Ferencvaros hit Europa league highs last season


It is positive news that we will not face the mid-season Swedish champions next week.  Djurgardens are nowhere near as strong as Celtic, but they will be significantly fitter and by some way better than any team we have faced since Copenhagen in February.

At full strength, Ferencvaros are almost certainly a better team than Djurgardens, and they won through last night with the advantage of home soil, despite being only one game into their domestic campaign.

Unlike last season, their European record read like a history of Hungarian football over the last four decades.  The four previous years brought only one aggregate win in European qualification, against Latvian opposition, with defeats to teams from Israel, Denmark, Albania, Bosnia and Netherlands.

That all changed in season 2019-20, when they eliminated Bulgarian, Maltese and Lithuanian opponents to reach the Europa League group stage.  There, they drew home and away with Espanyol, beat CSKA in Moscow and took a point at home.  Their campaign ended there, as despite having beat Bulgarians Ludogorets Razgrad home and away in a Champions League qualifying round, they lost their Europa League home game, could only draw away, and finished third in the table.

Ferencvaros record last season is enough to give Neil Lennon plenty to think about, but playing at Celtic Park against opponents no fitter than we are, is what we would have hoped for at this stage.

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  1. TB @ 10.22



    Lets start in Germany and then move on.



    DD owns 43% of the shares but he uses the club as his own personal property.


    Who does he think he is — Rupert Murdoch / Old Monkey Glands himself.?

  2. 52 years ago today in an effort to quell the Prague Spring Russian tanks rolled into the streets of Prague.



    What has this to do with Celtic, well prior to this we had been drawn in the first round of the Big Cup against Hungarian champions Ferencvaros.



    We young Tims were over the moon at this as their best player at the time was one of the most gifted in Europe Flórián Albert who had won the Ballon d’Or the year before.



    Hungary had revolutionized football in the 1950s, laying the tactical fundamentals of Total Football well before the dikepluggers had realised the concept of it.



    The Magical Magyars had an array of outstanding talent including the Black Panther Gyula Grosics, Nándor Hidegkuti, Sándor Kocsis, Zoltán Czibor, József Bozsik and of course the incomparable Galloping Major Ferenc Puskás.



    Ranked the best team in the world they were invited to play the “inventors of the game” at Wembley.



    The outlanders had never lost at home to a team outwith the british isles, although it should be noted that with a strong lineup they had lost tae the newly formed Republic of Ireland, whose side contained two english second division players and 2 from Shamrock Rovers, 4 years earlier at Goodison Park.



    The game was listed as “the Match of the Century” and played in front of 105,000 Hungary simply demolished them and within half an hour they were 4-1 ahead finishing 6-3 with a hat-trick from Hidegkuti, two from Puskás and one from Bozsik. It was a footballing lesson that sent shock waves throughout the UK.



    6 months later they thumped them 7-1 in Budapest. Between 1950 and 1956, the team recorded 42 victories, 7 draws and just one defeat which ironically was in the 1954 World Cup final against West Germany, a side they had thrashed 8–3 in the group stages, with Kocsis scoring another 4 goals; however, cynical fouling on Puskás left him with a hairline fracture of the ankle which left him unavailable for selection for the quarter final and semi final stages.



    Within 8 minutes of the Final the Magyars were ahead 2-0, however the Fatherland not only pulled the 2 goals back but actually took the lead with 6 minutes to go and held on for the “Miracle of Berne”.



    There were three controversial incidents in this game, each favouring the Germans; Hungarian goalkeeper Grosics was allegedly obstructed for the second German goal, Puskás apparently equalised in the 89th minute but was deemed to be offside, and there was an alleged foul on Kocsis in the penalty area in the final minute of the game. The referee was outlander Arthur Ellis hmmmm, was this revenge for his countries humiliation.



    2 years and 3 month later their world was further turned upside down as Russian troops rolled intae Budapest, the problems began a month earlier when thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding a more democratic political system and freedom from Soviet oppression.



    Over 2,500 Hungarians and 700 Soviet troops were killed in the conflict, and 200,000 Hungarians, including Puskas, Czibor, Kocsis and Bozsik of the “Golden Team” fled as refugees.



