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  1. I Reckon Arron Hickey will sign this week ,better than Doig of Hibs someone asked if I have seen him play ,indeed I have a few times same style as Taylor going forward but his end product crossing the ball much the same as Taylor.

  2. Hoops fans: Our shooting ( with the notable exception of Callum in Denmark ) has been dreadful.


    Check out these 4 superb shots in one game last week ( Brentford vs Man U ). Simply stunning.




  3. What is the Stars on

    Liam Scales is a smashing young player….but he would be mad to leave Rovers now for Celtic


    Yes…you read that correctly

  4. Has anyone worked out how to eliminate the ubiquitous videos of Englandshire at the Euro 2020?


    Or how to disable the damned disable your adblocker popup that appears every time I refresh?


    Bloody annoying. What is it about “ Continue without disabling adblocker” that the software does not understand?

  5. Tom English seems to be preoccupied with Celtic of late.



    Presumably his article about how The Rangers, that relies on share issues & Director loans to fund operating losses, can remain within UEFA FFP, is with the Editor? Presumably his article about the next scene in The Rangers vs Sports Direct drama is also with said Editor? Presumably his article about sporting integrity and one club running on endless losses is also with, er, the Editor?



    Come on Tom, we are waiting & waiting. We are wondering what’s happening to your journalistic integrity. We had not banked on you being a second class journalist.

  6. IniquitousIV on 1st August 2021 11:24 pm




    You need to up your adblock game :O)



    No pop ups or adverts here



    Try NoScript

  7. IniquitousIV on 1st August 2021 11:24 pm






    Depending on the browser you use there is an extension called Disaible Javascript i use tht works very well.



    For chrome browser





    For Mozilla browser








    Thank you for your suggestions. I will try them. I presently have 3 Adblockers, and am using Chrome with Java disabled. I only get the one pop up, which is a video rather than an ad, plus the site request to disable the blockers, and this unwanted development is very recent.

  9. If you haven’t been attention then you will not presently be watching the last episode of ‘Mayans MC’, on BBC2 the show produced by the makers of ‘The Sons of Anarchy’. Great drama from the boys from Southern Cal, not to mention the high handlebar Harley Ds they ride. Got caught up among Harley D riders a while back while driving west across the USA, they were heading to their annual motorcycle rally in (Sturgis) South Dakota, which begins next Friday. At the foot of the Black Hills, it runs for a week with bikers arriving from all over. Incredible to see dozens of them on the highway, even if, in a car, you are surrounded by them. And trust me they control the speed you drive at. A great great event, which includes a ride up to Mount Rushmore, the inspiration for the cover of Deep Purple in Rock.


    But all is not lost, this was series 3, and series 1-3 are all available on BBCi player. Get on board!




  10. IniquitousIV on 2nd August 2021 12:26 am





    I haeve tried a number od add blocker but the Disaible Java extension gives a very clean experiance on CQN no pop ups or disaible add blocker stuff…..its an oldie but works well. (My main browser is mozilla firefox)

  11. I bailed on Sons of Anarchy during that season in Ireland, show was pretty poor even up to that point.

  12. IniquitousIV on 2nd August 2021 12:26 am






    Just tried it on chrome and it works very well too.




  13. Delaneys Dunky on

    Wee tune for all the worried Celtic supporters, who unlike me, don’t think that Ange Postecoglou is the real deal.


    Serial winner with teams that play great fitba.


    Please Timdom.


    Have a Little Patience.


    Roma wisnae built in a day.


    Go Ange Postecoglou! 💪🍀💚



  14. Delaneys Dunky on

    Lots of whispers in Knightswood, that Knightswood Bhoy, and former pupil of my school Saint Thomas Aquinas, is signing for us.


    Hope he is as good as the last Knightswood Bhoy we signed. My big neebor Billy Stark. 💪🍀💚

  15. MMHOME


    I appreciate the advice, and will install it tomorrow, but what puzzles me is that I already have Java Script manually disabled in Settings before I go on CQN, ( the site is unnavigable otherwise ) so don’t really know if the extension would make any difference. No?

  16. Sláinte Ange on

    Allegedly,Burnley and Watford are going head-to-head in the race to sign Hibernian’s 19-year-old Scottish left-back Josh Doig, who is valued at £4m.

  17. IniquitousIV on 2nd August 2021 2:37 am






    I also tried various options to try help with all the pop ups, ads, videos and such and had some success. Dont know why but this extension just works. I would diable your other extensions and give it a try if it doesnt work just uninstall it. There are so many different variations of software / hardware out there i wouldnt know where to start trying to guess why certain extensions work on what. This one can be switched off / on on seperate tabs within one browser window so is very handy. Good luck.




  18. Fairhill bhoy/Tontine



    Mad mentoe mitch is a fake tag.



    in sense a shite bag who cant post as himself,that is the truly sad thing.no balls to post as himself…a shite bag.


    never met anyone of this site,rarely if ever been to Celtic park.


    a scatter gun(diarrhoea) approach to gleaning info and abuse does our intrepid reporter have


    maybe one of the reasons the dear green place is fading.


    sad for him.




  19. Good morning cqn from a beautiful sunny morning in Springburn (work)



    Big Jimmy hope you feel better this week pal.



    Jackie – Hope the wee one feels better also.



    D :)

  20. NICK on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:29


    Tom English is doing us an inadvertent favour. BBC headlines about our shambles alongside Ewan Murray articles in the guardian about how appallingly we’re going about our transition is hopefully the extra pressure the board need to move. Bad for the corporate image you see.

  21. I know we’ve been here a million times before but McCarthy would be a good signing for Celtic. Whether his wage demands can be balanced with his lack of availability will be the key. McCarthy would be a serious addition to our midfield so long as we use him wisely.

  22. Toaty Trumper @ 7.39



    Enough of your excuses / flannel — where is your Monetarism homework?



    Where is your reasoned analysis of our game on Saturday?


    Or are you too busy concocting your latest fluff piece on our absentee landlord DD / the Irish Raj?



    There is one phony in this conversation and it ain’t me.


    Now have a good day.

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    TONTINE TIM on 1ST AUGUST 2021 10:44 PM



    Self appointed hun finder general?



    Go and play with your toys.

  24. Don’t fancy Mccarthy,history of injury,looking for a retirement spot.


    Develop Shaw in.MF.

  25. EC44 @ 9.30



    Have to disagree — we do not have the time unless you are writing this season off already.



    It will take time for LS to develop into a first team starter.


    We need experience / leadership now not next season.



    JMcC — 12 years too late — would be a good place to start.


    Our season now comes down to what we can do in the next two weeks.


    Consequently developing projects is well down the list.

  26. James McCarthy?



    Injury prone, expensive and old, would it not have been better just to keep Broonie?


    Devil you know and all that.

  27. The links with guys like Joe Hart, McCarthy and Aaron Hickey, really shows how bad our scouting network is.

  28. st tams on 2nd August 2021 10:27 am



    Not so much a bad scouting network as a non existent one, we appear to be reliant on favourite agents, what an absolute shambles of an operation.


    Good to know that we are potentially going to spend 3 or 4m on a young player who was on our books or that we could have had for 500k, and some on here think we are financially well run.