Celtic v Feyenoord, GG Live updates


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  1. Wild first half.


    Scales and Hart outstanding.


    Palma playing really well.


    Feyenord are good, very good.


    Technically better and fitter than us, but, we are fighting for pride.


    Only for a few over hit passes, Kyogo would have been in.


    Interesting second half coming up.


    Ps, Celtic, keep your hands to your self when they get corners, did you not see how we got the penalty

  2. please ditch this 433 mince in europe and away from home in the spl at least


    give the midefield a wee hand ffs


    win the battle first

  3. We’ve played better in Europe this season and not not got the result. However, I’d take hanging onto a victory over a hard luck story any day

  4. glendalystonsils on

    We started brightly with some first class passing and ball retention but then losing Iwata and having a few shaky moments seem to spread jitters through the team . their quick and clever forwards seem to get up on our back line too easily once we lose the ball in midfield so protecting the back line is a must.


    I can’t see them not scoring so we’ll have to try to score again while keeping things tighter at the back.


    So far so good .

  5. we are holding our own , pretty even match so far , worrying how easy they can pass the ball through us , think we will have to score at least 1 more to win this.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    OGR – Fyanoord did not look the better team for the first 20 minutes. They dominated when we were forced to go to a bench bereft of any quality whatsoever. CalMac, who was playing well got pulled back and was replaced by a project, who has been anonymous since he came on.

  7. Feyenoord is a far better team than Lazio. Ironically if we had have been so passive against Lazio we could possibly be playing for a last 16 place. Big ifs buts and maybes

  8. Bernardo should have taken Iwatas place.That’s his position.Dropping Calmac there has cost us a bit of impetus.