    At the time Honved were in Bilbao in the first round of the Big Cup losing 2-3, but before the home leg could be played, the players decided against going back to Hungary and arranged for the return with Atlético to be played at Heysel Stadium in Brussels.



    The Galloping Major scored in the subsequent 3–3 draw but Honvéd were eliminated 6–5 on aggregate, and the Hungarian players were left in limbo.



    They summoned their families from Budapest, and despite opposition from FIFA and the Hungarian football authorities, they organised a fundraising tour of Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Brazil.



    After returning to Europe, the players parted ways, some, including Bozsik, returned to Hungary while others, including Czibor, Kocsis and Puskás, found new clubs in Western Europe.



    This was to us football fans advantage as we were further exposed to the talents of these great men with the first 2 winning a host of trophies, including the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, in Italy and Spain with Ferenc gaining 5 Titles and 1 Cup in Spain as well as 4 Big Cups and 1 Intercontinental Cup.



    Who among us who were around at the time will ever forget that masterful display at the national stadium where the one footed stocky inside left would rattle home 4 goals in a 7-3 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt.



    Unfortunately for the Hungarian national side Ferenc would not return to his native land until 1981, although lost to them they were still a formidable side reaching the quarter finals of the WC in 62 and 66 in a side that included the “Emperor” Flórián Albert.



    A one man club, whose stadium now bears his name, he led them to 4 national tiles and 1 cup plus an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup over Juve having knocked out Roma and Manure enroute.



    An absolutely amazing player and we were going to be blessed to see him at Parkheid until that fatal Prague Spring.



    Mindful of the Hungarian Uprising the Celtic board refused for the First Team to travel to Hungary in protest of the Russian actions.



    It should be noted here that we as a club have always had a close relationship to Czechoslovakia and that can be put down mainly tae a mhan fae Dumbarton who is known as the “Father of Czech Football”.



    Although he had moved there in 1905 we hadn’t forgotten Jake and sent a team to tour the newly formed Czechoslovakia in 1922.



    Other countries followed our lead and some Eastern Bloc countries then boycotted the competition in protest: Carl Zeiss Jena, Dynamo Kiev, Ruch Chorzow, Levski Sofia and Ferencvaros were all missing.



    As it was the round was redrawn and we were paired with St Etienne who had 6 French internationals in their squad, this seemed to have backfired on us initially as in a lacklustre display we lost the 1st leg 0-2



    However on another magical European night 2 weeks later in an all white strip with the wee mhan being unplayable we were magnificent, even big Cairney got on the score sheet, the 4-0 scoreline flattered the French side whose captain described the noise of our support afterwards as “howling banshees”.



    I know some will laugh on here at this statement by Sir Bob, but it does truly emphasise the ethos of the club “Celtic will hold their heads high for what they did… There are things for Celtic more important than money.”

  3. mm


    No you cannot redistribute wealth under Tory


    spending guidelines.Your war liar adhered strictly to “sun” guidelines.using 2 hands was the fettes boy.doin Tory and Murdoch together.


    not one rollback of Thatcherite monetarist policy.


    plenty of Thatcher policies renamed.put into quango.but no redistribution


    not one rollback on the tax system- if anything it went feral!


    I suppose there was wealth redistribution from poor to rich once banking debt was nationalized.True betrayal and always to be reminded of.


    now you run a1long now and change your name.i will tell you who I voted for when I meet you.but we both know that won’t happen you don’t have full confidence in yourself,to be yourself.


    ta ta

  4. MadMitch @ 9:33 pm



    A good start would be to look at the SPL for new players. 2018 / JMcG was available but we lost him — CEO willy waving.



    Like Scott Bain, Jack Hendry, Ryan Christie, Youssuf Malumbu, Lewis Morgan & Gary Makay Stevens. You are advocating something we already do and something which is hit and miss.




    2019 / DT was available but medical stuff came up.



    Medical Stuff?? Like a potentially career ending injury? We buy him and we pay for his unguaranteed rehabilitation period or we go back in for him once we’ve seen he’s recovered. We have not lost, missed or needed David Turnbull during this period and we may get him anyway for a similar price.





    2020 / AH is on the market — we are not active just wanting updates.



    Lost me here ?? Alan Hansen?- only reason we would want updates would be to send a mass card.





