I don’t know why they’re not that good.





    Answers on a postcard please.





    Aye,good point. I apologise.



    Online comments are more difficult than face to face at times.



    You don’t see the glint in my eye,the tongue in my cheek.



    On the plus side,I don’t feel my balls hitting my Adam’s Apple(!)

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Armstrong was outstanding at right back a few weeks ago – definitely not his natural position. The difference is he has his confidence back and is expressing himself.


    Still think we need a proper DM though.

  11. Paul67


    I’ve never been a fan of the ‘Here we go, 10 in a row’ ditty. to me it smacks of arrogance and entitlement.


    However, should we eventually win 9 in a row , then the following year I’ll be the loudest in the crowd.


    A great finish from SA on Sat, and an all round good performance, the boy has the attributes to become a fine Celtic midfielder.




  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on 5th December 2016 12:32 pm



    Awe Naw



    Re Celtic wanting change. At the very first meeting with Morrissey we were told that Celtic wanted change within the SFA. You will recall John Reid saying that they were not fit for purpose.



    Now exactly what that change was and is was not discussed, however if you recall it was following pressure from Celtic that the disciplinary hearing process was changed. The committee used to be made up of solely ex referees or mainly referees and after action taken by Celtic and the late Paul McBride that was changed to an independent legal chairman and wingmen drawn from different backgrounds.



    They have said they want various changes and not just titular change.



    Now to take up a point made by Cloghercelt, while Celtic have certainly taken an active part in getting answers from the SFA and UEFA the question that has to be posed is could they have done more thus far? Remember that we as a group can’t force them to do anything and the only power we have, as Harry Tueman once said, is the power to persuade.



    When asled what more they could do or should do, we argue our corner but at the end of the day the ball is in their court because fans or shareholders have no formal say. I think Celtic are prefectly entitled to ask more questions than they have and I don’t think they could be criticised for it.



    However, their argument has been that they want to stay their hand until the time when that hand is strongest and so we have a discussion about when and how that will come about and what to do in the interim.



    It is this area that we disagree particularly because it seems ridiculous that a group of fans should have had to do the spadework that we have done on a voluntray basis in between our respective jobs and whatnot. More could and should be done officially.



    Kil Ultra



    Thanks for the reply and taking your points, I had no idea that I could get your e-mail address from anyone until yesterday. By all means write and ask Peter Lawwell to forward your letter to me if you want but why make the CEO of Celtic a post box when you can do that yourself? I don’t understand that.



    With regard to my being namechecked re the foundation I didn’t know that until you pointed it out. I have no interest in either public or private thanks really as I just do the charity stuff because I have long believed in it. Also there is so much going on within the foundation that I am not a part of that to be honest I am surprised that I get a mention at all. I certainly don’t look for it and I am sure the others involved at the same level as me don’t either. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but to me an annual namecheck or whatever is not really that important.



    Similarly, I had no idea that Michael Nicholson was even working at Celtic Park in any capacity until he walked into the room to meet Morissey and myself and introduced himself explaining he was ex Harper McLeod. I wouldn’t have recognised him and his name didn’t ring any immediate bells either.



    Hopefully that doesn’t sound rude but I was taken completely by surprise.



    With no offence to Michael, his job or Celtic I have no real interest in who the Co Sec is and couldn’t tell you the name of his predecessor or what he looked like. As you may have read, I won’t be going to any future AGM’s and so the Co Sec position is just not one of any particular interest or intrigue.



    As for your yes or no question is that the one about holding shares? If so I have already answered that for myself as held shares then and still do now. As far as I know the rest do to.



    Re Michael Nicholson not replying to you I can’t comment on that.



    With regard to your invitation, all I was pointing out that any trip back to Donegal would see friends and family in Letterkenny and Churchill as a priority. I would also have to go to Ramelton and Rathmullen, Portnablagh, Kilmacrennan and a few other places besides. If you lived anywhere near there then meeting up is a possibility but honestly for me family etc would be far more important and that is with no disrespect intended to you or anything to do with Celtic.



    Thank your wife for the offer of hospitality though as that was kind and I reiterate I have absolutely no idea where you live, what your name is, what you do etc etc – none whatsoever.



    If I can get your e-mail address from Auldheid or Canamalar then I will so that I can drop you a line but again I say feel free to e-mail me as you have genuinely gotten the wrong end of the stick somewhere.

