What Stein got wrong in Lisbon


Jock Stein didn’t get it all right in Lisbon 50 years ago. He told his players Inter’s weak point was their goalkeeper, Giuliano Sarti, who passed away within the last day, aged 83. How wrong could he be? Sarti played the game of his life, resisting Celtic for an hour, and then keeping his team in the game until the end.

Inter’s famed defensive structure was unable to adapt to Celtic’s ability to create space, but a combination of Sarti and the woodwork kept the scoring down. Twice the keeper benefited from the West German officials, once when he stretched behind to claw the ball out of the net, and once when he grabbed Willie Wallace legs inside the six-yard box.


Sarti was Inter keeper throughout the Grande Inter period, when they twice won the European Cup and Serie A title. He earlier won the league with Fiorentina, as well as the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Great, though he was, he was no King Canute, and could do nothing about Big Tam’s tidal wave, which changed the course of football.




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    MOONBEAMSWD on 6TH JUNE 2017 6:35 PM



    Another one of those damn immigrants







    But what have the Romanians ever done for us? ;))




  2. I’m sure it’s been said, but just about everything the internet bampots like RTC were posting since about 2010 has been proved correct.



    Indeed, I remember just after Seville being told Murray was in serious trouble and spending at RFC (IL) was completely out of control on multiple levels.



    “Journalists” like Jackson, English, Spiers, et al should look at this sorry tale and hang their heads in shame. The biggest bankruptcy in UK football and they completely missed it.

  3. DAVIDOPOULOS on 6TH JUNE 2017 5:16 PM






    Sure. They are all upstanding fellas who totally won’t squander every last penny…




    :After all. THEY are on the Square.

  4. Today of all days, you might have thought Stewart Regan would have kept quiet.



    Big test for Celtic now: evidence led in court suggests RFC should not have been granted a license to play in Europe. Someone in the SFA signed this off. Question is: who?

  5. “Journalists” like Jackson, English, Spiers, et al should look at this sorry tale and hang their heads in shame. The biggest bankruptcy in UK football and they completely missed it.



    Ignored it most likely.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Italiabhoy- cheats like Ogilvie, MacBeth and the like have left the scene of the crime, but Reagan can have a fire lit under him, but will we do it? HH

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 6TH JUNE 2017 7:19 PM


    Italiabhoy- cheats like Ogilvie, MacBeth and the like have left the scene of the crime, but Reagan can have a fire lit under him, but will we do it? HH



    Short answer is no.

  8. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Ok…who’s waiting to jump through it then?:)




  9. Daily Record Headlines that Scotland were saved by R*nger’s starlet Ryan Hardie who scored a double against Indonesia.


    Of course when you read the article you discover the first goal was set up by Aidan Nesbitt & the second was a penalty won by Anthony Ralston .



  10. BadaBing,



    I think the truth is Celtic have moved on. I don’t detect any appetite to explore exactly what happened in 2011 and 2012.



    That’s a mistake I feel. The result of the final decision on the BTC will be Celtic’s last chance to say something meaningful here. I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Did Regan actually have the temerity to make a statement today FFS he needs a severe baw toeing that wan…



    From Celtic Fanzone



    “SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan is either being worked by someone, or he’s a complete idiot with no respect for the law in this country, or any other for that matter.


    We haven’t heard a peep from him for weeks, maybe months, but when a Scottish court of law finds Craig Whyte NOT GUILTY of fraud in obtaining Rangers (IL), he comes out from under his rock to declare the defendant, and now innocent man, not fit and proper to run a football club.


    Yet, the same Regan found in favour of Dave King, a former director of the now deceased club, and a man found GUILTY of 41 charges of fraud and deception by a South African court, where a judge described him as a ‘glib and shameless liar’, fit for proper to run the new club.


    King, who only managed to stay out of jail by agreeing to pay £45M in back tax, is lauded around Hampden and has been seen in talks with the current SFA Chief Executive.


    Regan, who has already dismissed claims former SFA President, and EBT recipient, Campbell Ogilvie was conflicted when the tax case was being heard, is clearly being influenced by someone.


    He’s also chosen to emerge from his bunker on the day another former director of the cheating dead club, Alistair Johnson, is moved onto the club board. Coincidence? Don’t you believe it.


    The notion the SFA is a governing body for the whole of Scottish Football is pure fantasy. It’s being run FOR the benefit of one club, and controlled by the same club.


    Something HAS to change. And now.”

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Get yer jaicket oan.


    Lets sort this out.


    Wear yer steel toecaps as well:)




  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    How does it feel to live in the most corrupt country in Europe?


    Ive seen a few things in my time….but the SFA blazer mob, should all be in the High Court.


    Failing that, they should be fired out of a cannon over the Clyde…..with no net:)


    Failing that…..runaway bulldozers driven by masked Celtic fans:)







    Hey you! I saw him first :O)



    It was my good luck wishes a couple of weeks ago that got the MBB off with it. HH

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If the SFA are in the mood for chasing people up for money, maybe they could get the “same club” who they have just awarded a UEFA licence to pay the tens of millions of tax they are due…..




    Come to Switzerland mate, no corruption here honest Guv’



    Where he guy who was involved in millions of people losing their savings goes off radar in a soft cell prison with all home comforts for a short period of time to recover his strength ye know and then returns triumphantly to a top job on guess where Wall Street.



    Come the Flan Revolution mate!!!!

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Italiabhoy-SP- Johnston is here to bully Reagan, as he is weak as water, no coincedence he has been wheeled out today.Is Johnston Fit and Proper? Does that phrase have any meaning now? Celtic PLC could well have Shareholders chasing them if they don’t act.HH

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    I would in a minute


    My prospects here, thanks to handshaking nepotism in the academic realm, are zero.


    The twats have me working for nothing:(


    Not much call for kafflik historians in Scoddlandio.


    As for Switzerland….you would be surprised how well informed i am:)


    9 Hour Lecture should cover it:)




  19. !!BADA BING!!



    Bang on mate..DK sees his chance to fleece the peepul one more time slipping away. Tannnnny Surrender ye not will be here to facilitate the further fleecing..



    I wonder if newco has a similar statistician – but for the 12th man where would they start








    so many to chose from



    now to read your missive

  21. What charge in Scots law allows for a person to be charged of murder of an instituition ?

  22. Just popped in to say that I kept my promise to light a candle and to pray for all CQNers in Lourdes. Fatima, Estadio Nationale and Lourdes all have been wonderful experiences. I will always remember the friendship, kindness and comradeship experience in Lisbon. I will never forget 1967 there, but the Lhads and Lhassies of 2017 have added so much more to my Celtic Lisbon experiences.



    Thanks Jim and all who were so kind in arranging for all my needs in Lisbon. A big thank you to my club, the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club.



    Jim will you do one other thing for me and send me your home address by email.



    Finally, God grant eternal rest to Sarti.

  23. thetimreaper on

    ‘No surrender’ Johnston forgets he was Chairman of the football club whilst it was being driven off a cliff. Large scale tax evasion in various forms, breaking association rules by using illegal side letters, corporate negligence, possible criminal fraud in obtaining a UEFA licence, and that’s before you even start with their accounts and lack of maintenance to their estate that ended up with HSE notices being issued. When Lloyds wanted to reign in costs he wanted to spend and spend again. He gave Martin Bain a contract with 3 years notice. This is just the stuff i have in my head, hell knows what else went on. An absolute buffoon of a man, he doesn’t do irony thats for sure.

  24. thetimreaper on

    And hey presto, he’s appointed Chairman of Newco today. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Incredible.