    We are nowhere good enough to pass over these players.



    Which is why we didn’t. We bid for McGinn- he chose the money. We had Turnbull signed but we discovered we were signing a player not fit to play.- correct decision to pass when Well did not accept revised downwards bid. We will be in for him again but he is no cert to succeed at CP.




    And then there is the strange set of priorities — CEO on EPL Top 4 money / manager on bottom half of the English Championship money …



    At last we agree. The CEO’s salary being excessive is the one thing that unites 95% of all Celts. We could easily halve it but it would not make much difference to our prospects or position in the food chain. Still worth doing , though






    Wrong / wrong / wrong.



    I make that Not Proven/ what?/ and totally agree with you.




    But in the end, your first steps are, again, merely a wish list and not a plan, far less a guarantee. It’s not even that radical or novel

  5. AN TEARMANN on 20TH AUGUST 2020 2:59 PM







    define yar variables my friend.:-) your all over the place here.more non scientific analysis 😊







    today 2.04



    – KT’s fee as we know was £25m



    yest 3.58



    Profit on Player Trading (incl KT) £18m



    I only appear to reconcile the 2 wearing my daveking glasses.:-)








    still got the daveking degokking glasses on and my “KarenDunbar” nose still twitching here.ps no probs with the 25m figure…thats a clue.lol.

  6. garygillespieshamstring on

    Tontine Tim



    A great read.


    I can well remember Bob Kelly’s statement about “the illegal and treacherous invasion of Czechoslovakia”.

  7. Following on from some of the unwarranted critique of Kieran. People need to quit with the KT bile. Leave the kid alone. He rocked our stands, lived the dream, stood and sang with what was his own and always will be.



    He would have lasted a few years in the Scoddish league with the kicks and the abuse and the subsequent injuries. Gunners move set him and his family for life. Isn’t that the wee working class boys dream? They can’t all be lifers.



    Anyone that says he is a rat is dead to me.



    Brendan R however, different story altogether. Didn’t he marry a women 10yrs younger weeks after a divorce of a wife of two decades? Good Catholic God fearing man indeed. Celtic man my arse. Talked a half good game but his colours faded in the wash pretty quickly and the along came Leicester. Left us life he dropped his first wife.



    Reprehensible man on many levels. He fecked us over like others he has in his life. He may not be up there with Judas but he Is maybe second place.

  8. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    I’ll be brief – KT is, and always will be, green and white thru and thru. We were lucky to have him, and I’ve enjoyed his time in our colours. Lambasting him as a Judas etc. is mean spirited and wrong. I hope he has a long and prosperous career, laden with honours and plaudits.



    G’on yersel’ young fella….






  9. SFTB




    2020 / AH is on the market — we are not active just wanting updates.




    Lost me here ?? Alan Hansen?- only reason we would want updates would be to send a mass card.






    I’d initially wondered ‘Andy Halliday’?


    A player who truly does belong at a different level from us!






    HH jg

  10. fourstonecoppi on

    SLABHOY – ON THE ROAD TO 10 on 21ST AUGUST 2020 7:09 AM


    I’ll be brief – KT is, and always will be, green and white thru and thru.



    Spot on amigo……those who call him ‘Judas’ imho are just as you say mean spirited and really must have a good look at themselves. To deny this young lhad the opportunity to reach the the top …get a grip. Probably the same people who, if he were to play with Bayern and at the top of his game, would say ‘ oh aye Kieran hes wan a us’. TIERNEY IS US, HES THROUGH AND THROUGH……get that into yer thick skull!

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    Can someone elaborate on the process for trashing great servants to Celtic?




    Well on CQN, it seems to go like this:



    1. Choose your scapegoat (for any reason. might just be his haircut)


    2. Totally ignore the number of goals and assists he provides (consistently)


    3. Rubbish the views from those that know him best and who praise him.



    You can take it from there, if you want!



  12. Turkeyboy



    I’m sure there are many clubs the length & breadth of the UK that are not owned by high end “capitalists & rogue nations”, however none would be within smelling distance of the top divisions.



    Football is a business and, it has been shown the world over that predominately the capitalist model produces successful ventures. That is not to say that all these businesses are run in a proper manner – of course many are not.



