Incessant, fast, attractive, record-breaking 69’ers never gave up


YOU were there to see it. When you look back on the great teams, the great seasons, the team who established a new British record of 69 games in domestic competition unbeaten, will fill your heart with joy. This team, The 69’ers, eclipsed the Centenary Team by some distance and will measure alongside the Seville Team in our annuls, second only to the Lions.

They are that good.

There is more than just being good. They have been incessant. They suffocate the life out of opponents. They played fast, attractive, football and when they sensed a vulnerability, they went goal crazy. They never gave up.

Eclipsing the club’s 100-year-old unbeaten British record last month took an emotional toll. After this, a late winner against Ross County, an industrial Cup Final win and that unforgettable late show at Fir Park suggested the players needed a new chapter. You and I discussed getting through December after a near thing at Easter Road, but the players just couldn’t climb another mountain.

It ended emphatically, amid two defensive slips and a stonewall penalty. Despite being three, then four, goals down, the players had the hunger, but not the imagination, to overcome the odds one more time.

The run has been a joy. Scott Sinclair announcing himself at Tynecastle in August 2016, then Moussa doing the same with a hat-trick a month later. In a little over four months of starting his first league campaign, Brendan watched his team score four or more against seven Premiership opponents. These were not just victories, they destroyed opponents desire to be on the field. 14 of 38 league games during that campaign saw four, five or six Celtic goals.

In 69 games across two seasons, one moment unquestionably towers above all others. Celtic were on the verge of a truly unique achievement: an Invincible treble, but the 2017 Scottish Cup final hung in the balance with two minutes remaining. One slip, and the most impossible of achievements, then in touching distance, would disappear.

Tom Rogic carved Aberdeen open and dinked the ball over the keeper in a delicious finish to a magnificent season. They did it! League Cup, League and Scottish Cup winners without losing a game.  That Final could have been won as easily as the 3-0 League Cup win over Aberdeen earlier in the season, but fate would gift us a dramatic conclusion.  Grown men cried.

Celtic winning the Premiership this season is the surest thing in sports betting. Their odds, 1/33, reflect how the betting companies can invest your money for the time they hold it, rather than any prospects of Celtic not delivering. A bet on Celtic winning the league is not actually a bet, it is a savings account.

We have planned to address the short-term issue of remaining unbeaten for too long. Now we can focus on being ready to defend the Scottish Cup, our trip to Russia and perhaps more European adventures.  We will overcome Brechin City at home in the Cup next month, leaving four games for a second treble, while the January transfer window will bring the opportunity to add depth to the team.

Brendan, in the words of another great Celtic manager, you and your players have been utterly brilliant! Thank you.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig.


    Gerry if you are lurking.


    Your out of office is in working order.


    Hail Hail

  2. Auldheid


    As I am going out , I have only read some of that article. Dreadful stuff.


    I wonder how many man City fans are aware?







    Belated but very warm welcome to Barcamolesbro.



    Franny was what the Celtic family is all about.




  4. Although our fantastic 69 unbeaten domestic run had to end at some point I was still disappointed. Although I am glad in one sense, we were well beaten and didn’t go down to mibbery.


    As Hamiltontim tweeted I do not and cannot buy in to the monkey off our back!


    Congratulations to the Player and Coaches who achieved the phenomenal feat…:)


    Now we go again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. The 69 unbeaten run was great achievement and its unlikey we will see it happen again.



    The undefeated run masked some problems in the team and the defeat at the weekend served to highlight some of these.



    gk is not good enough with passing when playing out from the back.



    About critisism can also be levelled on the backline.



    Some midfielder have not tired up this season and we are a little lightweight in there.



    One striker injuries to much and the other inconsistant.



    BR can see the same as you and i.



    The potential purchase of the german centreback is proof of that.



    Hopefully a gk who is comfortable with ball at feet will follow thereafter.



    Dont think we need any more midfielders or striker right now.



    If i were BR more than a few players would find their way to the exit door.



    Still think celtic squad is way to big with to many fringe players which hampers opportunities for our young players




  6. Auldheid


    Read that article, football has been allowed to be taken over by people who are not interested in the sport, if the Oil money dried up in Manchester which does not seem likely as they appear to have aquired influence in local politics which is probably all they are after City would be finished, governing bodies have allowed this, what if Sevco got such a benefactor who would complain, would Celtic if we were given such backing refuse, I would hope that would be a Yes, I find that article quite chilling more so that so called sophisticated democracies can be so easily bought.




    That’s a really well written article, I read about Otaiba on The Intercept also worth a read if you haven’t already, sordid to say the very least.



