World records now beckon for Celtic


It was a league game at Tannadice, Hogmanay 1966, which ended the Lisbon Lions 26 game unbeaten domestic run, a record which stood until yesterday. Stein’s Celtic were comfortable and led with 20 minutes to go, but United scored twice in three minutes and before the Champions had time to realise they were in trouble, it was too late.

That’s how historic runs end.

It’s only this season anyone has paid attention to that specific record, such were the overwhelming achievements which unfolded in the months ahead for the men who would become known as Lions. With the League Cup already secured, they added the Scottish Cup and the League title, before becoming the first team to break the Italian-Spanish-Portuguese hegemony on the European Cup.

The serendipity of one of the Lions records falling while we celebrate the 50th anniversary of their great achievements should not be lost.

Season 66-67 wasn’t just about Lisbon. Celtic retained the league for the first time since the Great War – a 50-year gap without defending the league title! They won the treble, the (then competitive) Glasgow Cup, and finished off with a virtuoso performance at the Bernabeu. They changed Scotland forever; nothing would ever be the same again.

Hearts only offered effective opposition for around 5 minutes yesterday, but if/when we lose a domestic game this season, it’s likely to follow the format of St Johnstone’s visit last midweek. St Johnstone defended every Celtic attack bar one and created a chance which could have bounced off the post more generously for them.

All the pressure and superiority in the world are irrelevant in the face of the statistical certainty that, in one game, a dominant team will miss all their chances and concede one of the few they are called to defend.

More records beckon for this Celtic team, not just Scottish ones. Benfica’s world record 29-game consecutive league game winning record has proven impossible to match. But, there’s one team with a chance of doing so this season…………


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  1. Chelsea don’t need 10 million from Bournemouth, it is pocket change to them; why are they so keen to move Begovic on?




    From Chelsea to Bournemouth for a purported player of ambition such as Begovic?




    Something just isn’t right. If Chelsea want Craig Gordon and Craig Gordon wants to go, then Celtic should hold out for 10 million IMMHO.

  2. Sevco will be waiting by the phone, for Fulham to double the £2 mil for Kaiser Kiernan, and for Red Bull Leipzig to increase the derisory £6 mil for Mackay.After all Warbiola said none of his Galacticos will leave on the cheap.

  3. Getting a bit carried away Paul. We need to assess the injury situation with two tough matches this week. Aberdeen will be tricky as will St Johnstone away. The first goals will be especially key in both matches particularly with our missing players. I doesnt seem like Griffiths will be available, Rogic may make the bench. Hopefully Moussa and and Stu will be back. One game at a time.





    Aye,we sure know how important The Lions are to our history and standing.



    That’s why one or two of us are on a pilgrimage in May!



    There will be enough people who lived through that to tell us what it was like,and once we get pissed off and jealous and it’s out of the system,we can wallow in the memories that the old-timers stirred in us.






    Happy days are here again!!!!!!

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH JANUARY 2017 11:39 AM


    SSN saying Gordon will be offered new 4 year contract….







    His form dropped right off once he was given the security of his current contract.



    I’d offer him a year, two at most, and start looking for a replacement.





    I just wish he’d clean up his punctuation …

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    That extra 500k Chelsea have supposedly bid for CG will make all the difference – being so hard up as we are!


    Anyway, there’s probably a decent replacement at Accrington Stanley!

  8. Ring ring.



    Ring ring.



    Ring ring.




    (Or whatever noise or tune Brendan has on his phone).




    Brendan answers phone: Hail! Hail! Brendan speaking.




    Other end of phone: hi Brendan it’s Peter here.




    B: yeh. Can I help you.




    PtBC: mind that bit of cash for that Bhoy from the Ivory Coast.




    B: yeah. Is deal done then. I’ve pencilled him into squad for next game Peter.




    PtBC: Yeah. I understand that Brendan but there has been a glitch.




    B: a glitch?




    PtBC: Yeah. Have you seen the movie money matters?



    B: yeah Peter. The film were the guy manipulated the value of his company for more profit.



    PtBC: Bad example. You see it’s Craig. You how you would like to keep him and given that you spent a bit on a new no1. Well Craig wants a new and better deal.




    B: yeah. I get that Peter. What’s the problem?




