Celtic interims report income, profit and bank balance up again


Celtic reported an increase in turnover of 6.6% to £53.3m for the six months to 31 December 2019 (2018: £50.0m).  Profit from trading was up slightly to £7.1m (2018: £6.2m), which the departure of Kieran Tierney saw profit from player transfers hit £23.0m (2018: £17.6m).

Money spent on player registrations for the period was £15.0m, up significantly from the £1.9m in the corresponding period last season.  The Rainy Day Fund was sitting at £45.1m, that’s just £8m shy of the annual turnover of Scotland’s second highest turnover club.

Celtic have moved into a new financial space since 2016, not only have we won all domestic trophies, but we have a commercial operation that is now successful enough to cope (if not thrive) when Europa League football is all that is achieved.

Expenditure, particularly on wages and transfer fees, has grown with turnover.  Transfer fees paid across both windows this season, at £22m, is the highest in our history.  Wages will continue to creep north, despite a couple of high cost leavers over the last 12 months.

We are safe and we are expanding, which has resulted in domestic success.  This is the kind of budget expansion I like, not the Casino Football we witnessed elsewhere a while back.  The lack of Champions League football this season and last is the only blot; one that needs to be addressed during this summer’s preparations.

Getting the big strategic calls right in football is a difficult balancing act.  I know the £45m bank balance is, ironically, not something any of us want to see, but it will enable us to push the transfer fees and wage boundaries further-still in the future.

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  1. I think Mikey has been bumped.Bassas.Cannot see our game going ahead tomorrow.That was nearly unplayable,tomorrow worse.

  2. I was kinda hoping celtic minded people would have given McFadden Thomson and that squeaky wee man a body swerve . We cry out for pundits to not be hun apologists , because one isn’t the beeb get rid of him , and some celtic fans support the programme ,it will never be on in my house again until the bbc changes it’s ways .

  3. Good morning from a windswept and rain soaked Garngad



    The ole wind is strong in the North of Glasgow and rain belting down.



    I hope the game is on as my Grandson and son in law are going but I have my doubts whether it will be. Then again it won’t be that enjoyable fir a 7year old to spend 90 mins in that.



    Any Bhoys or Ghirls residing in the old Nauld of Cumber for a weather update????






    D. :)

  4. Not seen any update from Melbourne Mck for a while.



    I hope you are well Mick and keep up the good work over there in Oz land.






    D. :)

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Masel and Mrs H were in Fife from Friday night and yesterday. We drove (she drove, I had a can o Stella) back up the A9 to home in late afternoon. Going through Drumochter, the weather was atrocious, it was like the backdrop to a post apocalyptic Hollywood Movie. Somewhere off the A9, there must have been a latter day Noah, smiling and muttering to himself under his breath, “Ah telt yeese”.



  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Watching MOTD right now. Liverpool (and maybe Man City, tho they appear to be on the slide) apart, it really izny a very good league at all. Some dire football on show, with a lot of error strewn games. Considering the ridiculous level of funding of English Football, it is not being used to raise the standard of the game there.


    When the bubble bursts, there will be a lot of very rich mediocre ex-players, agents, and venture capitalists, but not much else to show for it, from the “Moneybags” years.


    Oh well, shame, never mind 🙂



  7. Good morning, friends, from a very, very windy and pretty wet East Kilbride. But as things stand both of today’s scheduled cup games are still going ahead.

  8. Just in from walking the dogs


    Really blustery when I went out




    Wind and rain really calmed down by time I have got back


    10 miles from Cumbernauld 😂

  9. Today’s William Hill Scottish Cup match against Celtic will go ahead as planned, following checks and discussions with the relevant authorities this morning

  10. Dechmont is a small village located near Uphall, West Lothian in Scotland. Bangour Village Hospital is located to the west of Dechmont. It has an approximate population of 989 people. Its postal code is EH52.[1] There was said to be an alien encounter in 1979 in the nearby Dechmont Woods.[2]

  11. weebobbycollins on

    Re Michael Stewart…BBC Scotland should be ashamed of its lack of integrity but it won’t…


    Too many cowards and too many huns…


    I stopped paying the licence fee seven years ago…

  12. Watched Sportscene last night until they showed the two pundits…then immediately changed the channel…..any fair minded person watching that show, is supporting BBC’s Scotland’s bias and pro Sevco agenda…


    Sign the Mikey Stewart petition ( now over 12000 )….And boycott BBC SPORTSCENE….

  13. Watched Perth 4-2 Wellington on Friday. Enjoyable game with a couple of very good goals into the bargain.


    Plenty hoops on display in the city and at the game, a few hail hails from passersby on our way to the game as I’d forecast to my boys amusement.



    Gary Hooper (remember him) scored the two goals for Wellington in his 30 odd minutes from the bench. Clearly frustrated with some of his teammates deliveries into the box, he was still making those intelligent runs in behind the defence at any opportunity as he did in his time at Celtic. Still has the predator instincts in front of goal. Didn’t look quite as fit or as sharp as I remember him to be but I’m sure that would come when playing/training at a higher level.



    Managed to have a wee blether with him after the game. Asked him if he’d come back to play for the hoops, with no hesitation he replied ‘ of course I would ‘. Got the impression he’d love another crack at it with us. Really nice guy, happy to chat and pose for pics. Made our night.




  14. DBhoy,


    Loved him playing for us.Great wee Hunskelper.Shedload of goals during his time with us.Always remember his stunning goal at Ibrox,when from a really tight angle he curled it away into the opposite corner,with one of the most beautiful,deft touches I have seen.Think Mc Gregor was in goal.