Club 9, selling empire and Rangers European Champions 1967


Club 9 Sports released a priceless statement tonight indicating they are considering an investment in Rangers only as part of a consortium and will not be bidding for the club on their own.

So far, so clear.  They then entertain us with a remarkable interpretation of liquidation, saying:

“We understand that it has been strongly rumored that our group planned to “liquidate” the club. It should be made clear that any party that attempts to acquire the club, eliminate the debts, affect a turnaround, invest monies and put the club back on solid ground is in fact “saving” the club from liquidation and preserving its past and its future.

“In an asset purchase, all of the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors), which have put the club into administration and which act to force the entirety into liquidation.”

“Saving” the club from liquidation by putting the entirety into liquidation.  Don’t laugh, they honestly wrote this.

For the record, you can’t sell history or records.  Can you imagine?  Britain could flog off our whole empire period and maybe use the current economic crisis in Greece to buy their classical period from them. Aristotle, from Scotland, perhaps.

Personally, I would love to be the first Briton to hold aloft the European Cup, maybe Billy McNeill would sell me that record?  He’s had it for 45 years now, it can’t be worth that much to him anymore.

I wonder how much Messi would sell his record breaking Champions League history?  Barca are playing catch-up with Real Madrid in the European Champions stakes.  Instead of buying expensive footballers they could just offer Real cash for some of the trophies won during the 1950s.

David Murray should have saved himself all the trouble and just offered our old board a few million for the Lisbon history, just think:

Rangers, European Champions, 1967. Opportunity missed. Murray should have had a word with Club 9.

I’m enjoying these guys already, hope they are given the green light tomorrow.  What terrified Brian Kennedy floats my boat. They even finished off with some sweet platitudes about a “legendary fan base”.  I think we have a winner….

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  1. tommytwiststommyturns on

    We’ve had foreign managers, foreign coaches, foreign overpaid players…and for all our outlay, we’ve got a lost UEFA Cup final to show for it in God knows how many years.



    Overall, Scottish clubs’ record in Europe is a joke compared to smaller clubs on the continent operating with a fraction of our budget. Look at the Cypriot club this season who won their CL group and made it through to a last 8 place against Madrid….what is their turnover/wagebill compared to ours?!



    The league and the football played within it is the problem, it’s too much of a step up for most of our clubs when they come up against European opposition. If we’re really going to be stuck in the SPL for at least another 5 years, then we should try to improve the overall football environment and product, as it will benefit us in the long run.




  2. !!Bada Bing!! on 3 April, 2012 at 22:00 said:



    Sting and I have a lot in common ,he likes tantric and I’m


    a lazy bassa.

  3. So, let me get this straight.



    S Club 7 are the preferred bidders for RFC, with the Blue Nile and the Dead Kennedys in the wings?

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    bankiebhoy1 on 3 April, 2012 at 22:00 said:



    Well observed …….LOL

  5. This is my favourite bit –



    “the good and valuable assets (records, marks, names, trophies, players, staff, history) are preserved and separated from the bad and harmful liabilities (tax bills, bad contracts, creditors)”



    Bad and harmful liabilities!! Oh noes!!

  6. T4



    When the hun were wining their tainted 9iar, the pundits all bemaoned the state of scottish football for their lack of progress in europe.



    They failed in europe because of honest referees, nothing more than honest referees.



    Honest referees would have given Celtic much more cash to invest in the team, honest referees would have given other clubs much more cash to invest in their teams, as it is, most of the money went to the hun who wasted all the stolen cash they got, what a feckin waste.



    Simple stuff really, a level playing field.

  7. Snake Plissken on 3 April, 2012 at 22:04 said:



    I saw it ………….but I fell asleep…….a couple of times.


    Never watch a film after you have spent day in pub ,kids.

  8. Auldheid, yes, good point.



    67Heaven, I think they would be advised to say less nothing.



    Declan, Club 9’s other eight are Barca, Milan, Liverpool, Ajax (in the 70s), Real Madrid, Juventus, Tranmere and Sheffield Wednesday.



    Roccobhoy, deleted. Language.

  9. Nothing wrong with club9 ah got some brilliant memories from there.



    Awe hang on …..