    PtBC: well he wants 4 years on what he is worth.




    B: yeah. What’s the problem Peter?




    PtBC: well it’s complicated and you’ll not really understand the details but we don’t have money for both!




    B: Really? You do know we are in for a bumper payout from the CL.




    PtBC: I understand your frustration Brendan. But there are costs incurred which you’ll not understand.




    B: ah. Your new thermostat for your heated drive way?




    PtBC: no Brendan don’t be silly. I’m talking profit and loss.




    B: So there’s no profit then Peter?




    PtBC: There is Brendan and you know every penny profit we earn goes straight back into the company.




    B: Ghats good. So the deals will be done then?




    PtBC: of course they will but the details of the deals that will be done when accounted for don’t match your expectations.




    B: you mean to deliver another number profit with another CL qualification.




    PtBC: Domestically we are dominant Brendan and the support, well they are delighted. Financially we are all delighted.




    B: enjoy your heated driveway ya bam. Hey Chris when is my next TV interview. (In distance Chris replies after game against Hearts boss)








    PS all of the above is fiction so Dinny get awe hairy hoofa

  9. Don’t recall giving a toss re a winning record on Hogmanay 1966 .. . Losing a game from a winning position was what bugged . United ‘s Scandinavian players played well that day . Orjan Persson in particular .



    Back to Arlington Street for a Hogmanay bash via a detour to see a man about a dog in Rose Street.. Party was soundtracked by great choons from late 66- Wack Wack / I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night / Pretty Ballerina and the Marvelettes fabby -The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game..etc etc . good year 66 , 67 was even better





    First one,well up to your usual standard.



    Second one,wow! Are there any targets you missed?



    Well done.

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    Pretty sure you might be on the same flight as CelticRollerCoaster

  12. As alluded to by kitalba on 30th January 2017 11:41am, if Chelsea are so intent that CG is a suitable replacement for the £10M rated Begovic, then surely CG is worth something approaching £10M too. It’s not as though CG isn’t a proven top class ‘keeper, having previously plied his trade in the EPL. And a top team would never replace a departing player with one who is only a third as good… so they must think that CG is at least as good as Begovic. CG’s value shouldn’t even be particularly discounted by his age, as he would likely not be getting offered more than a 2 or 3 year contract by Chelsea, ans his level isn’t going to drop off a cliff within this time frame.



    Tell them straight: “double your offer or NO DEAL”.









    From Chelsea to Bournemouth for a purported player of ambition such as Begovic?









    Something just isn’t right. If Chelsea want Craig Gordon and Craig Gordon wants to go, then Celtic should hold out for 10 million IMMHO.

  13. In the best interest of Celtic going forward, i would (in my opinion) treat the player with all due respect.



    After all, he never wanted to leave Celtic.



    Ripples in a pond – What price a reputation?

  14. RON67:



    Maybe he will go AWOL to force the transfer like that Belgian Henry that is being so unprofessional but yet much lauded.



    Goose and Gander



    CG does not have much time left to go AWOL , still don’t see why we should offer him a new deal when he has 18 months still to run , this gives us plenty of time to get a proper replacement if required.

  16. BSR from previous article



    Re Penarol, the goalkeeper, Mazurkiewicz, was the victim of Pele’s magnificent ‘dummy’ in the 1970 World Cup semi-final, grasping at fresh air as the great man proceeded to wrong foot the defender rushing back to cover the goal, only to miss by inches. Pissed off, he then proceeded to contemptuously volley a goal kick straight back to the ‘keeper from 40 yards.



    Some memories of brazilians never leave you!

  17. RON67:



    If you were a family man and you were on 20k a week on a 18 month contract and somebody offered you 50k a week on a 2 year contract what would you do.



    Children can’t digest medals and it don’t pay their school fees either.



    Craig and Celtic have a decision to make. If as Brendan Rodgers says, Craig Gordon is a Champions League quality keeper, then is it so bad of Craig when he whispers… “Hey Brendan.. show me the MONEY”?

  18. Kitalba –



    Just catching up.



    I did not claim to be 56.



    Read my post again.



    I said, 56 years on . . . from the Celtic v Real Madrid friendly, which took place in 1961.

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