Dermot’s return to the fray, Kodak moment


A Dermot Desmond interview! Remember him? It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our major shareholder, so I am pleased STV got hold of him. His absence for so many years is not in itself an offence, but there has been no evidence he remains engaged with the club, and that’s not healthy.

His comments on Ronny Deila I agree with. Ronny is here because we think he can improve players and therefore improve the team. The evidence cited by Dermot Desmond (Nir Bitton, Tom Rogic), suggests he’s able to do this. There have been downsides of course. Ronny’s twice fallen in the Champions League to lesser-resourced (although decent) teams.

If we’re going to build a team we need to be patient enough to let the guy get on with the job.

The comments about a British league within 10 years are worth examining at a later date, but for brevity: this is no more than blue-sky thinking.

I agree in principle that technological changes are underway which will undermine the BSkyB business model. This model relies on the pull of English Premier League football to deliver high-value subscription rates from a huge portion of the UK population.

We talked in the summer about the switch to what the Americans call ‘cutting the cord’; moving away from expensive subscription TV to watching feeds streamed from foreign broadcasters, effectively free of charge. This is happening and its impact will only increase.

I know lots of CQNers are already consuming their English football in this manner, it works and it’s practically undetectable (i.e. it really is undetectable). But it’s not easy yet. You need to know what you are doing, and you need decent broadband. Products are improving all the time, as is broadband provision. Soon paying £100 per month for TV, as many do, will be a goodwill option.

Should there be even a modest shift in BSkyB’s ability to generate huge revenue from EPL football, the fallout in the English football bubble (it is a bubble) will be swift and structurally damaging.

Getting to the point. English football has a business model with risks which could bring it down. Technological changes are underway which undermine this model. Lots will happen in the next 10 years.

Let me share one of my favourite graphs………..

Kodak had a great marketing slogan, they called a great image a ‘Kodak moment’, when people would turn to their cameras to capture the memory on Kodak paper. The phrase was turned on its head in recent years when the realisation that Kodak’s entire business model was about to be destroyed by digital cameras.

The moment of realisation became the ultimate ‘Kodak moment’, it now meant a moment when you realise technology is about to wipe you out. Those who were saying this about Kodak 20 years ago were mocked. Some of us already think we’ve seen English football’s Kodak moment.

This is Kodak’s market capitalisation between 1989 and 2012, where was your Kodak moment?
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Here’s the deal, email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com and you’ll go in the draw for a ticket.  Give a £1 (or more) to one of the Great Scottish Runners below, in aid of your Foundation, and you will feel a lot better about enjoying the pleasures of Magners’ Fanzone.  Put Magners in the subject line, to make sure your entry gets to the right place.

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Thanks to all who’ve contributed already, you’re absolutely brilliant!

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  1. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on




    Just saw Dermot Desmond on Sky sports news babbling on about Celtic and Rangers,,,Celtic and Rangers,,,I mean WTF.



    I am extremely cheesed off at the moment,,,I’m not a board basher but how out of touch is DD.




  2. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Tontine Tim, great post. Apart from my old man, God rest him, I’ve not had many heroes in my life but the wee man was one of them.

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    I have always felt the the regeneration of Celtic park and in particular the Celtic way was in preparation of playing in an environment more befitting of our status. The White elephant that is Lennoxtown is also part of that preparation and must be the only reason we keep ploughing good money after bad into it. If football is a results driven entity then Lennoxtown does not make economic sense unless there is a bigger picture.



    DD’s comments does nothing to play down that suggestion, in fact it reaffirms it.



    IMO it cannot happen quick enough.




  4. Greenpinta,


    It increases the value of the estate thus drives up the price of any buy out, any change in league and the first decent offer to Gillette type buyers and he will be off, make no mistake about that.

  5. Proudbhoy,



    Whether we like or agree we know that Beating Sevco remains very high on the list of what we like watching.



    That is why prominent Celtic bars like the “Hoops Bar” continually play them prior to and after games.


    Now that is a fact not an opinion.




  6. Dermot believes that “Rangers and Celtic” are among the top ten clubs in Britain, no attempt to say there is a difference in the post liquidation entity playing at Ibrox.

  7. Greenpinta,


    Those games are shown because they are part of our history, a bit like watching the European cup win over and over, history just like rangers :)

  8. Greenpinata on 30th September 2015 3:36 pm



    Are we a top team, wishing to attract top class players?



    We needed a top class training facility. Lennoxtown provides that and more.



    What is it about Lennoxtown that makes you consider it a white elephant?

  9. And them being history means Sevco can’t



    A) return to the top tier of Scottish football, never having played there






    B) be preparing for admin 2 as they haven’t experienced such a thing in their very brief history




    You get that, Dermot?



    And other Big Lie propagators, though not always intentionally. Anyway,I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. (not you though, Dermot).

  10. Weeminger



    Who else is on your ‘cannae see’ list?