    That was Club30

  10. Rashers Tierney on

    No doubt this has been debated here before, so apologies. Yes the Scottish game needs honest refereeing but we also need better pitches to develop better skills. Is summer football an answer to this? Other Euro clubs manage it but how do they cope with the Champions League / Europa timetables?

  11. this Club9 from outer space mob are they for real? I thought the piece on the previous thread was a bit of Timpostery. I then visited their website, a bunch of cheap images and dumb quotes are they for real?


    When I saw the website I thought that lot and them were made for each other.

  12. Evening Bhoys



    Anyone know who is at home in first leg on CL semi between Bayern and Madrid?



    Hail Hail




  13. TTTT/PFAyr



    It is absolute madness for us to spread/share our income.


    Communism doesn’t work in a capitalist society.


    Infact it doesn’t work in a communist society.



    There are four big Estate Agents in my town.


    When i opened my office in 2005 , there were three.


    I didn’t go to them and ask them to share their income with me, as better competition would improve the product for them and the consumer.



    No. I used my own resources to do that.



    My business is now the most successful in town.



    Should i now share my income to help improve the competition?



    That would be absolute nonsense.



    Each business must strive and innovate to improve it’s lot.



    Sharing our income is neither justified nor sensible.




  14. bunburybhoy on 3 April, 2012 at 22:07 said:



    Wake up Mhan, ye canny stretch the blog anymer.


    Paul and his little tech helpers have made it unstrechaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbble.


    So there ,hh

  15. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    Club 9 from outerspace. Excellent! :)


    Maybe rangers the movie should be a tribute to Ed Wood. I.e. in the style of…








    P.S. If you haven’t seen the biopic, starring Johnny Depp, you should. It’s a classic! :)

  16. Estadio Nacional on

    Everyday you read about Scottish football theres a new story thats more comedy than sport.



    I still think we are just imagining all this.

  17. With sincere apologies to the Temptations




    Super Sammy:


    The childhood part of my life wasn’t very pretty.


    You see, I was born and raised in the slums of the city.


    It was a one room shack we slept in, other children beside me.


    We hardly had enough food or room to sleep.


    It was a hard times, looking down on Cellic helped to ease my troubled mind.




    Voice of Reason:


    My father didn’t know the meaning of work.


    He disrespected Mama when Cellic won the cups.


    I left my club seekin’ a CVA that it never did find.


    Depressed and down-hearted, they took up with Club 9.


    I’m doing…(fine)


    Up here. (With Club nine)


    Listen one more time.


    I’m doing…(fine)


    Up here. (With Club nine)




    Super Sammy:


    Folks now they tell me.


    They say, give yourself an EBT and don’t let the taxman catch you up


    But the world around Ibrox is a rat race.


    And I think the rats fecked up.


    It’s a dog-eat-hun world in Manchester and that ain’t no lie. (Ain’t no lie)


    Listen, it ain’t even safe no more, to walk the streets near Centre Wan



    Honest Tim: I’m doing fine with Club 9.


    SS: Let me tell you about Club 9.



    (Club 9)VOR: You can pay what you wanna pay.


    (Club 9)SS: You ain’t got no morals or integrity.


    (Club 9)HT: Every hun, every hun is tax free.


    (Club 9)SS: You’re a million miles from reality.



    (Reality) I’m gonna spend (up, up) higher (up, up… up, up and away) Club 9.



    Honest Tim:


    I wanna say I love the life I live.


    And I’m gonna live the life I love.


    Up here with Club 9.


    Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I’m riding high with Club 9.



    SS: You’re as free as a con in flight.


    (Cloud 9)Mark Dingwall: There’s no diff’rence between wrong and right.


    (Cloud 9)Honest Tim: It’s a world of cheatin referees.


    (Cloud 9)SS: You’re a million miles from reality.



    (Reality) I’m gonna spend(up, up) higher (up, up… up, up and away) Club 9.




    VOR: You can say what the papers say


    (Cloud 9)SS: If the taxman chases ye you just go running away


    (Cloud 9)HT: Every hun thinks his club’s debt free.


    (Cloud 9)SS: They’re a million miles from reality.


