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  1. I posted at the start of this thread that we were all in fear looking at the team before the game at the bigot dome and hoped for the same tonight, and we got it.


    Delighted, shocking refereeing but we even managed to overcome that, superb display

  2. So happy for lagerbielke.


    Taylor who gets murdered here every week was fantastic.


    As was Calum.



    Celtic 2-1 Feyenoord



    Celtic have a first home Champions League win in a decade.



    They just cannae hide it bassas

  4. glendalystonsils on

    2 Feyenoord players should have seen second yellows . When I think of what some of our opponents have got away with compared to what happened to Maeda in Madrid .

  5. Well done Celtic.Let’s use this as a springboard to push forward and get our mojo back.


    Maybe shut up some of those horrible snide commentators and panelist’s as well.




    couldnt see out the game, scored and then saw out the game – well done the players



    *and well done our faithful though and through support

  7. That second half was far more comfortable than I expected it to be. That’s some result against a good side given our injuries. They named a strong team tonight and they wanted something from that game. That was no dead rubber effort wise from either team.



    Delighted with the win. And a fair play to anyone who knew who that young lad Frame was before tonight.



    P.S it’s 10 minutes since our last CL group stage win. Someone tell Rory Hamilton !

  8. I’d love to think we’ll push on from here.


    Will be great to have a couple back for Saturday.

  9. Four points. Puts a much better complexion on things and progress from last season. Shame we couldn’t get third but some big spending clubs have finished 4th and we got a bit of pride.



    Have to make sure we’re back next season. Time to focus on the league and hopefully go on a run.

  10. LIAM SCALES WAS A MOUNTAIN! They should have played 2nd half with 10men and Oh goal should have stood. We hung in there for a brilliant result and confidence booster.



    Athletes needed for next years campaign

  11. Virtually every CL game this season saw our game plan disrupted early on. Injuries, dubious sending offs etc That game changed when Iwata went off and Cal was lost to the forward part of the field. His pressing up there and interplay with Matt and the wingers was very good.



    Hope we can kick on from here.