    If you don’t reply, I’ll have a partial answer :-)

  11. Hamiltontim on 30th September 2015 4:02 pm



    DId you say something? For the record Mr Pastry, KevJungle, TD67.

  12. Hamilton Tim,



    You are of course correct, however without being pedantic Rangers, RIFC and Sevco are all the same to me. Cheats.






    Lennoxtown has not justified its initial or continued investment. We produced better in challenging conditions in Barrowfield.






    Our history is not always so eagerly celebrated and remembered. Eg In WW1 it is said we had 53 players who fought in it . To put this in context Arsenal and Man Utd had 22 and 14 respectively


    The Celtic graves society is a notable and excellent exception.




  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting article, Paul. I don’t see the EPL bubble bursting any time soon though.


    It may be that the Stokes and Leicesters lose some of their current financial muscle, but the big boys will stay big.

  14. I heard he was dead on

    Is it just me or does Dermot Desmond come out with this Celtic playing in England line every couple of years especially after a bad result or run of results?



    Out of the Champion’s League and second in the league after a disappointing draw where we should have won.



    The last time this came out was in 2010 under Mowbray that I can remember.



    Forgive me if I am wrong but I think that is last time this stuff was talked about.

  15. Greenpinta,


    Are you suggesting the Celtic pubs should show more WW1 movies before and after games ?


    You’ve lost me.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh, and my own Kodak Moment was when Keith Jackson outlined Craig Whyte’s financial status.


    That’s when I knew we were in trouble and that the early nineties would seem like a successful period for us.

  17. …ahhh the Brutish Transport Politzei…………..



    ……………..Mall Cops


    minus the segways……………………………………….



    Blart RfCSC

  18. Greenpinata on 30th September 2015 4:10 pm



    Did we? Better youths or better play?



    I think there’s too many variables to make a clear comparison.



    Apart from anything else we struggle to be attractive to top personnel as it is, that would definitely not have been made any easier had we kept Barrowfield as our main training resource.

  19. Canamalar,



    What I am suggesting is that we can be selective in remembering our history.



    But of course you already knew that !!!



    HH to you.

  20. Is it just me that has a really hard time getting worked up people calling them “Rangers” rather than “The Rangers”?

  21. Greenpinta,


    No sure I follow you but I think your alluding to the poppy debate and trying to imply that people who don’t support the NEW British poppy policy that all fallen soldiers including illegal wars and the Black and Tans should be remembered fondly and respected for defending Britain, is that what your referring to ?

  22. Celtic send teams of every age group all over the world to strut their stuff at prestegious (spelling) tounaments…,,



    These teams are what makes Celtic a BIG club whilst acting as ambassadors for CFC…




    Any players that contribute to the first team is a bonus imo….


    Daily Mash…



    MOST Audi cars have a knobhead fitted in the driver’s seat, it has emerged.



    Tests in the wake of the VW scandal found that most Audi vehicles contain at least one intolerable human, usually behind the steering wheel.



    Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “There’s long been anecdotal evidence that these cars contain tossers.



    “They’re not factory-fitted, rather they buy the cars and then drive them around. We were able to verify this by taking a random sample of Audi driver personalities.



    “Of the Audi drivers we questioned, 98 per cent said they didn’t have time to answer any questions because they were late for a very important business meeting, usually about some sort of merger, that was to be followed by golf at a club that doesn’t let just anyone join.



    “Jumped-up little shits.”



    The findings have renewed calls for all Audi cars to be crushed, preferable with their owners watching.



    However Professor Brubaker said: “If we forced them all off the road, how would they travel?



    “Probably by train, talking loudly in the quiet carriage about shareholder meetings.”

  24. I just read over the DD interview on STV and whilst you have to beware of the hand of the editor in written reports, the essence of what he said is not reassuring.


    RD may and I say, may, improve individual players but that does not automatically lead to a better team. Look at the recent results in the CL by EPL teams…..expensive “good” players but poor performances on the park.


    What improving players does achieve is create more valuable assets to be sold. RD should deliver theleague and the odd cup domestically but there is no sign of consistent improvement in Europe, even against moderate opposition……that was the acid test this year, and to a lesser degree last year.


    Having posted this, tommorrow will produce a 4-0 win for Celtic!


    Seriously, the above is why RD’s job is secure to at least the end of the season, unless he loses the league.




  25. lennon's passion on

    So we’re all off to England in the green. Also sky Going bust as everyone is watching free football on their Android boxes.

  26. The Battered Bunnet on

    To satisfy my own curiosity, and indeed, to check that I wasn’t maligning poor Kojo unfairly, I checked back on the views he expressed and to which I referred.



    To post his comment, or not?






    Let’s say my curiosity is satisfied, and that Kojo was in no way unfairly maligned.



    To paste his comment would likely lead to mine being deleted.

  27. weeminger,



    Nope. I don’t wet my frillies over it either.



    no-one calls us by our official name so why sweat it?





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