Enormity of task clearly evident


The breezy self-confidence after Tuesday’s draw with Midtjylland has been replaced by a more familiar disposition for most of us.  The one rule of thumb for preseason games is ‘preseason games do not matter’, but still, shipping six goals to a side who have played less football than us, at home, is a strong indication of the enormity of the task ahead.

You can be sure the side that faced West Ham will be nothing like the team that competes beyond the transfer window, the major worry is what to do between now and then, particularly on Wednesday in Denmark.

If only Ange Postecoglou was able to genuinely ponder this issue.  He has little choice but to try to create a silk purse from the players he used and who are still available after the first leg.   It would be a remarkable achievement.

Midtjylland won away at AaB on Saturday, the confidence boost they hoped for ahead of Celtic.

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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH JULY 2021 12:01 PM


    Mc Kay has to take charge of this recruiting shambles.If he already has,then we are in deep trouble.Dithering,that would win a Gold in Japan.Its obvious the suits are clueless.





    Ange must be looking on and thinking,WTF.Lovric,4 something million.H,mmm.





    A plethora of RBs,H,mmm.





    This week,defines our season.Not beyond the realms,that Hearts could win,and Wednesday,a nightmare scenario could unfold.We just look like a rudderless ship.





    On the subject of Lundstrom,signed by the Huns,he is a clogger of epic proportions.Was with Sheffield,and will be worse with them.In the Arsenal game,KT came on at HT.Within 3 minutes he had lunged at him twice.Ran about fouling at will.One for the watching.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I would really like the new CEO to undertake a thorough review and put procedures in place such that a shambles like this can never recur.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Agree with all that. To be at this point is of course a total and complete failure of the previous leadership. At least we can but hope it’s ‘previous’.

  4. I suspect none of the back 4 or the goalkeeper will be first team contenders come the end of the transfer market….However, what damage between then and now

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Nothing completely new here.



    I actually suspect the “coming soon” presence of Starfelt and Furuhashi will make a difference.



    Trick ,then is to apply a new brick to the edifice each week over the next four weeks.



    As for here and now?



    Simple (not easy)



    Goalie poor?


    Defence poor?


    Midfield good?


    Forwards quite good?



    Attack like demons on Wednesday.



    Squeeze the life out of …



    Their individuals in defensive positions




    their defence to attack transition



    …. and, if we are lucky, win with the odd goal in 3, 5, 7 or 9.



    Oh, and er, strap in !

  6. Recruitment recruitment recruitment……people try and make football a complicated game …it isn’t…..recruit better players than the main opposition…the rest will fall into place ……I’m not saying the huns are world beaters by any stretch and might even struggle without morelas…..but Kent looks as if he’s bulked up even more (they know whats needed) but get a fast strong player to combat him ….would be a start ….I really hope we are not haggling with royal antwerp over half a million !!!

  7. Nothing has changed for the better.



    Dermot Desmond is still our de facto owner.


    He has surrounded himself with subservient, powerless board members , and impotent executives.


    Executives who have to dance to his tune.



    Our scouting is utterly disgraceful.



    No matter how you spin it .



    Anje is a huge risk .



    We don’t have the standard of player to match the style of football that he wants us to play , and be able to keep a clean sheet against decent sides .



    This is all going to end very badly .



    This also Dom’s first gig as a CEO .


    He is cutting his teeth .



    Anje is cutting his teeth on a European level .



    Meanwhile we continue to underestimate our nearest rival.


    Who will wipe out all losses with CL qualification, and go millions ahead of us if they win this seasons SPFL title.



    Dermot Desmond is responsible for our current plight.




  8. I had a great day out on Saturday, first time out of Ireland since Mar 2020.



    A beautiful day in Glasgow, early pints on the ‘terrace’ outside Drovers , back in CP, met a mate and more outdoor pints in Babbity’s. Smooth transition at Glasgow and Dublin on the jag cert docs etc.



    On the game:



    1. Our good play in the first half and early second was lovely to watch. All early passing with good movement and first touches


    2. Our high line, high press , both FBs up at the same time, both CMs high is very risky. some of the goals were due to this tactic; make a mistake and it’s a goal. Ange needs to pull back a bit on this style


    3. West Ham were not dominant on Sat; easy long balls into channels were all they had to do to score. They didn’t even need pace on the break. i don’t think we could even be as slack in the future


    4. On the boos/cheers; mostly from young guys in my area. Lads to my right saying it is based on seeing the texts that they booed; lads to my left clapping back in response. My mate said folks were fighting over it in his section

  9. quadrophenian on

    The most relieved man in the UK watching this sporting SNAFU is, without a doubt, Mr Eddie Howe.


    At best, our celtic custodians were likely guilty of taking that bloke at his word. And failed with contingencies.


    Still, it’s only 30+ million innit ?


    Course COVID is making any signing protracted but, Christ, at this stage I’d love to have Hendry in there with Welsh. I guess Ange would have welcomed that too.



