What Stein got wrong in Lisbon


Jock Stein didn’t get it all right in Lisbon 50 years ago. He told his players Inter’s weak point was their goalkeeper, Giuliano Sarti, who passed away within the last day, aged 83. How wrong could he be? Sarti played the game of his life, resisting Celtic for an hour, and then keeping his team in the game until the end.

Inter’s famed defensive structure was unable to adapt to Celtic’s ability to create space, but a combination of Sarti and the woodwork kept the scoring down. Twice the keeper benefited from the West German officials, once when he stretched behind to claw the ball out of the net, and once when he grabbed Willie Wallace legs inside the six-yard box.


Sarti was Inter keeper throughout the Grande Inter period, when they twice won the European Cup and Serie A title. He earlier won the league with Fiorentina, as well as the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Great, though he was, he was no King Canute, and could do nothing about Big Tam’s tidal wave, which changed the course of football.




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  1. thetimreaper on



    I’m in a Restuarant in Glasgow and our hero is at next table celebrating his liberty, it’s high fives all round. One guy has on s green polo with 6 on side ( I can’t see the other number yet) but I will soon…. I kid you not





    Have they done the huddle yet?




    I assume that’s his solicitor.

  3. Allyhuntersgloves on

    I just congratulated him, I got the same “Thank you” as lady Stacey ! Any doubters, I have pics check the huddle board ! ( sorry Paul) but too good to miss !

  4. I haven’t read back yet cos of internet probs, but considering that a couple of years ago, Murray ran to the newspapers, telling all that ” Craig Whyte DUPED me”………surely CW can now sue Murray for defamation of character ?

  5. thetimreaper on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 6TH JUNE 2017 5:09 PM


    Say…you don’t think Al Johnston is back because he knows how that Ticketus thingmabob works, do ya???





    Would any finance company be stupid enough to give them a loan with that lot in charge and with the takeover panel issues outstanding?

  6. mike in toronto on

    QUONNO on 6TH JUNE 2017 4:44 PM


    Round up the usual suspects.



    Possibly the best ever movie line.





    A great line …but not sure it is the best line ever … not sure it is even the best line in the movie …but Casablanca is my pick as best movie ever ….



    it just edges out Tokyo Story, the Godfather and Wings of Desire (and I’m leaving one space to round out my top 5, as someone invariably suggests one, and I think ‘yeah, I should have picked that one …..)

  7. Stairheedrammy on

    Whytes lawyer is Paul Kavanagh, a man who did great work for those lifted at the Gallowgate kettling. I think his score for that one was around 9 not guilty out of 9 trials. The polis really should have to explain themselves in these manufactured cases.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I think Al is back as a cover for Dave, who has to depart the scene or else comply with the Takeover Panels ruling re share purchase.



    Why Johnstone?


    Because there is nobody with any respect for their reputation that would touch them.



    Only tainted goods need apply and no one is more tainted than the former chairman



    If you think back to the days of RTC and others with an open mind, the plan was to ditch the old club, with it’s debts.



    Then move the assets to a Newco, which didn’t involve the old Board, i.e. Whyte, Green, et al.


    This would get them around any accusation of a phoenix company.



    Then, once it was sanitised, the old guard would hobble back into town and (ab)normal service would resume.



    Chico somehow went off plan ,possibly by trying to screw Ashley.



    After that, it was total crisis management, which is hard to control in quicksand.



    With Whyte, Murray and King around again, the are where they wanted to be, but, unfortunately for them, in the same position from whence they started……only totally exposed.




    I’ve got it! Al is back to give Paul Murray a 2 year notice period in his contract. You know…without board approval…



    He likes doing that. He likes doing things that should see him barred from being a Director…

  10. fergusslayedtheblues on

    IMO CW is no hero of the celtic fans .


    What if his not guilty verdict is just the latest piece in the plan of men to dump tens of millions of tax revenue and attempt to convince peepil that the club have sailed through some choppy waters in a chapter of the clubs illustrious history .


    1.the cheats and liars that run our game are accrediting sevco a 5 year old club with 54 titles and countless cups


    2. A knight of the realm ,is still “well ” a knight of the realm .


    3 two of the directors of the old club board are now at the helm of the new club (in fact it’s now 3)


    4.Every media outlet is quite comfortable in openly lying about the same club myth


    5.No accountability regards the WTC and the euro licence that should never have been passed


    So no happy smiles from me in what I regard as this latest sham in the saga .