  13. Paul67,


    with regards to the directors box hospitality prize,


    it is indeed an experience that only money can buy,


    dont know if a raffle would raise as much,but an auction certainly rules me and i would guess a large number of posters out of the running

  14. Margaret McGill on

    Ten green generations sitting on the wall,


    Ten green generations sitting on the wall,


    And if one green generation should accidentally fall,


    There’ll be nine green generations sitting on the wall.

  15. For those of us of a certain age the failure to reach ten in a row was traumatic. It felt wrong not to be champions; we had never known anything else. The title was ours. It was a major childhood footballing moment.



    And Stuart Armstrong? The record will show that I called for him to be played centrally early in the season. It also shows many comments disagreeing to say the least.



    Hey, I get about one of these calls right a year. I’m going to take the chance to say it.



    I told you so.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Interesting point earlier re Cathro (how Boyd could possibly be any kind of expert beats me!).


    Seems to be a real jobs-for-the-boys culture/cabal in the game here.


    Anybody from outside or who has different ideas gets treated with suspicion/disdain.


    They were discussing coaching on Sportsound yesterday. Wasn’t long before someone (Alex Rae I think) came out with the old “bring back Walter” rallying call.


    And they wonder why the national team has been going backwards for twenty years!





    Poor stuff from Celtic.



    Can we not buy the castle and turn it into a cafe and gazebo?



    Ten in a row so we can beat a record that was set by the Lisbon lions the quality street kids and Jock stein and Moonbeams illegitimate financially doped Rangers …. it´s all Old Firm




    This is exactly why we need rid of this PLC.




    Aw FFS,gie it a rest.Every day you are on here with the negative comments.Is it so hard for you to have any happiness supporting Celtic?.Supporters like you really give me the F_____ pip.Your hatred for all things Celtic Board is really absurd.We all have issues with the Board,but it does not,for the most part,rule our lives.There has to be some sort of happiness in supporting the team,or whats the point?.Constant sniping just makes you a bore if you have nothing else to say.


    Shame really.I hate unhappy Celtic fans.

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Auldheid this is the first meeting …. the one after they man handled him and booted his erse oot the door ?



    you were teh conduit that managed to get beyond that ? … that´s when they told you



    see my post last night about the ECA, SFA and UEFA. Not one single response from anyone on here apart maybe from Auldheid



    They are telling us what we want to hear.



    Look at Paul67’s leader today. Puke inducing .. that´s not even green hunnery that´s just hunnery



    I am honestly more interested in pursuing moonbeams illegitimate 9 in a row than I am in desecrating the achievements of the Lisbon Lions and Jock Stein b y winning a lifetime of league wins … Sieg Heil ..sieg Heil ….. reflections of our board




    Do you believe them ? … Auldheid is definitely losing faith in that one. Morrissey too, Canamalar never trusted their willingness.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    should read…






    this is the first meeting …. the one after they man handled him and booted his erse oot the door ?

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The situation at Edmiston Drive is critical. A £10m+ major overhaul of three stands’ roofs will expedite the relocation to Hampden. The roofs are hanging by a masonic handshake between Glasgow City Council and the rogue board. The rogue board’s blatant health & safety transgressions could be perceived as criminal. Money may be tight but there can be no excuses for jeopardising the safety of TRFC supporters and visiting fans. Should Peter Lawwell ignore this issue with the blind indifference he reserved for Resolution 12, he will be in breach of his duty of care to the Celtic support.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    Totally agree, while the rest of the world has got on with…getting on…Scotland has been trying to keep dinosaur carcasses from fossilising. Practically every other country at our level outpeforms us. They saw they way modern football was going and adapted. That way forward is the way that Ian Cathro went to Portugal and Spain to learn. We, on the other hand, keep people like Kris Boyd in gainful employment. Cluggers like Lee McCulloch (just one example) are coaches at SPFL clubs and we wonder why the football those teams turn out is so awful. We have been left a long way behind.



    That applies to the game on and off the park – particularly to the bowling club residing in Hampden.


    Celtic have changed on the park and in the coaching department and have therefore challenged the rest of the teams to do likewise. But at governance level will the club have the guts to really challenge the national game to change?

  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Awe Naw



    I meant the first meeting I attended – the one I had to assure and reassure Hugh that he would not be treated so disgracefully again because on a personal basis I would not stand for that no matter what followed.



    I don’t think any of us have blind faith at all and certainly one has to question, question and question again.



    Gotta dash meeting to go to.

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    If the ticket money for the OF games is still not forthcoming from Sevco and Celtic do not complain will that effect FFP or do the SFA not want to be in put in that position where Peter may pull a fast one.



    Celtic Never asked for the Ticket Money …. Daily Record headline come May 2017