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  1. Tallybhoy



    In that case I take it all back, 6 – 1 tonight. I need to be in my kip by 10.30pm, working tomorow.






    Jimthe tim

  2. Another throw in line with the 18 yard line. Dylan intercepts. Kayal forward but his pass is cut out. Raith overdo the pass forward.




    i found one i’ve never used before but will bookmark it for emergencies



    i also use the one you mentioned without sucess tonight

  4. Celtic regularly have low attendances at home in cup matches.



    It is nothing new and it goes back to the ONeill years.



    Not a talking point, just a talking point for the desperate.

  5. Launched forward. Rogne challenges. Efe misses his header but scoops it away. Raith have it at the corner. Inside, into the box, Thomas R clears but not completely. Wilson almost lets Graham in at the back.

  6. Into the box, drops on the edge, James to Dylan, cuts inside to Tony. Good try. Saved. Good build-up play.

  7. Charles



    Thank you very much. Don’t know if its me or apple but been messing around since you emailed and ……… I am back on blog commentary

  8. Malone back on.



    Efe has it. Good strength from Watt. Raith get it away.



    Ten minutes into the second half.

  9. Charlie has it again. Watt wins header for Forrest. By-line. Good cross. Out to Charlie. Free kick for Celtic. Kayal right to Matthews, to Dylan, beats two men. Pass snuffed out, but Kayal gets it, to Charlie, to Forrest.



    Dylan nearly puts Charlie in. Lovely passing.