Direction of travel, splurging cash


The positivity around Celtic at the moment is in stark contrast to how things were as we homed in on our fifth consecutive title only a few weeks ago. In football, is seems, where you are or where you’ve been is not important, it’s the direction of travel.

If you’re moving forward, like lower-league Hearts were a year ago, fans flock to support. If you’re regressing, even from lofty heights, you’re on your own.  A friend recently joked, “Why don’t we just liquidate and bring the same directors back in a newco?”  That works for some.

Celtic need this injection of positivity right now, the specifics of which we’ve not seen since May 2000, when we knew we were appointing a manager of real talent. It will cost more money in several areas, of course, but keep one point in mind, talk of £15m on this or that is almost certainly not going to transpire into the splurge you might think. Celtic regularly spend close to this.

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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Er……….. is Brendan Rodgers our manager or not? I need to know before I part with my cash for a Season Ticket.

  2. The Token Tim on

    I’ll wait till I see Brendan standing on the hallowed turf with the scarf held high in front of a scrum of photographers, before I’ll get excited.



    As for the ‘splurge’, we all know we need a few players to improve the team, whilst at the same time divesting a handful of midfielders and defenders.



    Improvement, thats all I am concerned about. Enought to give us a run at the EL anyway, whilst destroying our domestic opponents.






  3. Hail hail bhoys from a very warm and sunny Cyprus. I know some of you will say I should be in Mexico but I fancied a wee change of scenery anyway has anyone seen white smoke yet


    Hopefully it’s BR

  4. 25/1 on Sevco to miss their first penalty tomorrow.



    Tenner on it. C’mon Steven MacLean and the fat Hibs goalie.

  5. I find Paul’s articles more and more detached from reality as the weeks go on.



    Nothing has happenned at Celtic yet. Nothing. And yet we are being told its all positivity and light. Really?



    Rodgers would potentially be a good sign – but nothing has happenned.



    What you should recognise through all of this is the power that you yield when season books are up for renewal. The negativity that has surrounded celtic for some time now has been self inflicted by an arrogant and compacent board.



    Make no mistake. The board are very worried now that they have pushed the support too far. They still think they are great and probably genuinely dont understand the support (why should they change now eh?).



    At any other company failure on the scale of the board would see heads roll. That they havent is pretty remarkable.



    I loved Paul’s comments on regressing and lofty hights. Lofty hights? Whats that then? have we experienced such as thing? When?



    Regressing? Is that an admission Paul? because the party line has been we are doing super duper.



    I would have more respect for Paul and the Board if they admitted their mistakes, apologised for them and explained what was going to change.



    But right now nothing has changed?

  6. For info only.



  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    When is the advert going in The Guardian?


    Is it next Wednesday?








    I’d imagine talk of £15m is net.



    Players off wage-bill plus any transfer fees on top



    Not being funny,but we do not regularly spend it net.



    If anything-recently,at least-we have spent it foolishly.



    I hope those days are gone,and a football board is in place at arms-length from the Plc board.

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Im sure i hear the splash of cold water on expectation.


    Yip….theres the steam now.


    No splurge, because we usually spend round about 15 million….yeah, but on what.


    Could it be the never ending production line of failed and duff players and squandered millions…that eh…nobody takes ownership of?


    Who is kidding who?


    There is a huge difference between spending millions wisely….or stupidly squandering it.


    That is the reality.


    We have reached this point because people who should know better, have squandered millions.


    Lets get it right…..it didnt happen out of thin air.


    Mismanagement, particularly in buying players…..dont forget that.





    If anyone is unhappy with what is happening now with the positive management appointment then I think you are an idiot or a Hun idiot.

  11. I’d rather Celtic did something positive to challenge the same club narrative than splurge money on transfer fees and wages.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Do you think once the S/B sales are in double figures there will be a Scooby Doo style reveal at the end; ‘Brendan Rodgers’ is unmasked as…. Mark McGhee

  13. Daily Ranger 12.31 20/5/16






    Police Scotland promise a hardline on Cup Final offensive behaviour:



    A top source from Police Scotland has revealed an ‘absolute zero tolerance’ policy on offensive singing at tomorrows Hampden Cup Final between the mighty Rangers and some Edinburgh pretenders.



    Officers will be issued with expensive high-viz vests equipped with state-of-the-art computery technology stuff with cameras and everything. A ring of steel will be formed around Hampden’s volatile East end.



