Edinburgh again, Ticket Office Blues


While Celtic are in the middle of a month with six home games, we face Hearts on Sunday on their eighth consecutive home game and tenth game on the trot in Edinburgh. Runs of games like this do you no favours in the long run, but they provide pockets or benefit.

Training schedules for Hearts have been perfect during this period, without needing to factor in a trip to Dingwall, for example. Game plans will have been consistent and clear. There will be modifications for the visit of the champions, but we will face a team who are as ready as they could be for the challenge.

This letter from the Ticket Office:

Like many of you, I have several season tickets in my wallet right now. They are not always used by the named person (Martin42 has been unable to use his ticket since August (!) due to injury).

I have not been in touch with the club, so can only wonder what “the Celtic Ticket Office is not obliged to provide information about the named Season Ticket Holder to any third party” could be about. It is an obscure reference, as is “in all cases relating to Season Tickets photo ID is required”.

Letters like this are never produced purely to irritate, there will be an issue to be addressed. It will not be a mean-spirited attempt to stop you taking a friend to the occasional game – which we all do.

But if the issue is serious enough to write to all season ticket holders: explain, explain, explain.  It’s not just the perma-rage-against-the-man-types (you don’t know who you are, so don’t bother wondering) who are troubled by this, some will be reluctant in future to invite a friend along to Celtic Park on a spare ticket.

Lessons learned, I’m sure.

Listen to “The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP26) with Jim McCalliog” on Spreaker.


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  1. Ok just to pour petrol on the flames.



    Considering that the letter arrived through the door yesterday morning for my son who is seated in the north east lower corner I eagerly anticipated my letter through the door this morning. Nada Zilch Zero. Ach maybe corporate season ticket clients will be issued with a personal leather bound copy of Season ticket terms and conditions and Ground Regulations.

  2. Paul 67.



    The Govan Emerald CSC did not mince their words regarding the ST letter ” fiasco”



    I couldn’t have put it better myself.




  3. Talking of sharing tickets



    I once heard the story of identical twins who for years shared the same membership for an exclusive golf club not that far south of Perth. One would play in the morning and the other in the afternoon and vice versa. They got away with it for years until they decided to play in the medals and started posting scores that’s when the handicap committee discovered that older twin who was a complete duffer couldn’t play to his brothers 10 handicap


    Bit of a bugger being stuck in Swindon for oh 47 weeks of the year.



    Aye,it’s my choice,though not entirely my desire(!)



    But I have those five weeks a year,spent with the three things I miss most.






    The three ‘F’s. Four if you include Tennent’s Lager.



    I live for those five weeks,I sure as hell work for them.



    Oh for the joy of a corporate seat and a box of The Rebs in my taxi…

  5. celtic by numbers, as far as I can see from Celtic’s results on the BBC website, Sinky has scored one goal more up to 15th December this season than he had done last season, so one should conclude that, notwithstanding injury or a massive slump in his form to date, he will beat last season’s total of 25 goals. And this in a season where the team as a whole has scored fewer goals.



    Thus it seems to me that he has actually improved from last season, in a tangible attacking sense at least. He just frustrates me with the number if times he seems to mis-hit shots or put them straight at the ‘keeper when he has a team-mate stood in open space a few yards to his side… he does tend to be a little too confident/selfish on occasion. But all in all, he is still one of our star performers.





    It really is a shocker,isn’t it? I can’t think of anyone who has defended the amateurish way it has been handled.



    Or worded.



    TBH,it is nearly as big a PR disaster as the worst of Sevco.



    Brian Rix would be proud.


    I hope yeezuraw laughing at my last comment-pwoud,so pwould-or…



    I’ve killed Kenny!!!

  8. Last personal indulgence from me for a while hopefully.



    Consultant reports he removed my bile duct, gall bladder, duodenum and half my pancreas BUT



    All of the cancer!






    I will have 4 -6 weeks physical recovery to muscle damage but should be able to return to Paradise by February. I will have chemo but Doc reckons it is just “belt and braces”.



    Grateful thanks to everyone of you for your prayers and support.







    Great news and you will be remembered in my prayers.



    Take care and God bless!

  10. “Lessons learned, I’m sure.”



    Clearly not by the SLO, Paul, if his statement of “clarification” is anything to go by! Deary me.

  11. Since 2000 this is what EPL clubs have spent;



    Chelsea £1.57bn


    Man City £1.54bn


    Man Utd £1.30bn


    Liverpool £1.08bn


    Spurs £938m


    Arsenal £706m


    Newcastle £566m


    Everton £558m



    And we’ve to mock Celtic for not being able to compete when none of the above can get near Europe’s elite such as Bayern.



    Madmitch’ Neg Anon, etc, etc – dry your eyes. CSC

  12. mild mannered Pedro delgado on



    Great news. Even though I’ve no idea who you are


    Already you’re my favourite



    Late great brucie CFC

  13. Absolutely brilliant news, Eurochamps, not surprised by the chemo bit, it’s almost standard now, as we say over here To be sure, to be sure,


    It’s not pleasant but the main thing is you are a survivor and will see the ten in a row & many more Titles Please God.

  14. Eurochamps67 – Really excellent news. I’m very happy for you to get such lifting news. Keep the spirits up and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

  15. Eurochamps67 on 15th December 2017 2:04 pm: “he removed my bile duct, gall bladder, duodenum and half my pancreas BUT… All of the cancer!”



    Wishing you a full recovery EC67, or at least what is left of you!



    But that lot sounds a bit like what has happened to a certain entity over Govan way. Only in their case most of the cancer remains!

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Superb news


    You can get on with enjoying your retirement and giving us updates from your travels




  17. Eurochamps67 great news!


    When you come back to Celtic Park make sure you bring your own season ticket with you otherwise you won’t get it in!

  18. EC67 great news, got the all clear myself 12 months ago, albet for prostate cancer but it’s a huge weight of your shoulders. May I wish you and yours all the best for the coming year. Hail Hail Hebcelt



    Are those totals for all spending or just (he uses with no hint of irony) for transfer fees? If wages are not included you could add a few billion to that!


    The madness and the immorality of the EPL!!

  20. Gooooood Afternoon CQN


    Eurochamps67 – brilliant news,


    bet your glad theres a shutdown in January :-))



    Take care and come back fully fit



    Hail Hail

  21. Eurochamps,



    What a great present for Christmas! I wish you all the best and I’ll remember you in my prayers.




  22. £369 day trip to St Petersburg (probably riff-raff Air)


    £108 for the visa


    £14 return ticket on train to Edinburgh to obtain same


    Price of ticket not included at moment


    Not much change out of £500 for a day trip but tremendous value for a visit to the sunshine state




    10 x Tennents Lager @ £3.48


    1 x Donner Kebab @ £5.00


    BT Sport on the pub telly


    All for under £50


    With the money i save i can probably work for 46 weeks of the year and still afford my season ticket and maybe a new Andrea Bocelli Cd for the hack certainly encourages a better class of clientele

  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    EC67 – fantastic news!



    Some might say tremendous work by the NHS supplemented by the power of Prayer!




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