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  1. After the game, Slot said: “You have to credit Celtic for the way they played in their whole Champions League, maybe apart from when they had 10 men against Atletico Madrid.



    “So I think they deserved, from their point of view, a little bit of luck. They came away with one point from their previous two home games despite outplaying both opponents.



    “So they deserved a little bit of luck and we are the team that gives teams a little bit of luck. You don’t have to thank me for that, but that’s what we do.”

  2. So just get down on our knees and suck the board is it Clunk?



    Ah thought the Mod was a dick but you are far worse…looking for sympathy and that as well too.



    No amount of money will make us better in Europe if we show no ambition or even imagination with our managerial recruitments so that we secure a manager who knows more than one trick.



    Even Neil Lennon could park a bus in front of Efe Ambrose and Kelvin Wilson allowing us to shock the great Barca team and almost twice with Barca winner in Nou Camp in the last 20 seconds of play.



    More money is not the answer. We need better managers of the money not absent PLC high fliers



    If you want a cutey manager you need to financially starve out the PLC (who would baulk at a cutey uppity manager) until share price is zero…then PLC project is over…and must not be brought back.



    “Ernie Lynch” and “Canamalar” and “The Lion`s Roar” and “Joe McHugh” are the minds that we need to lead and build Celtic with recruited likeminds who pull no punches and never get found wanting in any arena.



    Celtic is run off of fans and transfer fee money as well as sponsorship and it is debatable as to the Adidas and Celtic


    kindred connection and it shouldn`t be that the clubs name is hawked to the highest bidder either(at what cost?) we`re supposed to be different yeah with our sacred hooped jersey or at least it used to be sacred.

  3. Did they do something to the Celtic game tonight on TNT Sports? I set it to record on Ultimate as advertised. When I came back from the game PSG are playing Newcastle and the Celtic game is supposed to be on TNT Sports 2 but when I go to watch it it is Red Stsr Belgrade. What happened to our game? I’m raging.

  4. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think the young boy was the last wide player we had left. Yang took a real sore one on Sunday.

  5. Prestonpans bhoys on

    There was a group of Dutch fans behind my brother in the upper North stand they were amazed we allow plastic carpets in our top flight!

  6. Brilliant tonight ! Well done BR, puts the haters to shame.


    Grandson Aidan was there.I put last 20 minutes on hold then fforward. Delighted .Thought subs were excellent. Had to google Stephen Frame who was excellent !

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    Lager has gone from “not showing anything / enough in training” to “has been superb in training” in the space of three days.

  8. AuroraBorealis79 on



    Did they do something to the Celtic game tonight on TNT Sports? I set it to record on Ultimate as advertised. When I came back from the game PSG are playing Newcastle and the Celtic game is supposed to be on TNT Sports 2 but when I go to watch it it is Red Stsr Belgrade. What happened to our game? I’m raging.



    I watched the game on TNT sports 2

  9. Auroraborealis



    Thanks for the reply. TNT’s programme listings showed that the Celtic game was to be shown on TNT Sports Ultimate but they changed it to TNT Sports2 but it didn’t record. On Ultimate we were replaced by AC v Newcastle which they also showed on another channel. Maddening.

  10. well done all associated with Celtic,players ,management and support


    really enjoyed the fight and attitude shown


    special mention for Hart and Taylor who have had a torrid time in Europe but were outstanding tonight


    onwards and upwards

  11. Pretty good wee read back tonight. Thanks all.



    Some of the negative comments on tonight? B*gger off.



    Great wee comments from BB and Corkie though were a few highlights.

  12. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 10:09 PM



    Lawwell out..






    I would suggest you lie with st stivs and tam, as thats a shocker of a statement



    After tonights performance and more importantly our result



    I would ask An Tearman to enquire if you are a hun….

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Not seen the game but caught our goals on Twitter there. Great result. Deserved over the course of the group.

  14. Good morning all from a happy clappy but wet 4 degree Garngad.



    Good performance last night, lets build on the result and confidence.


    Ref was hopeless he should have sent of at least 2 of their players.



    Hope Palma is ok.



    Oh and sack the BOARD



    D :)

  15. Clunks – Wits is defo a tim, met him, never met you and sometimes, more oft than not you act like a drunken HUN.



    Just saying like.



    Have a good day.



    D :)

  16. Yes great game and great win. Couple of Feyenoord fans around us in JS upper, wearing Celtic scarves, clearly supporting their team but keeping their heads down., ‘cos we do have unreasonable ‘nutjobs’ in our support. We all got chatting to them lovely fellas.



    BTW Rodgers ruining Kyogo, i think the wee man will be off.


    OH is not the answer…not good enough imho

  17. Well done Celtic last night.


    At times we rode our Luck a wee bit, but The Bhoys deserved any luck coming their way during this CL campaign.


    MATT O’RILEY and LIAM SCALES in particular were excellent. JOE HART also had a good game.



    STEVEN WELSH also showed up well until he became knackered, which was perfectly understandable.


    There is a ” Report” this morning in the SMSM that many Feneyoord fans ” INVADED” the Lisbon Lions Stand…


    IF True, how was this allowed to happen ?



    Polis and Stewards NOT doing their jobs ?






    A very Hoopy Happy Birthday to you Today mate.


    Celtic gave you a nice Birthday present last night.



    Have a great day.



    HH Mate.

  19. Delighted with the result – team worked hard and deserved a little good fortune in the CL, let’s hope it lifts the mood of the camp.


    The performance however was not great and we should be realistic about that, I’m sure BR is. We are still too easy to play through and whilst we did look for the forward pass a little earlier a few times tonight we need to do it more of ten to mix up our game.


    #6 for them was a real good DM/pivot – just sayin….


    Good to hear a Hail Hail start somewhere in the north stand tonight and permeate round the ground😬

  20. Good Morning Fholk – Grand Day To Be A Tim,



    Last night was the performance we were looking for, not the slickest, our deserted good luck returned, yet for guts and passion, we got pass marks and a well deserved three points.



    We ended with four points, could have been more, should have been more, yet one bad half out of eight suggests progress has been made.



    The team looked delighted and the deep camaraderie was there for all to see, all deserved the plaudits yet we have to choose three…



    So winging it’s way to SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM



    1. Hart



    2. Scales



    3. O’Riley



    Hail Hail

  21. Well done Mitchel Frame.


    Dream come true for the young lad.


    Playing against one of their best players, he beat him and made a top class cross into the box.

  22. Many of us asked and we received.



    We asked the team and the manager to be bold, play entertaining football with intensity.



    We got that.



    We asked for more from our Academy. In Mitchel Frame we got it. With hopefully more to come.



    Tyche the Goddess of luck finally looked favourably on us.



    A great result against a very good Feyenoord team.



    Great individual performances from a weakened team. Joe Hart was excellent. Possibly his last European game, who knows ?



    Hopefully Lagerbielke is back in the fold.



    The monkey is off our backs and we have now set the standard.


    A moral boosting victory that should act as a springboard.



    So what changed, what was different ?



    I believe its psychological. Apart from money , coefficient and pride the die was cast.


    We played knowing that European football was not in our reach.



    I’m sure Brendan will be looking at this aspect for our next European journey.




  23. Can’t believe the negative posts after a great win.



    Minutes in legs for injured players and great performances by much maligned players!


    Smashing debut by young Frame.


    Injuries clearing up.


    What’s not to like?


    Well done Celts!