Celtic v Feyenoord, GG Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 20:00.

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  1. Still feels great to have won the game, could’ve scored a couple more if I’m greedy.


    The injury to iwata looks several weeks ankle twisted under him palma hopefully reset his nose get a protection over it, we need players back and soon; terrible run of injuries.

  2. Last night the Celtic BHOYS….became MEN.


    Feneyoord were no mugs, and well also well versed in some of the ” Dark Arts”. IF the REF had done his job properly, Feneyoord SHOULD have had TWO Guys SENT AFF.



    I had TWO Correct Scores on with the Bookie…….Celtic to win 3 – 2……..and Celtic to WIN 2 – 1 at odds of 10/1.


    So that winning bet was a wee bonus.


    Yesterday, I Posted that this was a ” Dead Rubber” game ( MAYBE I was wrong ? ), because the Celtic Players and Supporters made it into a great atmosphere, and I had a wee tear in my eye watching the game again this morning.



    Matt O’Rileys quick thinking…and his quick feet for the Winning Goal was superb, and Well Done to young ” GUS” for being in the right place at the right time to score his Goal.



    I hope that Celtic will MOLLY KATE the Mini Huns on Saturday.



  3. concerning how easily teams score at the back post on our right hand side late on in games , players switching off and not aware or possibly tiredness.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hot Smoked – happy birthday indeed.



    Hope last night was an early gift with more to follow

  5. Good morning from a damp North Staffs – happy birthday Hot Smoked, have a great day.



    RC – you could say the same about Feyenoord at their back post for our winner.

  6. Looking back on the game ,we did very well a bit more fight and yes we rode our luck at times but if ant team deserved some luck it was us . Thought Joe Hart was great last night ,as was Matt o Riley and Liam scales . But overall it was a team effort .had they given us that on Sunday we wouldn’t have lost 3 points . I


    Still think we need a clear out and quality brought in , I can’t understand our transfer policy at times ,we held onto players who weren’t going to do , and who stayed until there contracts ran out . After finally getting rid ,we have filled there places with others who aren’t going to do . Someone isn’t doing their job . I think we know the answer to that . Still that’s beyond the people who pay there money . With regards young Mitchell frame he looks a good and brave player , I understand he hails from Drongan being an ayrshire man myself and worked in Drongan a place that makes Larkhall look like a seminary I hope he will be ok . Lastly Listend to sportsound on way home to hear Brendan , big mistake all we got was McIntyre and his wee boy English telling us how long since we won at CP it was constant . Watched the highlights on here and that rob McLean followed the same script , wish Celtic would ban these cretins .

  7. GENE on 14TH DECEMBER 2023 9:47 AM



    RC – you could say the same about Feyenoord at their back post for our winner.



    not interested in other teams issue , we have enough to sort or own.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Not sure this is a debate for today RC but I get your point.



    Now here’s the thing.



    If, on occasion, a team gets caught out at the back post because the right sided defenders have been sucked into central positions?



    Where is the source of the problem?









    Excellent post and agree…



    The only thing I’d say is that the “plan” the “model” and the “strategy” is signing many more Kwons than Wanyamas.



    The folk that are wedded to this and facilitate this need to be accountable and responsible.



    Yet, yes, it’s up to BR to get the recruitment right and until summer 2024 has passed we won’t know how that’s gone.



    Hail Hail

  10. Big Jimmy



    Well done with the 2-1 correct score, I always bet Celtic 3-0, 3-1, that eejit of a referee beat me for 3-1 at 28/1 with betfair . Oh out muscled the Feyenoord player just like he did with the Hibs CB last week that clown gives a foul and how on earth Feyenoord had 11 players still on the park at full time


    only the ref knows why.


    Good morale boosting victory for the players and supporters going into the 5 crucial League games before the winter break.


    To some of the naysayers on here I would just say, we all know we’ve got weaknesses in this team but every player gave their all last night and I for one am relieved to see that the team spirit still looks to be there.

  11. Morning Celts.



    Bollox to uefa and their ‘peace’ and ‘human rights’ trash on all hoardings at game commencement.


    They dont do irony do they?



    Genocide going on anywhere?



    Yir having a laugh corrupt.




    Are you a hun was/is always a traditional welcome onto cqn,but when there is that many thimbled huns typing their white supremacist nonsense here a la 418 monikers.dead in head.




  12. Interesting read for Marco Tilio here… Danny Arzani on trying to make it in Europe as a young Aussie signing






    The jarring bit for me is when DA admits he arrived at Celtic:


    “I wasn’t the fittest when I went and I got the fitness he wanted me to get to and I came on and I was doing well, as well”.



    What kind of mindset does a player have to turn up like a massive club like Celtic… ‘not the fittest’ FFS ??





    PS: Birthday best wishes HotSmoked.

  13. Happy Birthday Hot Smoked, hope you enjoy your day,



    We all know we are far from perfect and yes over the 90 minutes last night we were lucky.


    However how many times in the Champion’s League has luck deserted us.



    We are out of European Football for the Season and that is disappointing but absolutely nothing is going to spoil the buzz I got when Gustaf headed in O’Riley’s sublime cross.



    We don’t have huge strength in depth, Hatate, Maeda, Carter Vickers & Abada would all be near certain starters if available, we lost Tomoki to injury early on, we were on the ropes and I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t think we could or would win.



    We won no trophy last night, our European adventure ended in failure again but right now I don’t care, just thrilled that we ended this European winless run and looking forward to retaining our League Title with renewed optimism.

  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    I think that comment from DA reflects the fact that the fitness standards at Celtic are higher than at many clubs.



    He isn’t the first player to arrive here under BR or AP to have had to work on his fitness to get up to the same levels as players who have been here a while.




  15. GENE on 14TH DECEMBER 2023 10:51 AM




    All teams make mistakes – it’s football



    agree, but , teams learn from experience as we keep being told , so to repeatably lose goals from the same area something or somebody isn’t.

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    The Godfather

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