    Offensive singing that hurts the delicate sensibilities of the reknowned civilised support of The Rangers International FC will be pinpointed and dealt with swiftly and harshly. Our confidential source – Chief Inspector John William Cromwell Wallace – revealed “Naebody doon my ludge likes the Proclaimers so they east-coast poof-city fenians will need tae keep their gubs shut. Like.”



    When questioned for yawnsome stock-in-trade article balancing about the remote possibility of a handful of malicious Chelsea casuals with forged tickets in the Rangers end singing ‘The Billy Boys’, the revered Grandmaster Wallace added sagely, “We’ll be takin’ that on a pro-rata basis; there’s obviously a high chance ay some wayward souls being unduly provoked by the fenian end and breaking into song under circumstances of diminished responsibility. Or if the big tellies break doon…”



    Former Scottish Sports Minister Kenny Mcaskill has assured us there will be a ‘carnival atmosphere’ at Hampden tomorrow. “Just like the carnival of the damned movie,” he jocularily tripped of his tongue as he buttoned his breeeks whilst rising from the goat at last nights pre-final sash-bash event.



    Polic Scotland is an equal opportunities employer. Unless you’re from fenian stock or passed your exams.

  14. NEILMCCALLUMLENNON on 20TH MAY 2016 12:56 PM





    NOTHING has happened yet mate………………………..And our club has previous, how many ‘transfer windaes’ have we witnessed slamming shut with only dross (at best sometimes) in.



    I’m waiting till the fat lady is in her second verse.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    My first trip abroad to see Celtic was on the Glasgow uni bus to Amsterdam. 2-1 made it very memorable. 4 or 5 guys who now post on CQN travelled on that bus trip.



  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Ernie Lynch



    I agree.


    Although, you would think its the end of civilisation as we know it, when you utter the words…..Fair Play.


    As though a collective….SHHHHH, has stunned everyone into silence.


    A cup-final…Sevco v Hibs….where all the officials are sevco fans…..that is high farce.






  17. leftclicktic on



    Seen that and love reading the blog when posters are catching up with their memories of past games and showing how small a world irt is with as many on the same bus.





    Tell Albhoy i’m asking after him.



  18. Come off it Paul. Not spend 15 mil. After al we have got ten of a start with THEIR return.

  19. CultsBhoy - board rigid with the lack of ambition on

    I’m personally hoping the manager is given 2 things re budget



    1. His budget plus whatever he raises from punting (surplus to requirement) players from our bloated squad.


    This could double his allocated budget.


    2. 100% autonomy and decision making on who is brought in.



    Lawwell can set budgets and pay scales and can negotiate directly over wages with players chosen by the new manager. Under no circumstances should he be involved in identification of targets.



    DD has I think given PL a boot in the baws by intervening and dismissing the Deila experiment and targeting worthy candidates.



    I sincerely hope he is rewarded by fans through purchase of season tickets and other club merchandise etc.



    DD is an entrepreneur who can see potential and take managed risk.


    PL is a competent but risk averse bean counter with a delusion of leadership in the CEO role IMO.



    If DD has the cajones and nous I think he has he will identify PL as the divisive, business shrinker that he is and will manage him out as a risk not worth continuing with. Sooner rather than later hopefully.



    Looking forward to a new era – an era of Virtious cycles where Board support fan ambitions and are in turn repaid with fan loyalty and investment.



    This is not the context for ego driven CEOs with a penchant for nepotism.



    This is a context for a modern leader who embraces collaboration and partnership approaches with fans and inspires trust and loyalty.



    Roll on next season!

  20. I like it when Celtic announce the signing of a player when he has actually signed the contract and don’t trail it before they Celtic employees. Usually, the MSM are uninformed and the news comes as much of a surprise to them as it does to us.



    I wish we would do the same with our managers as I feel all this ‘trailing’ before the event is making us a hostage to fortune.



    I much prefer reading about Celtic related good news after it has actually happened.



    stillscarredbyjudas csc

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Lets just say im surprised, that some enterprising writer has not investigated the connection between Scottish referees and certain secret societies.


    These people need to be exposed.


    They are the root of the cheating.


    A secret brotherhood….in Scottish Football.


    Its a bit too medieval for my liking.


    Time they were stopped in their tracks.


    Clean the stable.




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