    I’m taking my wife’s nephew to see Neymar play for PSG in February, I paid something like 350 euros for two tickets and every part of Celtic Soul is resisting this but the boy is coming from Japan, he’s a fitbaw mad teenager and I’ll do the right thing but giving money to these racketeers doesn’t sit well with me.



    Thanks for putting that up, I posted before I’m friends with an old Man City fan here over 70 the man, he just shakes his head and mumbles “that’s not Citeh”



    God forbid we ever have that kind of situation at our club..




  8. It’s the shortest day of the year, we are already LC winners thanks tae a Dixie hatrick again, this on top of gubbin the same team who were challenging us at the top 5-0 the week before, we are out of Europe though to a no name Greek side but apart from a loss at home tae deidco we have been playing well and also scoring freely including a 6-0 rout of Dundee away in Rod Stewarts first game watching us.



    The hun game was as usual controversial, what can you expect with jp gordon officiating, in what was their first victory at fortress Parkheid in 6 years, the Fife Beckenbauer had went awol on the eve of the game, Brogie was mysteriously sent off for an alleged altercation with parlane, who was eventually sent off in the closing minutes, he had along with doddy been kicking Celtic players with impunity.



    So here we are getting ready for Christmas with a win at home over St Johnstone while deidco are losing 2-3 at Broomfield, there was much joy as we were now back at the top of the table, with a 2 point and 4 GD lead, and new signing Ronnie Glavin fitting into the side pretty well. ‘Oh oh oh its magic you know oh oh, gonnae be 10 in a row”, an honest one tae.



    Strangely on the Monday after this game I was talking with a colleague at work that had been in the Celtic end and there had been murmurings of three goals wisnae enough, we should be taking 6 or 7 off of teams, complacency amongst the support had settled in.



    So off we went to hades on January 4 in my last appearance there, winning comfortably at Rugby Park 1-0 and home tae the Bully Wee 5-1. Our only concern was the form of Ally Hunter; he had been inconsistent since losing a soft goal in the WC qualifiers against the Czechs at hundun, only the proficiency of our outfield players in front of goal saved him from more criticism.



    The pitch was extremely heavy on a dreich day which would suit the agricultural style of deidco rather than the silky play of our players, Jinky who was in pretty poor form was on the bench.



    We hammered them, Paul Wilson in particular was in scintillating form but unfortunately for us Kenny and Harry Harry where thwarted by the ugly side of football kennedy in the hun goal who had the ball hitting his heid, elbow, erse and legs, meanwhile they only had 3 shots on goal but unfortunately they counted and on a soggy pitch our goalie walked off the park with his shorts not needing to be laundered.



    Wee footnote here, a couple of months later I’m working on the M8 extension to Glasgow Airport and based in Helen Street, I rebuilt the railway bridge walls there, we had a wee labourer fae the Drum that worked at hades when they were erecting their centennial stand over the cooshed, he told us that they were watering the pitch daily, in spite of the heavy rain, right up tae game day.



    What could Jock do, Denis Connaghan was out of favour having shouldered the blame for the 1-2 defeat to deidco at Parkheid when he lost a soft goal in September. Both big Evan and John Fallon were no longer with the club; the former was at Shawfield while I believe big John was now down at the tail o’ the bank.



    He soldiered on with Ally and while we had again outplayed the steelmen lost 2-3 at home. So on we go tae Somerset Park where the ko was delayed as the home side anticipated capitalising in on our alleged poor form, in fact they went ahead in their blue and red strips?? but we bounced back tae win 5-1.



    We were always known as a cup side and so off we went tae Easter Road where Dixie scored his customary goal against them in a 2-0 victory. Ally was still in goal and had a shutout. This result was all the more impressive as the hibbees would push deidco all the way taking 3 points off them enroute.



    However, the wheels came of Ally’s bus in the following 2 games a 2-2 tie up at Gayfield to a relegation bound home side followed by a similar score at home tae a super sons with 3 ex-Celts and a soon to be one in the side after being 2 up.



    Next up is a home cup game against 2nd division Bankies, Jock wrang the changes in this one with young Graham Barclay making his only appearance in goal, big Billy, Brogie and Glavin dropped and Jinky and Tid relegated to the bench, after going a goal down we ran out easy 4-1 winners.



    A hastily arranged friendly tool place 3 days later to allow month to month loan goalie Peter Latchford, who came at the suggestion of Jock’s pal Don Revie, some playing time, a young Celtic side lost 0-2 with Johnny Doyle scoring the first against his boyhood favourites.



    With “never be TIAR” being belted out at deidco games we were still a fighting prolific cup side and headed tae Boagheid, my last ever visit there, with Andy Lynch who had scored 2 in a midweek friendly at Kilbowie at centre.



    A fortuitous intervention by big Cush saved a young red faced Kenny fae being sent off after Wispy had wound him up.



