Conspiracies are difficult to maintain


I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories because conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.  If two or three people know about what you are up to, you have a chance of keeping a lid on it, if the number rises to 20 or 30, your conspiracy will eventually be outed.

This is why Newco staff and players attending a party on Saturday night were exposed and why other partygoers from the same club were caught earlier in the season.  It is also why Newco were caught in July, when they played a friendly against Dundee United despite their test results (all negative) not being available until after the game.

Football is afforded discretionary status to continue to operate without normal social distancing requirements on condition rigorous testing is maintained.  This has had consequences for Celtic, who lost a significant portion of their squads in October and January when players had been in the vicinity of positive team-mates (international and domestic).

So if Newco have a lax attitude to testing, can we extrapolate that they would subvert competitions by pretending that in October a positive player who had contact with dozens of other Newco players did not happen?  Throughout their 8 year history, they have always respected the rules and spirit of the game, so it is unlikely.

If they did, the facts will out when players move on.  Several are already out on loan, more will leave soon.

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  1. Sorry lads, maybe I am just getting desperate for some good news. He does seem to be highly rated, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.




    No problem mate!



    If we are signing a non Irish experienced highly rated not too old epl centre back that would be better than good.



    Any news?

  3. Boss, we’ve found a 19-year-old lad that can play in defence and MF and we can get for buttons and tell DD his name is Liam . . .”



    Sound familiar?


    He’ll be out on loan by Sept never to be seen again.

  4. SB @ 9.24



    His job next year will be to polish SB’s zimmer frame.


    He will get 5 minutes in August and then he will be lost somewhere up the Campsies.

  5. Whether I agree with the Green Brigade or not is neither here nor there.



    At least they are exercising their right as supporters, if Celts for Change never done that all those years ago where would our club have been now?



    Just saying like



    D :)

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    PHILBHOY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:29 PM



    You were close to saying one more sleep, now the famous originator of that expression Jobo has disappeared.


    Anyone know what happened to the chap, did he get abuse, no longer posts?

  7. Good God what a bunch of up ourselves we are – I just hope Liam isn’t looking in – we’ve got him polishing boots and out on loan never to be seen again. Who’ll drive him to the airport.

  8. Ah . welcome to Celtic. I never heard of you 10 minutes ago. But you are pish and only fit to polish zimmer frames apparently. Plus don’t think of settling in anywhere as you will be out on loan after a few weeks.


    It is also of no consequence that you have established yourself as a first team regular at 10 years of age. The internet has spoken. You’re pish

  9. DeniaBhoy on 16th February 2021 9:27 pm



    Boss, we’ve found a 19-year-old lad that can play in defence and MF and we can get for buttons and tell DD his name is Liam . . .”



    Sound familiar?



    He’ll be out on loan by Sept never to be seen again.





    I remember the hype over a certain 19-year-old from Fulham in 2016 and an unknown 19-year-old from CSKA Sofia in 1999 – maybe, just maybe……………….

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Prestonpans bhoy



    Thanks. Thought £1.3 million was a stretch, but that explains how the person concerned got their number.



    So they make up just over 1.5% of season ticket holders based upon a sale of 50,000 season tickets.


    Celtic supporters association have more right to claim to speak for the supporters.




    Are you still here?



    I’m always here.



    Currently going through Netflix …


    The wind that shakes the barley vs Magdalene Sisters vs the speeches of John A Costello



    I’m appealing to your better side. I firmly believe we all have one. Admit the fault in ‘potato republic’. It’s not a sign of weakness, it won’t be regarded as such. And despite differences we’re better singing from the same hymn sheet (even if mine may well be more satanic than christian).



    As for your movie choices? You don’t need to look to Irish Laundries to find the atrocities committed in the name of Catholicism. It’s been a blight in Scotland too – The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul’s abuses, including murder in Lanark should see the ‘Holy Mother Church’ disbanded. My opinion is that the Catholic Church has enabled abusers for centuries and has, by and large, been a tool for evil over good. I say this with a very dear friend of mine a Xaverian missionary and one of the best people I know. And also with numerous family members finding nothing but support in the arms of the Church.


    Nor will you find anything new about Fine Gael being drawn to fascism like butterflies to a flame. Their role in robbing Sinn Fein of their democratic mandate is shameful.



    The wind that shakes the barley. It’s the only choice.












    Could be a goo one.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on




    Two weeks ago people were outraged because we lost out on a player from that league. I know he is younger than Ben Davies, but if he is holding down a place in that league he will be worth a look imo.

  13. Bada


    My son in law would have watched the game – if I’d known before I’d have asked him to look out

  14. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:22 PM









    The poll tax was introduced early in Scotland at the request of the SCOTTISH Tories.







    ‘Is that meant to make it sound less like an experiment on people who didn’t ask for it? It may have escaped your notice, but Scotland has never been particularly keen on Tories of any colour, Scottish or Westminster. ‘






    Are you sure about that?

  15. Sorry folks – I didn’t intend to start a row. I will exit now and come back when we are in a better mood. This season has been awful, I just hope that next year will be better. Not that I am stupid – the Board did get it wrong – on so many levels.




  16. FRITZSONG on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:41 PM


    After 8 years of SNP governance, one Scottish child in four lives in poverty. In more deprived datazones, the ratio is one in three. In many parts of Scotland. life expectancy has fallen since 2013. The number of drugs deaths is three times that of England and ten times that of Western Europe.



