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The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, issued a statement yesterday (kindly published here by Joe O’Rourke on the Association site) which details a number of events in response to Saturday’s policing on Gallowgate, and the resulting response from the SNP government.  Witnesses are invited to give evidence on Saturday (23rd March), with three protests planned next month.

To the relief of all, I’m sure, the statement also records that issues surrounding meetings two organisations had with the Club in November have been resolved.

Our Club and supporters groups are led by the kind of people you would trust with your most precious valuables, as many of us do.  They each strive in new and innovative ways to herd cats in the right direction, with remarkable success.  The tasks, carried out by hundreds of Celtic fans, of running buses, chasing tickets and navigating the impossible political challenges, is often thankless.  I know a few who wonder why they bother.

They bother because they care.  The office-bearers dedicate even more time looking after the common interests.  There are more Celtic heroes than those who wear the hoops.

I hear Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has appointed Jeffrey Webb, currently head of CONCACAF, as chief of a newly created Fifa body to fight racism in football.  Mr Webb is a director of one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, known for its…. unique standards of propriety.  Nice.

Quick word for Tommy in Glasgow…. brilliant!

From CQN Magazine:
Watt a goal. Celtic started this season’s European adventure against HJK Helsinki..”
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  1. James Forrest



    The decision by Ed Milliband and Liam Byrne to abstain on the retrospective forced labour legislation is nothing short of scandalous. To force workers to work free for Corporations is the stamp of the Coalition. Labour might as well sign up to it, like it did in the 1930s. Shameless and gutless. Make no mistake James, the Referendum is not about Scotland and England, it is about Scotland and London, that is what it is all about.

  2. The Boy Jinky



    I have always admired him as a debater and politician.


    What he does in his private life is up to him. His wife was treated terribly IMHO.




  3. Celtic now need to explain in depth with minutiae of detail of why it’s “ludicrous” etc, etc to suggest that they are in collusion with the Police.



    The bare minimum statements without delineation have not been acceptable, on a variety of topics, which are now clearly aggravating attendance figures.



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  4. St.John.Doyle on

    James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!



    15:14 on 21 March, 2013






    Hi James



    While we will never agree on voting on the inde ref I do agree a new left consensus could emerge after we get the inde vote pash out of the way.



    If independence is no longer an issue for a generation then perhaps we can move onto a more progressive period in our politics.

  5. I’m always fascinated these days by the term ” it emerged”.


    In truth nothing “emerges”.


    You find news stories by either asking a question or making a statement.


    So in the case of details being passed to police by Celtic, I would like the Trust or Celtic to be clearer on what emerged and why.


    Was the club responding to a specific request by the police and were they compelled, by law, to provide such info or,as a matter of routine, do the club pass info I’m?


    I am sure the club have previously said they provide nothing as a matter of course.



    Please let the truth “emerge”…..

  6. Ntassoolla


    15:49 on


    21 March, 2013


    ernie who answers no questions thinks he has the right to put a question to me and tell me I have only two choices of answer.



    I’m sure if ernie and his like were in power many of us would be in prison for refusing to answer such questions.


    Either that or the mental homes.



    The point about the case against Tommy Sheridan was it suited everyone in Edinburgh. Labour, SNP, Murdoch, Police, Prosecution etc …



    In many ways it reminds me of the way many post treaty dissenters were dealt with. Except they were shot. Their murders remain uninvestgated to this day. Except by some awkward journalists, who risk much in doing so.






    Is that a maybe? :-)

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    As posted earlier CFC have the equipment and manpower to deal with anything inside the stadium.Surely a much better way of dealing with matters internally,rather than foot the bill for FOCUS and their overtime claims.Unless I am not seeing the bigger picture…..

  8. The Boy Jinky on




    Ive seen them parachutes on tv ….. guy next to the parachutist with camera pulls the cord… and goes up the way ;)

  9. In light of the disclosure to the Celtic Trust today of the clubs admittance to passing on details of supporters to Police is disgraceful.



    It may be come apparent under criminal law that the club had to supply details, but not even a nod or statement to supporters that they had to, or that it was happening in itself is disgusting.



    The data protection act is their to stop personal details being disclosed, i would hope that the club is 100% sure of its ground on this.



    It does really make a mockery of the statement on Monday that the club issued, i.e. “Any suggestion of collusion between the Club and Strathclyde Police is, quite frankly, ludicrous”



    I hope that the lad of 15 who was arrested and then remanded in Polmont, under very dubious circumstances, i hope none of that bhoys details were passed on!



    With three ex Strathclyde policemen in charge of security at Celtic Park, is it fair to ask that they are maybe to close to their former colleagues and they have a cosy little relationship with them, where agendas are being pushed and sections of the support namely the Green Brigade being unfairly treated and focused on? (no pun intended).



    The plus point here is at least the club have come out into the open and admitted what has been happening this is a step in the right direction, but it will mean nothing unless the current boardroom strategy towards the Green Brigade is stopped.



    Some of the people “who you would trust with your most precious valuables” need to have a long hard look at themselves, and show some moral courage and honesty that has been shown by “Glasgow Road” in the past seven days.




  10. Ntassoolla



    15:49 on 21 March, 2013




    ‘The point about the case against Tommy Sheridan was it suited everyone in Edinburgh. Labour, SNP, Murdoch, Police, Prosecution etc …’





    He knew that was the case when he chose to raise a defamation action based on a pack of lies.



    He knew the risks but thought he’d get away with it.






