Celtic and SRU test cases


Celtic again have stayed quiet while someone from the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) briefed the media on hopes they have of hosting supporters at Murrayfield in August, with Celtic holding a similar test event at a friendly in July.  The tests would be small-scale, around 1,000 supporters in a limited part of the stadium, but would demonstrate how practical it is to safely hold public events.

All of this depends on the direction of travel of the virus in Scotland continuing its downward trajectory.

Steve McClaren is something of a joke figure among some in English football for his ‘wally/brolly’ moment when England manager and that distinctly Dutch accent when at Twente.  This is prejudicial.  He is a manager who took Middlesbrough into Europe for the first two times in their history, reaching the Uefa Cup Final three years after Martin O’Neill took Celtic there.

His time at England was unsuccessful but he would be an interesting call for Dundee United.  I hope they go for him.

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    So sorry you missed all that……………..but you have so much to look forward too.



    It will be sweet when it all happens!



    Take care!




    WITS directed us to The Gravediggers were the black stuff was excellent and cheaper than what PHILBHOY was stung for in Temple Bar. And better still it’s only 2mins walk from were the Glasnevin tour finishes.




  3. Philbhoy: I worked in the Skylon in the mid 80’s. The hotel offered me a permanent job after a year and right there I decided this wasn’t the life for me. Spoke to my then girlfriend ( she worked in the hotel too) about it and she said she would stay with me if I returned to college to finish my degree. I returned to college, the girlfriend is my wife of thirty four years and it’s all been great since.



    Remember to let us know the next you’ll be coming over.

  4. fairhill bhoy on

    TONYROME-both our 50th this year.Plans a plenty up the spout.Like PHILBHOY says safe and healthy balances it out.We will all just have to enjoy it even more next year 😉


    TONTINE TIM on 30TH JUNE 2020 7:11 PM


    Putrid temporarily stepping down for health reasons ,hope it’s nothing trivial. Big Gas Meter’s pal in charge NOW.


    Can someone translate fro me please .I live in engerland and i have not got the news .

  6. Tonyrome


    We had booked a big family weekend plus at centre parcs for my 70th last week – but hey-ho

  7. GENE on 30TH JUNE 2020 7:44 PM



    ‘re The Camino, Gene, that’s on my bucket list though will need to be done sooner rather than later – best of luck and hope it comes off for you. Are you fundraising – if yes, post a link, I’d be happy to stick a few quid in.




    You made all the right decisions!



    We loved Dublin and her people.



    We hope to be over again sometime.



    I will let you know.



    Take care!

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    GENE- plata Camino,had to Google that mate.Well played you.Do you do it for charity?

  10. Kelvinbhoy


    I’ve done the last 100k twice over the last 2 years – the English way from Ferrol and the Portuguese way from Tui.


    We had a young parishioner sadly die of cancer this year so our parish priest is doing the whole 800k over several visits. He is walking on behalf of the Teenage Cancer trust. If we do go this year I’ll post his just giving page nearer the time.


    Walking with the parish priest endures it’s a religious pilgrimage.


    Don’t delay if you want to do it

  11. Gene, my brother in law is a priest and we are looking to do it along with a couple of other friends for some causes close to our hearts but will have to wait until I can get past 55 and hopefully scale back on the work front.



    Keep us posted on your preparation and yes put up the link and I’ll donate.


    Panic over bhoys.Rod petrie has stood down for health reasons and someone from smallish club is standing in for him.The stand in has an irish sounding name.

  13. Good night and God bless all on here!



    Especially HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE, BIG JIMMY, SOT, CELT45 and BIGYINMILAN, to name but a few.



    Thank you for being here.

  14. 21-5-79, like that and the bit in the article about Scotland’s most decorated club 🍀

  15. See new Tweets


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    We can think of one film partially recorded in Plockton… and a tv series! Can anyone name that film and tv? #filmlocations


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    Great movie. Didn’t seem to get many repeats for some reason.


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    Movies of Scotland: Restless Natives (1985). Two friends in Edinburgh embark on a non-violent spree of robberies.


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    Clyde puffer MV Stormlight at East India Harbour, Greenock. (1970) Pic: Scottish Maritime Museum.




  16. leftclicktic on

    Delighted to have moi back for another year,I think we will see the best of him,

  17. Good news about our Norwegian winger signing up for another season. ntcham to Southampton perhaps?



    The squad is looking trim following a month full of exits. 1 gk and 1 centreback short of where I would like to see us.



    Fringe players like shved and or ralston dont need replaced, just promote dembele and o’connell etc.




  18. SAINT STIVS on 30TH JUNE 2020 9:11 PM


    god bless those glengarry people who came to dalmarnock via greenock and the priest.




    What was wrong with Rutherglen ? Could have got off at the boatyard :O)

  19. !!BADA BING!! on 30TH JUNE 2020 9:29 PM


    Rumour Souness new Sevco Chairman




    FFS ! anything to sell those tickets .

  20. I am 54.


    Only had adidas trainers since I was 14, and stopped wearing them for the boycott years when they had the original huns. Tango, Samba, Munich, World Cup, Predators. then 30 years of Gazelle. My teenager girl slags me all the time about wearing Adidas.



    However this gear is getting bought. Absolute class.





    Celtic Underground*








    I think it’s fair to say that our merchandising this year will more than offset any drop in match day income. This is the stuff you buy for the kids and put away for fifteen years or more so they can wear it as retro gear in their 20s.





  21. Temple Bar 1998 v St Patrick’s…Waitress with dreadlocks having to listen to “you are my Larsson” for a couple of hours,,,she took it well :-)



    Hail Hail.




    It’s been a sore one for a few of us this year missing birthdays holiday’s etc. But as you say better safe than sorry. I see your missus works in the NHS tell her thanks and that she deserves a holiday more than most. Sorry if this is out of place but how’s your sister doing these days.






    Loving this from the Celtic website –



    JD’s relationship with adidas has helped the high-street retailer grow to over 700 stores across 19 countries. Now they will be joining forces with the most decorated club in Scotland as part of its continued expansion of its football portfolio.



    Could this be the turning of the tide?




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