    Rogue nations, by this I presume you mean Russia & the increasing Arab involvement – countries with disgraceful human rights records. I would rather see them stick to their own area of the world & invest domestically.



    RB Leipzig is another model that needs examining – the football club being used as a marketing tool for another business. If challenged by us they may of course point to Adidas, Dafabet & Magners…..but that’s different, isn’t it?



    Our club is run by capitalists and all things considered I believe it is run very well, although there are those among us who would like to see the likes of GB & the Celtic Trust take control (sighs) & return us to the days of Brother Walfrid…but of course still win trebles & qualify in Europe.



    Unfortunately the people in hard socialist & communist countries have had to pay a terrible price for those types of regimes – they all aspire to our kind of lifestyle – the capitalist genie can never be put back in the bottle……but it can be improved.








    Can someone elaborate on the process for trashing great servants to Celtic?










    Well on CQN, it seems to go like this:







    1. Choose your scapegoat (for any reason. might just be his haircut)





    2. Totally ignore the number of goals and assists he provides (consistently)





    3. Rubbish the views from those that know him best and who praise him.







    You can take it from there, if you want!










    Ignore the previous 8-9 games where the scapegoat has played well and then jump in after a defeat/draw to “prove” it was all the scapegoat’s fault regardless of how the rest of the team performed

  14. Has anyone heard from MELBOURNE MICK in the last few days ?


    Morning from a clamy..but damp CALTON.



    Any of those who are slagging Teirney able to show ANY Evidence of when KT was forever at the managers door demanding to be sold….or demanding £60/£70/£80 a week to stay at Celtic….NO ?……….I didnt think so.



  15. Paul The Spark on

    I would imagine if any Celtic fan that called KT a Judas isn’t old enough to remember when a real Judas like Johnston done the dirty deed. Still remember the hurt and gloating that was suffered.

  16. GM, friends, and a BHF from very wet, windy and drookit EK.


    However only 1MS till we again get to see TCs play and also get another chance to vote in this seasons POTY competition. Hopefully tomorrow we come OOTBs as quickly as we did on Tuesday night against FCK. Would love to think we will be playing 2UF but no signs yet of that happening AS.



  17. AT @ 10.57



    Could you please ask the policy guru / brains trust at your micro Marxist / tiny Trot political party — that you do not want to name and with tripe like that no wonder — to up their game and change the record because the analysis is making you look like a Torygraph / Forger’s Gazette reader on the day before pensions day.



    For the record — TB / GB followed Old Smokey’s spending plans for two years — 97 to 99.


    They then did their own thing for 11 years and invested in public services and public servants.



    They did redistribute income downwards with the minimum wage / tax credits / pension credits / other stuff — to suggest anything else is a lie based spite and jealousy with a side order of right wing propaganda.



    They increased public sector investment.



    They did increase taxes.

  18. Did the club think that KT that had a chronic injury that would continue to blight his career and when the price was right thought it was just good business to sell ?


    He was also victim of agricultural tackling thats only allowed in Scotland – especially against Celtic.


    Then he was over-played by Rodgers. Maybe his game time could have been handled better .


    Could bring back Izzy?

  19. I thought AH was the Hearts guy fae last season …….




    Aaron Hughes ??



    Surely at 40ish won’t be a project :-)

  20. T7 @ yesterday evening?



    The Nats are nationalists — surprise / surprise — peddling the politics of division and separation.



    It is the politics of identity over ideas — in no way shape or form progressive.


    It follows the game plan of Trump and Brexit — looking for someone or something to blame.


    Once you have a scapegoat everything else is easy.



    And guess what with Nat 2020 we have found a scapegoat that fits in too well with the attitudes of too many in Scotland — it is all the fault of England and the English. The anti English sheet painter / moon howler is now on the loose and getting louder.



    No matter how badly we perform locally it is never our fault.



    It used to be called Westminster as some sort of code but now the rock has moved and the anti-English bigots are calling it straight. They have been given a voice by the excuses of Sturgeon and her cronies.



    If you want to win the political argument you have to fight where you stand not run away and pull upthe drawbridge.



    Remember BoJo is just the monkey not the organ grinder.


    The real enemy is Rupert Murdoch and the Forger’s Gazette.


    If Scotland becomes independent they will still be there and calling the shots.