    And you believe he lied on oath in the defamation action but you don’t have the balls to say so.

  11. jimmci



    I must admit that I am not totally convinced by the minutes of the meeting. There is simply not enough detail of the discussions for the reader to know the basis for the conclusion reached by the recorder. Or do they represent a generalised recollection?

  12. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on





    15:56 on 21 March, 2013




    ernie lynch



    Swally must have a magic parachute that goes up the way.






    He does……..its tucked up his jumper.

  13. thomthethim



    Not sure about plans for the summer yet.



    I am currently looking for new employment so it may depend on that. I’ll let you know nearer the time.



    Did you read my 70s team selection in the CQN mag? I am not on facebook so I don’t know if I caused any controversy with the selection.

  14. My tuppence worth on Tommy Sheridan and his party: imo. Tommy was the party. When he departed the scene, it fell apart. Tommy was one of the most gifted politicians in Scotland. His private life should not have impinged on his political career. But, imo, Tommy is a tremendous orator but ,like George Galloway, too much of a demagogue. Too many of those who joined the SSP succeeded because of him, not on their own merit.



    Scotland, currently, has a dearth of politicians of any shade or stripe, who offer not just a coherent political platform but inspiration for the creation of a better Scotland, independent or not.

  15. !Bada Bing!! @15:57 I agree.


    It’s time Celtic got some value for money from those expensive holding cells.



    Failing this maybe some of us CQNers could take up digs there for home games. With a dumb waiter straight to the bar we could cut out out the middle man. One advantage would be not having to pass muster on entry to the stadium.


    We could take a lift upstairs thus avoiding that hard to pass sobriety test of walking in a straight line.

  16. Celtic Mac


    15:52 on


    21 March, 2013


    James Forrest



    ” Referendum is not about Scotland and England, it is about Scotland and London, that is what it is all about.”






    I Rather think that the referendum is about Scotland, an no-one else. We will still live next door to and will be closely linked to our neighbours (good neighbours I hope), I don’t think much will change in that regard. However what is on offer is a peaceful conclusion and correction of a 300 year wrong.



    What the union side fear is a loss of influence. Would a UK without Scotland still be a premanent member of the UN security council, would they still at the top table with the G8, will their influence in the EU weaken. I fear that this campaign is nothing but scaremongery; imaginig the worst of what could happen in Scotland, without naming their actual problems. This strategy often gets a defiant response..

  17. Parkheadcumsalford



    In much the same way, what happens to the SNP when Salmond is no longer in charge?


    He left before and they were goosed in Scotland. There is not an able deputy to take over. IF Scotland get independence I would expect some heavy weights from other parties to enter the scene. Salmond has no challenge in the Scottish Parliament. When he does he will struggle. The SNP is a one man band and his secretary (Sturgeon) appears to be the only able other party member. She is no leader though!




  18. greenmaestro



    16:22 on 21 March, 2013



    Yeah but what about the imperialist yolk?

  19. Celtic have friends in the boys in blue right enough.



    Whatever happened to the one who was a ref?



    Smith was it?

  20. LiviBhoy



    16:24 on 21 March, 2013



    Remember Salmond’s reply when he was asked if he would stand for the leadership position after Swinney resigned?



    “if asked, I’ll decline, if nominated, I’ll defer, and if elected, I’ll resign”



    Then as now an incorrigible liar.

  21. When Tommy was on trial, he left the court one day and he forgot all his paper work, so back to court he goes.



    When he got to the court room it was empty apart from a cleaner.



    She asked what he was doing there, he replied I’m here for my holdall, she replied ah FFS Tommy are you no in enough trouble.



    Coat hat …..

  22. ernie lynch



    Exactly my point earlier. They are all much of a muchness.


    Can we trust any of them?




  23. Can’t say I have ever had great trust in the Celtic Trust. Any time I have had experience of them, the sole item on their agenda, imo,has been doing down the Board. They seem to feel they can speak for the Support. They certainly don’t speak for me.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! @16:26 “Ntassoolla


    16:20 on


    21 March, 2013


    In jest ?”




    Unless you think Celtic would entertain us.



    I’ve been down there BTW.


    Prisitine they are.



    That cold concrete and steel has never been warmed or blessed by our songs.

  25. Parkheadcumsalford



    I tend to agree with that. Look at the figures on CQN viewing and posting. Should we not have a voice at these type of meetings? We are part of the support!




  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Shortbread saying Sandaza’s future in doubt after being set up by Tommy fae Glasgow.Challs will want him off the books anyway.

  27. Snake Plissken on

    Seeing as you’re into this at the moment I’ll post this vid – The top ten Unionist myths exposed.






    Pay particular attention to number 6 to see how worthless a vote in Scotland is under the current set up.



    You may not agree but I for one know how I’d vote if I had one.

  28. !!Bada Bing!!



    16:37 on 21 March, 2013



    ‘Shortbread saying Sandaza’s future in doubt after being set up by Tommy fae Glasgow.Challs will want him off the books anyway.’





    I suggested this time yesterday they might use this as an excuse to get shot of him.



    Time for Fraser Wishart to get involved.

  29. Last chance



    I replied to you earlier.



    Mail me nohunshere@hotmail.com



    Nothing from Paul, he is a busy mhan.








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    I have 865k, and a link that was posted last night by Laird etc, I contacted them, they only buy 1 million and up.

  30. TET,


    Hope you get the required amount, am sure you were using them to help someone get a better start in life