    We are back at hunden again for a semi against Dundee for the 2nd season in a row, a dour defensive game by the city of discovery side saw us win 1-0 due tae a big TG mistake in front of goal allowed MOTM Ronnie Glavin to score the winner, we are now in our 7th consecutive final.



    It was truly hunden in the sun that day in what would be my 2nd last visit to the crumbling wreck, my last would be a week later at a rain drenched Paul Wilson GC Final, and after taking the lead a wee winger who had scored the winner on their champion celebrating day at hades the week before with what is now a Celtic famous name of McCann equalised, but further goals from Paul and “Fat Pat” saw us worthy winners, we truly were a prolific cup team.



    This would be Billy’s 23rd winner’s medal as Celtic captain and his 7th SC one; he would also announce his retirement that night at the Ashfield Club alongside big Jock with an interviewing Archie Haircut stunned. Both Brogie and Jinky who failed to make the squad would also leave the club that summer.



    That season saw a very tired and burnt out club fail tae reach the heights of the previous 10 years, however, it should be noted that we still won 2 cups.



    The Big Mhan tae give him his due arranged numerous friendlies tae try and find a solution tae our poor play, especially in the league, and I could say to no avail. However, he did give his fringe players a chance by also leaving out big George as well as Dixie in the Final.



    Incidentally 13 year later and a hun side went through the same scenario, a tired and burnt out team failed tae reach their own corrupt TIAR even with the help of 95 minute games. Although the “genius” that is the Ayrshire rag and bone man complicated matters by announcing that naesurname was for the sugar lump at the end of that season and the flying pig as well as the flute playing Geordie were getting dumped tae, plus the coaxing of the second best player in his hoose to remain for another season where he only scored 5 goals as opposed tae 20 the year before backfired on him.



    So for us where do we go now, we are a very tired looking side. This time last year there were some on this and other Celtic sites volunteering tae drive big Dedryck tae the airport until he grabbed his chance pushing Eric the Viking out of the side, rumour has it that he wants way. Jozo, who 16 month ago was almost with Turin, he it seems is not that happy either, apart from launching the bin bag intae the stratosphere he husnae actually set the proverbial heather on fire. Time tae give big Eric another chance??????



    Jock tried as much as he could tae revitalise a tired and jaded side, he even dropped an international goalie, the club captain, the greatest ever Celt and fans favourite Dixie, but losing 9 league games, tying 5 others and shipping 41 goals is really poor fare even though we also scored 81.



    Unknown tae us Jock had future Iceland captain lined up and but for a serous mva we have no idea how far he may have taken us, the double on his returning season is poor reward for such a great manager.



    Now I’m not being selfish or overtly critical here just doing the old Jimmy Ruffin “I’ve passed this way before” but this is where Brendan now earns his corn, the next 4 games 3 at Parkheid are so critical and I don’t say that lightly.



    Yesterday was shocking against a injury riddled jambo side, the poorest I’ve seen a Celtic side for a long time and I came through the years in the wilderness with 2 semi defeats by the Buddies, Thistle in the LC Final, Raith in the same tournament and deidco after we had gubbed them 6-2. The managers then made the necessary changes, does Brendan have it in him to do the same. Noses and egos may be bent, so what, we have trophies still to win.

  9. If this new bloke — MC — is the answer then you have to wonder what was the question?


    Our recruitment policy just seems to be getting more ridiculous by the day.



    Just how big a clear out do we need?



    Nothing seems to point out that we have a happy squad.


    We have allowed our CL debacles to infect our SPL performances.


    The issue was raised during the aftermath of those embarrassing performances.


    But the happy clappers didn’t want to know — all they wanted was excuses.



    Well we have run out of those and currently we are dancing about in our Mankini as the tide rapidly runs out.



    We have not been playing well this season.


    We have had passages of great play in a number of games but the general atmosphere and attitude has been very poor — much worse than last season.



    Peak CFC was April / May last season — the TFOD2.1 paid the highest price.


    Even the Cup Final was a lower level than a month before.



    Poor close season.


    Poor transfer window.


    Poor squad management.


    Poor on-field attitudes.



    We were hobbled before the season got going.


    Consequently the only surprise about yesterday was the time it took to happen domestically.



    BR needs to earn his wages and then some.


    I fear that BL journeyman is and end rather than the start of the rebuilding.

  10. Celtic Champs Elect on

    AULDHEID on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 5:23 PM






    I’d be grateful if you would




    1. Keep your uninformed guesses on Res12 to yourself or get informed.




    2. Leave out insidious guesses like LG being more intent on winding up Hearts than playing for us to yourself.




    I say insidious because it attributes reasons for LG’s loss of scoring form to something that cannot be proven and demeans the guy’s character.