    Have faith, says I; Tony the Tiger and Gritty Greg are still better defenders than Frimpers, Kenny or Diego. HH

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Incredible really. Three years ago – a second consecutive treble, two years CL group stages and our first knockout win in Europe in 14 years.


    Who did it all go wrong…….

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I have images of AP,frantically going through last season’s episodes of Sportscene……

  12. I believe we have no option at this moment but to hope for the best and fear the worst.



    Many a chicken has come home to roost this past year and I’m afraid that we may have a way to drop before we get the right men in ti turn this around. Is Ange the man to do it- it could be, -but not if the likes of Barkas, Bain, Ralston, Murray, Welsh, Taylor,Griffith, Eduard et al remain in the team. This blend of inexperience, inability and indifference will not gain us anything except unpredictability.



    I feel for the young players, but we need big men with big hearts for the task ahead.It may take another couple of windows before we’re there though.

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    If we can all see the shambles we’re currently in, why can’t those that can do something about it?



    Complacency, arrogance and no forward planning..



    I wonder when Paul will do an article on the people responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.

  15. We have witnessed a catastrophic collapse of our club.


    We should have been on course to win 20 in a row.


    How many season tickets sales would sevco have had when were going for20?


    They would be playing in an empty stadium.


    They would liquidated.


    We had an opportunity to shut down this odious organization for good and at the same time improve scottish society.


    We have blown it.


    Thank you Peter and Dermot.


    History will not be kind.

  16. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    All of this becomes academic if you don’t have a goalkeeper. You can play well and score one maybe even two if we’re lucky, but it’s all academic if every shot on target from the opposition goes in and every cross or set piece results in a shot on target. This is basic stuff.! Cmon Celtic sign a feckin goalkeeper even if it’s on loan just now till AP finds his feet. If we go through this season with the current goalkeepers I fear for us, I really do.

  17. WESTCRAIGS on 26TH JULY 2021 1:22 PM


    You do know the team playing at Ibrox are not Rangers ? chill out

  18. SAN LUIS on 26TH JULY 2021 1:16 PM



    I certainly think Ange has the potential but my worst fear is that he’ll be collateral damage. Venglos was clearly a good coach and brought some good players and great performances but in Scotland, second simply isn’t enough. Time and patience aren’t commodities Celtic managers have and Ange is starting a country mile behind his nearest (only) rival with a hand tied behind his back.



    There needs to be a huge recruitment drive within the next week or so and Ange needs to be on top of his game for this season to be anything but another disappointment.

  19. There is a fragility to the Celtic family state of mind at present. A lack of confidence is another way of putting it.



    This doesn’t help. But until we recruit the right players this will dominate and haunt us. Vinniethedog is right – get better players. I’d add to that, coach them well and organise them as a team and keep their confidence and morale high. Inferior sides can beat teams with better players if they are well coached and organised – this was the difference last season domestically.

  20. I think I’m going to go back into Internet exile until we get sone good defenders and a new keeper in.



    The doom and gloom is too much. I’m more than capable of creating my own misery without all the Corporal Frasers on here declaring the end if the Celtic world is nigh.



    Adios compadres

  21. Robert Ressell


    You are kidding yourself if you think we had better players than Sevco last season .



    A 25 point gap , an invincible league campaign , a good run in Europe , is down to Sevco having better scouting , better players , and better coaching .


    All on a wage bill that was £10 million per year , less than ours .






  22. WESTCRAIGS on 26TH JULY 2021 1:22 PM


    ‘We have witnessed a catastrophic collapse of our club.





    We should have been on course to win 20 in a row.





    How many season tickets sales would sevco have had when were going for20?





    They would be playing in an empty stadium.





    They would liquidated.’







    On the other hand, if you owned a controlling stake in Celtic, and your long term goal was entry to the EPL as one of the Old Firm, the last thing you would want is for the huns to go bust, or to be so financially weakened that they could never be a serious competitor.



    If you look at things from that perspective, what happened last season makes sense.

  23. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Robertressell @ 1.35pm



    We’re doomed I tell yi we’re doomed.! 😀😀.



    I live in hope for Wednesday not expectation.

  24. TT @ 1.43



    Last season in the SPL — TFOD2.1 introduced the ground-breaking innovation of having 12 active players on the pitch at the same time for some of their games.



    Looking at the results it has worked a treat.



    This season we are at least trying — active in all areas overcoming 6 months of stagnation and 30 months of non-managed decline.



    Their coaching is good and they have some good players.


    However they are still limited with quite a few fan dancers and “paper” tigers.



    We get our recruitment right then we win the league.


    We are hobbling ourselves with this out before they can come in process.


    However we are getting better and the gaps that need filled can be seen from space.



    My thoughts are that we should have brought in 4 / 5 SPL worthies to fill these gaps 2 months ago.



    GK — pick one from a batch — take the pressure of VB so that he can work on his confidence.


    RB — SO’D / why not.


    CB — DG and we all hold our noses.


    LB — Might be worth spending some money.