    (Cloud 9)VOR: You can be what you wanna be.





    Honest Tim: I’m feeling fine with Club 9.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    So, the plan is progressing towards a successful conclusion .. Agent 00CW instructs his pals to sell for £25m to anyone …. The fighting fund etc pays his pals bill ….. he then gives them £1m (into a Swiss account, of course) …. And walks away with £24m ……



    The purchasers then liquidate them, and make their profit from selling everything in sight ….. The creditors get nothing …….End of (rfcia) days ……. Simples really …. LLLLOOOOLLLL ……….. !!!!!!!!!!!!



    Ooh …….SSN have just said that the Americans have pulled out …… !!!!!!!??

  19. At the end of the film Ed Wood



    Was there not a big fight with an Octopus ( Ticketus)?

  20. The Comfortable Collective on

    I am seriously worried that whoever takes over at rangers, they have all avoided the one mistake made by craig white, which made administration inevitable under his stewardship.



    Not one of the 183 Billionaire led mega-consortiums who are desperate to take over rangers have pledged that come the new season, alastair mccoist will be the manager.



    That’s a pity, because it will be damn hard to find another rangers legned who will lose 6 out of 7 cup games (These would be called ‘BIG’ games, if NL was the manager in question). Mind you, Arbroath away was quite an achievement.



    A 23 point swing in league points in less than three months, well that’s another reason the fat PLG should be retained. Incidently, if he had won the Celtic – rangers game in December, they would have went into the New Year top of the league (This would have been a ‘BIG’ game if it was the other way round).



    So mccoist, who has been incapable of winning a ‘BIG’ game all season, who lost a 15 point league gap, and who has the ‘scalp’ of Arbroath to add that of Hazel and Sue, has avoided criticism.



    However, my depression still persists, no guarantee he’ll be there next year, mind you, no guarantee they’ll be there either.

  21. TinyTim on 3 April, 2012 at 22:14 said:



    Obviously on a purely private competitive level you are correct. There are differences though which should be accounted for.



    Each club has of course its own business to run and the rules which pertain to any successful business should (should) be applied. Each club is however part of a voluntary association of other clubs and they also want that association to be a successful business model.



    So there is a business selfish motive AND business co-operative motive too.



    While it is sensible to prioritise the selfish element it is folly not to support the co-operative part.



    Seems to me the issue is deciding what is sensible support for the co-operative. It should NOT be a gratis subsidy merely to cover up rot within the system but rather a conditional measurable long term investment to progress the co-operative product.



    Even in the capitalist US they have a draft system!

  22. From Joe McHugh Video Celts



    Celtic will enter next season’s Champions League at the 3rd qualifying stage in the Champions route.


    Neil Lennon’s side will have to get through two qualifying rounds to reach the group stages of the competition.


    Crucially Celtic won’t have to face any club from the major nations such as England, Spain, Italy.


    Celtic are likely to be seeded in both qualifying rounds with the points gained from this season’s Europa League providing a co-efficient of 32.728.


    The only countries rated above Scotland in the Champions route are Belgium and Romania. The countries below Scotland are Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic and Austria.


    Cyprus will be ranked as the 20th strongest nation next season, Scotland will be 15th, with last season’s Cypriot champions Apoel making it all the way through to the last eight of this season’s event.


    Apoel entered the competition at the second qualifying round and negotiated their way through three rounds before topping a group that included Zenit St Petersburg, Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk.


    Scotland’s second Champions League entrant will come into the competition at the third qualifying round in the non-champions route which could see Motherwell drawn against the champions of Portugal, Russia or Turkey.


    Three Scottish clubs will enter the qualifiers for the Europa League qualifiers.

  23. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    DJBEE on 3 April, 2012 at 22:25 said:



    And did they not break into the studio to film it? :)




  24. Kilbowie Kelt on

    TinyTim on 3 April, 2012 at 22:14 said:



    I am sure that was the message that Christ was trying to inspire us with.


    Sadly, he lacked your zeal & linguistic skill.



    Good luck.

  25. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Thinking out of the box here – could the huns not just relocate to Greece for a season and get their debt written off?


    Could be a worrying scenario for Timmy….if this unfolds, remember you read it here first.

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