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  1. CRC



    I was told game v Jambos was not on telly



    apparently BBC can only show Tuesday night games and


    as we played today we didnt want a Tuesday night game



    Obviously BBC rules can be more flexible


    if a deid team are involved.

  2. I know being pernickety


    Hearts player Sow scores, then goes to crowd and high fives 2 or 3 fans


    No booking


    Anyone think a Celtic player will get away with this on Wed night ?



    Nytol and Hail Hail

  3. CRC



    Of course it isn’t!



    There’s a highland derby on between RC and ICT, which will attract much more of an audience, with a much better atmosphere for the telly viewers.


    SFTB 416



    Yep,correct. I did miss two of them.



    I must have been busy trying to get a link to the action.



    Thanks to all who posted the goals. A coupla crackers amongst them.



    Btw,I thought the defender tried to pull out of the tackle for the penalty. Would we have got it if we had needed it? Hmmmm…

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Thanks JC2, understandable of course as we are not dead so completely inflexible in this issue :-)







  6. Scottish professional football is dire. Real govan on now playing barcaesque football in their 1-0 mauling of st mirren. Deearie me.

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Just when I thought Sportscene couldn’t get any worse, Lasley and Nevin are on it , good grief.

  8. Talking of League Cup finals, 41 years ago tomorrow, Celtic 6-3 Hibs, best one I ever attended.



    Hat-tricks for Dixie and Joe Harper, Defences on top!

  9. Delaneys D,



    Very sorry to read about the loss of your Sister in Law.



    One thing is for sure, you will help that poor wee lassie immensely.

  10. Aberdeen next Saturday at 12.30. Back in time to see the rugby world cup final between the mighty All Blacks and the fighting Wallabies.

  11. WC Can you tell us the amount of traffic on CQN when we lose compared to when we win ? Imo it would appear that CQN has become a convenient vehicle for the disaffected when we get beat and are nowhere to be seen when we win.

  12. Anyone remember NFL being halfed in 2 at Ibrokes in the box and getting precisely nothin? That is the state of “fairness” in the Scoddish geme.

  13. DD


    I hope your niece has the strength of her family as a consolation.


    It’s going to be hard for her and she will need help.


    RIP Tracey.


    May the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

  14. Soal/doc



    That pic is now my screen saver , cheers lads .



    Today the team was on a hiding to nothing ….big win and its to be expected…a close game would have been blamed on a hangover from thursday , glad we got the win , looking forward to the next few games to see how we react under pressure.

  15. DD,



    Just on, and saw your tragic family loss.



    Thinking of you and yours from across the bridge.



    My girl is 12. I can’t think of her losing her mum, and it was close in the last year.



    Be strong bud, be strong.

  16. TONYDONNELLY67 on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 12:29 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 12:07 PM





    Groundhog Day again here…..











    Snide jibes again?………



    If the cap fits……….how did you guess it was you…….if it is for you?

  17. I’m all for freedom of speech but after a defeat posts on the blog are skewed towards the more negative element by posters who are rarely or never seen otherwise. Is it possible to allow only regular posters to post which would allow us to see a more balanced reaction.

  18. GERRYBHOY on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 11:11 PM


    Anyone remember NFL being halfed in 2 at Ibrokes in the box and getting precisely nothin? That is the state of “fairness” in the Scoddish geme.



    Stevie Smith pulled down NL,Kenny Clark was the referee,and heard him coming out with the usual SFA mantra afterwards,’nobody is as disappointed as me ,when i seen it again……’


    Get set for next year’s cheating………….HH

  19. At moments like this, I want to mention a few celts I met in the last year who were tremendous people, without naming names.



    The guy with the beard who does the central station tours.



    The guy who was the staff nurse at the RAH , intensive care ward, Johnstone bhoy, grew up with cat man, pedrocaravachio, knew Frankie Walsh and mcginn and costigan.


    Brought my wife back to life, then went straight to pittodrie.



    Its the little things you remember.

  20. G64- I was and still am critical of that performance on Thursday,and posted it on here.It is difficult to work out the difference in games,like Malmo and Molde away,compared to today? The attitude and team spirit looked like it was back today.Tierney outstanding,Simunovic looked class,moved the ball quicker all over the pitch.The worst DU team i have seen,they are in relegation bother.

  21. just in from the game and reading back read sad news of the passing of Delaney’s Dunkey’ sister-in-law



    nothing I could add that hasnt already been popsted I’m sure



    but one thing I know G your niece will have a rock in you and when or if you need anything that will help you to this end it will be forthcoming.





    just ask G…………..



    God Bless

  22. Really liked the team “bounce back” today. Great solidarity among players, supporters and management. Ronny’s positive comments after the game were very good.


    Here’s hoping we can move forward even more .

  23. HT,



    Right back at yi, with your old skinny da facing doon the stoopidies.



    That was a story and a half.



    I love what you have shared on here. Your life , good and bad, jaw dropping honesty and openness.



    Keep it lit.

  24. Unbelievable that our game is not on the TV this week obviously does not have the same attraction as a highland derby, I wonder what our national broadcaster would have shown if it was hearts v the died team

  25. having problems with my computer sorry for the misspelling in previous post



    popsted =posted




  26. Bada Said almost likewise amigo. We have been at this game too long. Walked back to the Vogue over the new Shawfield brig. 25 mins from CP.