    What puzzles me also is .


    DF made great light of the total lack (none ) of due diligence from the murray board of CW but what about the same from ticketus .



    If it were you ,would you see the dumping of £159m of debts for £18m a good deal ,sounds a good deal and maybe all it would take is a side letter to ease it through .



    But hey that’s what blogs ar all about


    OPINIONS and they are like ars*****s everyone has one



  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    BRENDAN Rodgers will take his treble-winners to Austria for a pre-season training camp as the Hoops prepare for the domestic and European challenges ahead in the new season.


    The Celtic squad will report back for duty at Lennoxtown in two weeks’ time before heading out to Austria the following week.


    And as well as working on the training pitch, the Hoops will also be in match action, with two pre-season fixtures already confirmed.


    Celtic will take on BW Linz in Rohrbach on Wednesday, June 28 before facing Rapid Vienna in Amstetten on Saturday, July 1. Kick-off times and ticket details for both games will be confirmed as soon as possible.


    Both matches will be broadcast LIVE to ALL Celtic TV subscribers. For more information click HERE


    A third pre-season fixture will also be announced in due course, while the Champions will also be in action against Shamrock Rovers in Dublin on Saturday, July 8 ahead of their first UEFA Champions League qualifier the following midweek.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    STV do a piece on potential terrorist threat to game on Saturday, show Celtic fans at Hampden…

  13. Marrakesh Express on

    Re Sarti..


    I sent an email of condolence to the Inter Milan fanclub in London. They kindly replied..



    Dear Sir


    On behalf of all the Inter Club London members I would like to thank all Celtic FC supporters.


    Our thoughts and prayers are also with the family of Giuliano Sarti.



    Manuel Corti


    (Pres. Inter Club London)

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    “Finally, I would hope that the panel which has been charged with investigating Rangers’ activities will draw a large circle around a universe of reference points that should be considered in assessing the magnitude of the allegations made against the Club.”



    Alistair “No Surrender” Johnston.

  15. Bada Bing



    STV spend more airtime on Craig Whyte having a paypal account which was a contempt of court charge than on him being found not guilty on todays charges



    Ridiculous reporting of the whole case

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    A bit over the top from Johnston there? “Murder of an institution”? Goodness knows what he’d have said if it had been the CLUB that had died…….

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    One dedicated holding company supporter turns up to shout “boo – scumbag”…….

  18. BBC and STV still trying to fry Craig Whyte, the tentacles spread far and deep

  19. BBC Scotland News:



    ‘Whyte’s lawyer, Gary Whithey told him he would be mad to buy Rangers.



    Whyte apparently laughed, and pushed on regardless…’







  20. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Oh dear how careless of the media, they forgot about the “L” word.







  21. 16 ROADS – CELTIC ÜBER ALLES… on 6TH JUNE 2017 6:22 PM


    “Finally, I would hope that the panel which has been charged with investigating Rangers’ activities will draw a large circle around a universe of reference points that should be considered in assessing the magnitude of the allegations made against the Club.”




    Alistair “No Surrender” Johnston.






    Presumably they’d be wearing aprons and have their trouser legs rolled up while doing so.

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Alistair “There’s been a murder” Johnston.



    Just the holding company though! Ha, ha!







  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    No surrender Johnston, doing a great impression of the old Partick Thistle luvvies on Chewin the Fat……oh head the ball……:))

  24. “One person charged, he is aquitted and everyone walks away”-[ Mark Daly] Johnston still blaming Whyte and Murray not mentioned, good try, we all know what happened and he comes back on the scene for how long and why I wonder?

  25. Appointing Alastair Johnstone to the board? Jeez, these guys are just so small time.



    Seriously? He’s the best they could find?



    A million miles behind us in every department.

  26. Does today’s news deliver a quadruple ???



    To be honest I’m not sure who I love most, Green, Whyte or Murray, currently leaning towards Murray !!

  27. MWD



    How dare you!


    Outing me as someone who cares not where anyone is born but rather judged them by attitudes to their fellow human beings.



    It’ll never catch on, will it?





    “It’s not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It’s the man himself.”



    Willie Maley



    HH jamesgang

  28. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    EL – Hopefully thon bigoted desperado is still around when Celtic have done 10IAR.