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    some of the comments on here are over the top



    whatever happened to the win, lose or draw that I grew up with… ???

  2. david147


    17:04 on 27 December, 2014


    Folks on here saying ‘oh we are still top’ and ‘dundee utd lost so we are five clear’


    Honestly this kind of mentality is embarrassing.




    It’s the mentality of the indisputable facts.

  3. Carrigan 17:05 on 27 December, 2014


    The team is a shambles,fed up looking for excuses for RD, when we come back from Gran Canaries we will not be top of the league.



    The big question is will our super duper board give RD money for the quality he needs or will it be the usual crap that Lenny had to put up with.







    Could he be trusted to spend the money wisely given his first signing was Jo Inge Berget? I’d hold on to the money for the summer window and let his successor have it.

  4. Have reached the Sanctuary of the Charlie. Soothing pint being partaken.


    Question…… I’ve seen some howling performances but was the the worst?

  5. Carrigan


    perhaps the big question might be


    if the board do have money to spend, would they give it to RD or is he too much of a gamble?

  6. Burghbhoy,


    well done on the first sack Lawwell post,


    wondered how long it would take,


    how is the failure of our team ,packed full of


    international players to beat RC the fault of PL

  7. Poor,poor, poor, we are getting worse.


    We have learned nothing in how to break down the packed defences that we are up against week in week out.


    Tactically awareness none existent from coaching staff.

  8. Turkeybhoy


    You haven’t a leg to stand on. Keep abreast of things. We should be winging it.


    Our strikers would gobble up decent crosses and give defenses a good stuffing.


    Right, my coat is on, buttoned and collar up


    FOUR shots on target. DISGRACEFUL.




  10. Bless me father for I have sinned.



    It is one week since my last confession and although I believe it is right to support Celtic, win, lose or draw, some people on the blog are saying I’m wrong.



    They are saying I should be unhappy with the management, the players and the board.



    Oh Lord I am so confused!



    Is it me? Am I a bad person?



    I will do whatever penance you give me…………………….if any.

  11. terrible today, which has been all too common this season.



    we are fortunate to be top of the league due to a lack of consistancy from the best of the rest.



    still in europe due to a Legia clerical error.



    still in both cups (no big acheivement in that



    we are far too predictable playing the RD system which needs to be replaced with 2 up front.

  12. Too poor to be acceptable. I don’t rate the manager but he’s not to blame – his appointment is symptomatic of a flawed policy.


    I think we need some real strategic direction and energy at the top. Lawwell has been great but his big ( and brilliant) contribution is now behind him. He lacks motivation and vision. Time for new leadership with new ambitions.

  13. With the resources that we have, we should be giving minnows like RC a doing. Very worrying that we don’t seem to have a plan to win when they park the bus (as can be fully expected). Not sure that improvement can be expected based on recent experience…..sadly.

  14. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Woeful display today, just not good enough. The team looked lost and short of ideas.


    That was the worst performance domestically all season.

  15. mullet and co 2 on

    Play Griffiths that’ll sort it. Play blah drop blah.


    Square root of the same thing unless you train and play to beat a parked bus side.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Burghbhoy. We have had worse believe me but I believed Rony had turned the corner but the last two games maybe I shouldnt be so quick. H.H.

  17. Some of you would prefer Armaggedon !!!



    Lighten up – the league is competitive, that’s what it’s all about.



    Lighten up lhads, the Inverness v Aberdeen game should be a cracker tomorrow.



    It’s true that we need a bit more guile / quality in our team.


    It will come.

  18. “I’m ragin’…………..an’ I’ve never been so ragin’……


    since I was ragin’ last.



    We never won the day, this is unacceptable and I’m gonna make it as bad as it can possibly be.


    Later on,


    ……………….. when I’m gassed,


    …………… I’m going to surpass my previous indignant exasperation with pompous declarations of certain……..CERTAIN.(!)…


    ..doom for the Celtic.



    Did I mention that I’m






    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarummmph! CSC

  19. Philbhoy



    No one is telling you what to do.


    Unlike you ,who told me that I should support another team.



    There is no way of proving if I love Celtic as much as you,but I’ll bet you this .


    I get my arse of my seat and actually go and support them more than you do.



    This will be my last communication to you .




