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    Strange that so many on here are willing to have a go at Celtic fans but any criticism of the suits has them apoplectic .

  2. TimHorton


    As a Celtic Shareholder and season ticket holder, i am furious with the Celtic Board and it’s treatment of fellow small shareholders – in relation to both Res12, and numerous other areas in relation to my club / team, being both cheated and treated differently on a regular basis.


    I could mention numerous other areas where they could drastically improve, such as treat any new club as such


    You maybe ? Happy with their conduct, many others are not, and arè entitled to their opinions



    Apart from that my Canadian family return home today

  3. Just read this on Sentinel Celts





    Yeah I know. But I want to say it one last time. I want CQN to die.



    Reply18 hours ago”




    Apparently he has been trying to get on to CQN for the last two days to tell Paul, one last time, what he thinks of him.



    What an absolute tit. Spare yourself the bother and save us all the bother of reading your moaning, greeting rants.

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Well well,



    We scored from a corner today and from a free-kick, wonder how that happened eh???




  5. TOSB


    Apparently the last post on the previous thread was me agreeing with neganon2 – that Paul 67 had failed to reflect the mood of the posters and ignore the Res 12 issue

  6. Timhorton



    UEFA told Celtic to do precisely that, go it alone, take it to UEFA, Celtic have done nothing.

  7. 50 shades of green on




    Aye, Your no kiddin there mate, always thought their fans were the most greetin faced gits under the sun.



    Hope it disnae go to a replay they have a plastic pitch ?

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    ‘Yes the picture’s changing


    Every moment


    And your destination


    You don’t know it’



    Bryan Ferry knew about Jf’s cuts inside from a long time ago.

  9. Good evening troops from a delighted Garngad



    Matt Stewart WTF?? Am I reading that right of have I got a warped imagination?????






    D. :)

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    TET 6.03pm



    Had a wee gander at SC last night since CQN was down, think around 10 posters in 10hrs nearly registered but thought it was poor stuff but definitely each to their own…. before CQN I would never have know when an AGM took place, did think P67 would have at least covered the AGM good or bad but stuff any Celtic board it’s the fitba that counts ….. wouldn’t be surprised if the Sky deal also included Res 12 to be “kicked into the long grass” suits Sky for the Sevs to be alive …. and probably suits the the rest of the teams in the top league as well… I wonder if Martin O’Neill or Brendan would have taken the managers role if there was no team in the league from Govan …. by the way they have been cheating forever it’s in their DNA :-)

  11. Prestonpans bhoys



    The ties will be played on Saturday January 19 and Sunday January 20.






    Cowdenbeath vs Rangers



    East Fife vs Morton/Peterhead



    Auchinleck Talbot vs Ayr United



    St Mirren vs Alloa



    Edinburgh City vs Inverness Caley/East Kilbride



    Hibs vs Elgin City



    Celtic vs Airdrie



    Hearts vs Livingston



    Aberdeen vs Stenhousemuir



    St Johnstone vs Hamilton Accies



    Motherwell vs Ross County



    Montrose/Annan Athletic vs Dundee United



    Kilmarnock vs Forfar



    Partick Thistle vs Stranraer



    Dundee vs Queen of the South



    Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline



  12. Gerry


    Some on here – me included think bthat Paul’s articles are becoming board propoganda as opposed to having a fans view

  13. David66….your imagination is fine…if you know what happened to us last night, could you please let the buck teeth owner know ….and all I can say is never ever mix keyboards, vodka and stairs. Stairs are deadly.



    Hail hail




  14. prestonpans bhoys on



    Thanks for that, not a decent game in that round although the first one will certainly be on the TV?

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Sid 6.20pm



    Read the post…. am not blaming sky just said I wouldn’t be surprised …



    Apologies for having my own thoughts

  16. Sitting here reflecting on another very good win when i started tae think about a marathon that was on yesterday about the Kennedys. Now i was one of those in the 60s that thought they were the bees knees, not anymore so I didnae watch the series.



    However, an event came to mind when contemplating the untimely death of JFK. 55 year ago yesterday the rest of the western world was mourning the assassination of this leader of the alleged free world.



    Since this happened on a Friday night at hame one of those commemorations was a minutes silence at all football grounds in the UK.



    These were impeccably carried out at all grounds except East End Park, it should be noted it wasn’t the homes fans who behaved so scabbily. No guessing who the visitors were.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Gene 6.22pm



    Wouldn’t disagree with that, but like us all maybe P67 is ok with how things are panning out… as TET says it is all about personal opinion



    Tim Horton … again my opinion was much like yours, I only had a look as Cqn was down, didn’t fancy that virtual boozer so left without ordering a pint :-)

  18. 16 ROADS. on 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 6:38 PM


    Marxists and Zionists murdered JFK.




    HH. ? ?? ??






    Oh really?


    Mare chance he was murdered by the Italian mafia and/or right wing Cuban ex pats. All of whom would have been confirmed.



    HH jg

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