    CF — Punt on a local worthy.



    Waste of money — possibly but we are well past that level of optimisation.


    The issue is trying to put out a defence that is not scared of the dark.

  25. The argument that we have better players has been put to bed, surely?



    Currently, I’m struggling to think of one of our players who makes the manky mob’s first team.



    McGregor on top form might make their midfield; Eddie from two years ago, certainly. Eddie of today, doubtful.

  26. “Enormity of task clearly evident”



    Paul’s headline is 100% correct and almost 100% of posters in this article today are in complete agreement.



    I don’t think anyone believes there is a ‘quick fix’ now, such is the paucity of our squad; but surely the support need ‘a step for a hint’ from the CEO and the board



    If we are to sell Edouard after Wednesday as Stephen McGowan writes and, we add his fee to that of Ajer, Frimpong, Klimala and other bits and pieces, then obviously there is money to spend. We seem to be looking to buy in the £3/£4 million bracket – with three in already in that category.



    It looks like perhaps one, or, two more of this type may be added, then a ‘padding-out’ with a few loan signings, probably at the very end of August, when teams down south have finalised their squads for the new season.



    We need to be put in the picture on the short & medium term goals as we are in a much different place than at anytime in the last ten years. If serious money is not going to be spent, surely we deserve to know why and what the alternative is.



    There may be perfectly understandable reasons why we would take a more measured approach to re-establishing our position – but being kept in the dark is not an option.

  27. GB78 @ 2.08



    Where is the talent in their team?



    AM = Fat GH / 2011


    RK = hot and cold version of PR before PR went hot and cold.


    JT = fan dancer


    CG = Mistake waiting to happen.


    AMcG = Not of this world — swims in caffeine for his training set / warm up.



    Does the SPL do drug testing — asking for a friend …



    They have worked every angle.


    They have turned every trick.


    They have got lucky.



    They were working hard when we were going through the motions for 24 months.


    They are very effective — not so sure about being good.

  28. TT we did have better players than them but not just poor management but nae management done us in.



    Why, I have no idea but keeping them alive is as good as any.

  29. Problems too many to list. all of our own making. But the most urgent fix is getting a goalkeeper. In meantime get Barkas away from the team. he is without doubt the worst keeper i have ever seen. not just at Celtic or in the professional game but including Amateur football. must out the fear into his defenders.

  30. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic SLO’s tweet used two words I hate seeing in information updates.



    “Hope” and “Soon”



    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were zero Celtic fans at the dilapidated stadium for the Glasgow derby at end August.

  31. ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH JULY 2021 2:00 PM


    On the other hand, if you owned a controlling stake in Celtic, and your long term goal was entry to the EPL as one of the Old Firm, the last thing you would want is for the huns to go bust, or to be so financially weakened that they could never be a serious competitor.




    I always take your contributions seriously and the above is no exception. I agree that DD’s long-term goal is that Celtic should be in the EPL, and that if there ever was a serious move on this then the Ibrox club would also have to be in the equation.



    However, how could this mind-set be transmitted successfully to management, coaches and players in order to convince them that underperforming was required during the season in order that *Rangers win the title, and Gerrard’s tenure does not end in failure?



    Surely there would have been a whistleblower by now!



    There was massive underperforming by an erstwhile dominant squad that had been, supposedly, strengthened with a mixture of £15/£20m worth of permanent and temporary signings.

  32. Colts highlights vs KDS now available on KDS.


    The quest continues …



    We are currently working our way through the ego management / building a team phase.



    Half the team wants a run attack.


    The other half wants a passing attack.


    Could get messy.

  33. DD’s keep TFOD / TFOD2.1 alive at all costs plan.


    PL gets the script after 5 years in the door when DD knows the way he rolls.



    That is all you need.



    Has anyone broken ranks regarding the SDM / MIM EBT spiders web?


    Does it make the SMSM — has anyone blabbed about it to anyone?


    Interesting how strong willed individuals can keep a lid on things.

  34. quadrophenian on

    There’s two keepers I wonder if Ange isn’t tempted by.


    One would be his version of Dorus De Vries – big Aussie Jamie Young at 34 is in his prime and a real vocal leader; ex-mate of Brendan’s and Ange’s and at a contract stalemate in Brisbane. Free transfer?


    The other is – don’t laugh – the Pool keeper Loris Karius looking to rehab his career after his ECL blunders. Don’t think Liverpool would be hard to deal with.


    Really hope it comes good for Barky and Bainy, but don’t see them as dominant figures between sticks.


    Jamie Young would be a real safe pair of hands. Seems a top pro and great character too.

  35. RobertTressell on 26th July 2021 1:35 pm



    I think I’m going to go back into Internet exile until we get sone good defenders and a new keeper in.



    The doom and gloom is too much. I’m more than capable of creating my own misery without all the Corporal Frasers on here declaring the end if the Celtic world is nigh.



    Adios compadres





    I’m with you on that. Site is now totally dominated by Trojan Horse posters.




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