  20. ‘GG



    Folks like you then. What a pathetic statement ‘It’s the mentality of the indisputable facts’



    Thats the kind of mentality that gets us stuffed against any decent team we come up against and scraping past teams that we have 10x the resources. We are going rapidly backwards and attitudes and benchmarking like this doesn’t help. I’m sure similar mentalities are shared at Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea etc. Thought not.

  21. mullet and co 2 on

    This means the big time Charlie’s will have no excuse but to turn up. A competitive league at half decent entrance fees.

  22. Well, you wonder what training looks like if we are so limp against dross like this.


    But onwards and hopefully upwards ;))

  23. As long as we have the present board and if Sevco do not make it to the premier league we can prepare ourselves for more of the same



  24. Lighten up – the league is competitive, that’s what it’s all about.



    Only because we are so bad.

  25. I love Celtic …..win lose or draw………….not sure I know any Celtic fans who don’t



    When we used to play the huns …..and lose……..I was sick for a week……literally ……..one of the reasons I don’t really miss them…………



    Am starting to get fed up with pish……….anyone who thinks its not pish …….doesn’t really get football……..more importantly……. doesn’t really get Celtic !!!!


    It may sound Hunnish ….superior or whatever…………ive got news………I think we are superior………. I like nothing better than looking superior to the rest…….that they are in awe of us………..


    I love Celtic win lose or draw………

  26. A wee point afore ah leave the country….mibee



    Copy the management structure of the best team to watch in Scottish football, the Jambo’s.



    Get rid of the ‘bored’ & PL by, with-holding the SB-money and buying DD’s shares wi it.



    Anne Budge – Jeanette Findlay


    Craig Levein – big Mark McGhee


    Robbie Neilson – Willie McStay



    Before 10k crowds become the norm. Any more performances like today and the top tier will be closed for SPFL games too.



  27. Ronny is Not tae Blame… fur This Lacklustre n Dismal Performance, By Celtic.



    Don’t Argue..



    It WIZ NOT the Manager’s Fault.. it wiz The Faull of the Players ..



    in This GAME.






    Ah Told Ye …he is The Last Guy that Ah wid hiv Brought oan Today…He’s


    Yesterday’s News.



    but.. Ronny, brought him oan. Jist tae Please the Fans..



    No Ronny.. Furget aboot the Fans..they are a Crowd of Dumb Bunnies..






    Let Kojo Set ye straight..in THIS…



    Griffiths,is a Striker..No a Winger..



    He is Good



    ONLY… Up Front..andCENTER..



    no way oot west or east oan Eethur Wing..



    Thru the Middle fur Him…………ONLY..






    He didnae get the Service.. the Guy is Good… But..



    As we hiv No



    MID FIELD tae speak of.. he is Being starved tae Death..



    We Do Not Need any Mair Strikers



    O.K.. Mebbe, wan Mair.









    If that Mid Field That we Hid the Day.. canny



    use thur Noggins tae Break doon a Team Of Chancers..such as Ross Coonty..



    Whit chance hiv we Got when we face..



    Top Euro Competition..





    tae Me.



    It is Awe aboot How we Perform in Europe.. Fur that is



    Where the MONEY is..n.. we NEED the Money..



    Big Time..



    Ronny, Ah sure Hope that we Kin Bring in a MAGICAL MID Field .. General..



    this Upcoming Window.



    Don’t Laugh .. You… at the Back, there.



    Hey. we may get Lucky?



    Roll oan January Sales..






    No A Happy Camper..n.. that’s a Fact.

  28. Tiny Tim



    I have more important things to do most weekends, like work or spend time with my family.



    I love Celtic, but I doubt they are in the top 10 most important things in my life.



    I also don’t get this “I go to every game so am more entitled than you to call them pish than anyone else”



    Keep at it son, as I said before, Celtic don’t deserve you. Seriously. Go and do something else with your spare time.



    Can you imagine the atmosphere at a game if 50000 like you turned up?



    Naw, don’t go there.

  29. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Lets be positive still top of the SPL in Europe after Christmas still in the league cup and still in the Scottish cup so the manager should and will not be shown the door.The pity of the today is thats the biggest crowd at Parkhead in a while but after that performance quiet a few will not be back.I just hope that Rony is learning from these poor performances. H.H.