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  1. Delighted for the team, deserved it.



    That little slice of luck that had deserted us to date was with us tonight.



    I suspect the last CL for the majority of the players out there.

  2. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Peter Lawwell is taunting the fans. Anyone see him on celtic tv talking about the bank balance? It was like an episode of the Joe Biden show

  3. Great result against a very good team.They gave us a lesson in playing out from the back.Palma so unlucky not to get his second with replica of the ruled out Lazio one.Scales,terrific.GT,perpetual motion.O Riley,class.


    Delighted.Hope Palma was just a bleed.

  4. Delighted for Brendan, he has had to front up the shambles of a transfer window, back the guy and move a couple of levels up

  5. FESS19 on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 10:25 PM



    Bhoy, the old internet must have been busy today, with lucky fans being able to pick up all they tickets from fans not attending. Definitely missed a good enjoyable game.



    05:30 To bed or not to bed? That is the question. Great to be a Tim.



    *as our we saviour said “Being a Celtic supporter is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile.”

  6. even when we are winning the lawell haters are still bleating



    enjoy the winnand save it till tomorrow

  7. Shortie seeek…………………..


    Timdom rightly chuffed,







  8. Out of Europe :-


    Man U 4 pts


    Sevilla 2 pts


    Union Berlin 2 pts


    Salzburg4 pts


    Celtic 4 pts


    Newcastle 5 pts


    Crvena Zvezda 1 pt


    Antwerp 3 pts

  9. glendalystonsils on

    I think next season’s CL team (assuming we get there) will look quite different to the team that played tonight .

  10. AuroraBorealis79 on

    There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding tonight’s game. It was a dead rubber at 8pm. What changed? Predicting future successes or performances based on what was on show tonight.



    We were as bad tonight as we were in any other champions league game this season. Sliced open at will. The midfield seriously vanished when put of possession. Players do not look for space to move into. Too often players do not expect the pass when it’s made to them. Passing the ball to the opposition looks more tactical than anything else I have seen since the return of Brendan.

  11. Aurora…


    what changed ?


    we won.


    we put up i fight.


    we lost our last game.


    we go into our next game in a better frame of mind – players and fans.


    training tomorrow wont be so down.


    yes, it was a dead rubber but….

  12. Joe Hart showing up and having a great game tonite



    for all the tims on here moaning






    For all the huns






    mon the hoops

  13. Aurora,



    would you rather we played as we did versus Lazio at home (we were good) and lost ? given the week we’ve had ?

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BR ripping the board a new one in his post match presser. Quite right.



    The squad is a joke.



    I sincerely hope the young bhoy who came on is a Celtic great, but giving a kid a debut in the CL is embarrassing.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    We might sell one or two but hopefully we’ll be a lot stronger overall.



    Anyway ……. cheer up FFS !-))))

  16. Well there you go , a second half on Sunday when killie came at us we couldn’t hold them out . Tonight a much better football side come at us and we hold out for a good win , again at the 80th odd minute we tire ? and concede a goal but have enough to go on and score the winner .



    Up the Hoops

  17. Kyogo needs Hatate, no one picking up his runs. He will be fine.


    No drink taken Vale Bhoy but CalMac makes my top 3 along with Scales & Hart.



    Some might say it was a dead rubber but to me it was a huge win.



    Long CL run without a win ended, Win Bonus, Co-efficient Points but more than anything what a boost for the Players.



    It’s now all about bringing the buzz from tonight into our League performances starting with Hearts game.



    There is still plenty of work to be done, players to be moved out and others brought but tonight was a huge morale Booster so let’s just enjoy it and let tomorrow take care of itself.

  18. GM- I really hope he did,I think he was hung out to dry,and fronted up the summer signings, and get Boy Wonder tae fk

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just in from the game.



    Looking forward to a cuppa, a slow read back and perhaps a more measured comment posted later.



    Right now?



    Wow. Some dead rubber.



    As compelling a match as I can remember.



    Thought we were done at 1-1.



    What guts.



    To the lurkers – sling your hook and take your “years since” BS with you.



    To the naysayers and doom merchants …. I pity you.



    Your constant negativity (which you own) prevents you from truly feeling the euphoria and unbridled joy the rest of us are experiencing tonight.



    PS – malevolent talk pre-match of mass absences turned out to be a load of old fanny.



    Place was packed.



    Hail hail.



    Keep The Faith.

  20. Great win for the good Bhoys tonight. We rode our luck but then so did Feynoord. We know the refs in Scotland are useless and Huns, how can we more often than not get these clowns in the Champions League?


    Hail, hail Timland!

  21. DESSYBHOY on 13TH DECEMBER 2023 9:59 PM


    Fantastic result Celtic. amazing guts Callum McGregor was magnificent throughout.




    Surely that can’t be? If the post below is anything to go by. 😳🤷🏼‍♂️😂💩







    our midfields defending is atrocious



    calmac becoming peter the pointer – hasnt got a clue when men run/walk off him

  22. Benfica – 4pts


    Onion Berlin -2 pts


    Sevilla – 2 pts


    Man Utd – 4 pts


    Salzburg 4 pts


    Braga 4 pts


    Red Star 1pt


    Young Boys 4 pts


    Antwerp 3 pts



    Newcastle United 200million spent – bottom – 5 points.

  23. Just back from game ,really enjoyed it and gives us a good lift for next few games .


    Sitting in the north stand tonight , I was surprised how many Feyenoord fans had bought seats for this area .


    Good atmosphere , although it might have been bit different with more at stake .


    Well done to the team .