    Not one SNP leader gives a tinker’s curse about these data until it’s election time.





    I agree those figures are rank .



    As a resident of one of the EU’sdesignated poorest/excluded/sip/datazone areas the inculcated neglect by all parties at UK level and at Scottish level is immense.



    Yep,more could be done and as youll know there are some absolute titans who understand where the frontline of trickle down economics is in their local communities as no monies come in without a forest of funding applications.


    The war on the poor weak and needy goes on,and will do until wealth redistibution is instilled as part of our econ reform.



    You mention drug death and i dont doubt your figures.i know that ‘open’ rooms for users to exchange/clean and use were deemed illegal by westminster.You would have known that,in europe they are already in use with benefits for the whole community and the user



    my point is fritzsong these communities are scunnered with political skankery of types that tory,lab,snp etc bring to their communities.the tit for tattery occurs that often it is cliched and tired,meantime as you point out figures say the war on the poor continues




  17. CaddingtonCommon on

    I am amazed at the amount of experts who have appeared recently on this football site.


    Their knowledge ranges from politics to religion to sport and recently to viruses.


    Their expertise in these topics is staggering.


    I await with anticipation the first poster whose critical field is in frontal lobotomies.



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe




    Are you sure about that?



    In the scope of our lives? Absolutely. The Tories weren’t doing so well in the 1970’s and their decline has continued apace. Going back even that far is silly – it’s half a century ago and meaningless in modern times as the Tories in the 60s and even 70’s were a fair bit to the left of the current Labour party.



    So, yes. I stand by my point. If you want to trace things back to pre-cambrian times or whatever, fill your boots, but you’ll sound more like an ideologue than reformer or good faith campaigner. Especially after railing against the ‘big candy mountain’ nationalists. You’ll also convince no one with arguments like that.




  19. garygillespieshamstring on




    I’d rather have a bottle in front o’me than a frontal lobotomy. :)




  20. Watched Barca v PSG , what stood out in the white shirts of PSG was the team shape, world class organisation out of possession. Without the ball Mbappe dropped into left midfield and did his job for the team. With the ball he ripped them to shreds. A truly world class player and a privilege to have seen him play.

  21. CaddingtonCommon on

    Gary Gillespie’s hamstrung


    I was aware of the joke and am glad you posted it.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe




    I am amazed at the amount of experts who have appeared recently on this football site.



    Some of us have been here longer than you. ;)



    If your next point is ‘leave your politics at the door’ I think we’ll disagree sometimes. That’s ok though.



    Their knowledge ranges from politics to religion to sport and recently to viruses.



    For the most part, *everyone* should be paying attention as far as politics goes. Same goes for religion. As Malcolm X put it – Without education you’re going nowhere with your life.



    The anti-vaxxers though? They can get in the sea.



    Their expertise in these topics is staggering.



    Instead of making negative comments, why not participate? You might find it’s fun? Most of us accept our differences with good humour. Myself and Kano used to go at it hammer and tongs – and I still always thought of him as both awesome and a friend. Whatever our differences, our aims were the same – we were both mad celtic fans. Despite his passing and my missing him, I’m still not sure it’s soon enough to declare victory on our disagreements… just in case.



    I await with anticipation the first poster whose critical field is in frontal lobotomies.



    Please… please… tell me you’re a brain surgeon!! I have a friend who’s a rocket scientist – and who worked on the propulsion and guidance systems for Arianne (there’s a funny story attached to that, but that’s for another time). He used to post on CQN and I implored him to respond to the rocket scientist jibes, but he was way to smart for that nonsense. You’ll make my week if you are!




  23. David17



    he is some player and they are some team.



    wonder how tottingham fans will feel if poch wins luggy



    hope your good mate




  24. CaddingtonCommon on



    Are you for real?


    It matters not a jot whether you have been on this site prior to.


    Clearly satire escapes you.


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  25. P8DDY on 16TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:08 PM



    Sorry, my mistake.



    I thought that when you said never I thought you meant, eh, never.



    Sometimes it’s hard for those of us who are not in the cult to understand your use of language.




    Sorry, my mistake.



    Ernie you’re playing stupid games. But… OK… lets run with it.



    I thought that when you said never I thought you meant, eh, never.



    No, you didn’t. You’re playing stupid games. However, let’s play the stupid game. TheTories have NEVER taken a majority of seats in Scotland. In 1951 two unionist parties (the unionist Libs and Tories) had a majority but not tories outright.



    So yeah, I’m sure of it. Ignore the context – take it however you like.It stands up either way.



    Sometimes it’s hard for those of us who are not in the cult to understand your use of language.



    And sometimes you’re purposely hard of understanding. But hey, you want to be thick headed about it and turn it into a petty point scoring? Fair enough. Like I say, you’ll struggle to win hearts and minds by playing silly games.




  27. Toaty Trumper @ 10.01



    Another session of blaming everyone but offering nothing.


    Talking about the need for redistribution but no comments about the people who have made it happen — TB / GB.



    Your comments on the drug death situation were particularly galling — the situation has been building up over the past 14 years as support and services for addicts has been gutted by the Nats in plain sight and you focus on some political willi waving between Holyrood and Westminster over the past 18 months.



    Aye right as they say locally — at best you are lazy and lacking confidence.


    At worst you are a cheapshot troll throwing pebbles into a pond.