    Its unpleasant and it stinks. Keep the smell to yoursel



    Well said auldheid this guy is so demeaning of anything Celtic .



    Anyone who wants Mark McGhee to be theCeltic Manager should be locked up in carstairs Oot

  11. I’ve been saying on here for years that centre halves can be made to look much better than they are if the midfield is doing its job in protecting them.



    When I played in that position I hated midfield runners arriving without one of my team mates beside him. Centre backs can’t cope with an indisciplined midfield shape. There was an element of that in our European defeats. A bit of it yesterday too. But rarely have I seen central defenders managing to expose their own frailties so well as they did yesterday.



    That said, I wonder if our midfield and our management pay a bit more attention to protecting the centre backs when Nir and Ajer are playing there? It would make sense.



    I am confident in our squad and manager that yesterday will prove to be a turning point in a positive way. It could well be a monkey off our backs in some ways.

  12. AULDHEID on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 5:23 PM




    HH fella, hope her well.


    Anywye,….LG’s character ?


    Is this the LG who, after scoring a cracker of a netbusting hunskelping goal into the Rangers end net at ibrokes in the 1-5 game, ran to the corner flag and gestured to have claimed the place, by leaning on the corner flag, directly in front of the baying hordes, with not one copper within 200 yds ?


    How many Celtic fans were, slashed, or worse, because of LG’s character ?


    Is this the LG who wound up Linfield’s hun animal followers at Windsor Park, and when they threw a bottle at him, got himself booked by a dodgy MiB, and then, he continued the provocation ?


    Naaaah, its not about the smell, its about the cuteness, that trumps, cheap sneakiness, any day of the week.


    As for Res:12, I wish you all the best, but, it looks to me that, Celtic PLC have wrong footed the militants of the support with the appointment of Brendan, getting fans to pay £49 for Old Firm match tickets, many of those same fans were holding jelly n ice cream street parties, on here and elsewhere, because, a hun newspaper that is read by, two guys and a dug, printed a crowd funded “statement” that inferred that, Sevco and Rangers FC are different clubs, which sends out the message that, the Celtic support have bought, hook, line, and sinker, the Sevco / Rainjurs same club lie.


    Do a survey round Celtic Park on any match day and, you could count on the one hand how many folk have heard of Res:12. Is that my fault ?


    Anywye,…..take care. HH



  13. TT @ 6’ish



    Pet hate because of the memories of the 74/75 season is all this tripe about TIAR.



    I remember the songs about the magic only for us to collapse and let JW and his bunch of allegedly drug enhanced jungle fighters / beach bunnies win the league.



    Consequently hate all the TIAR stuff.


    The only number we should be thinking about is 7.


    All the talk about 10 is low rent / no class Green Hun entitlement.

  14. MadMitch



    I find I agree with a lot of what you say though the confrotational tone you always use is less to my taste.



    I also find your use of initials instead of the players/coaching staff name a bit annoying. Using initials is fine if it is , say, Brendan Rodgers you are describing as I know instantly who you are referring to but SC, BL? I do now actually know who and what you mean but only after a fair bit of thought.



    Just a suggestion.




  15. MADMITCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 6:41 PM



    What type of defender is Marvin Compper? Is he fast or slow? Comfortable in possession? Good passer? An Organiser?


    Not seen that much of him but you obviously have since you’ve written him off as a Bundesliga journeyman.

  16. AULDHEID. oCELTIC CHAMPS ELECT. you know fine well kev j comments are tounge in cheek. he loves the celts as much as we do. remember kevs had some serious health issues lately although he would not want me to advertise the fact. by all means argue with kev but dont dispute his love of glasgow celtic.hh.

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    M6BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 3:07 PM



    Just as well you’re not the manager. Bitton is the best passer of the ball in our squad. He has come on in leaps and bounds since the Astana game; he has acknowledged that he is still learning the role, but it says so much about his professionalism that he is digging in and willing to play anywhere for the jersey!



    Hopefully we see Bitton and Ajer on Wednesday night – 2 footballing centre halfs (halves?) that will be only to happy to mix the passing up – long and short – and step out into midfield with the ball.





  18. Marvin Compper is a done deal by all accounts, he has had a decent career, played over 200 games in the second best league on the planet imo, been reasonably injury free, will cost less than £1 mill, seems a good deal to me, but others know better, dearie me, what they are doing on this blog is beyond me.


    I disagree with those who are saying we don’t need any more middies, it’s there where we really need to strengthen, Broonie canny do it on his own, I have been say for years that we need a proven defence middy, one who knows his job and can help those around him, no more projects,we are cash rich, if we want more cash, invest in the team, Brendan hasn’t really spent anything in the grand scheme of things, we need a new spine of the team, we will breeze the spl but if we want to keep our manager, europe is where it’s at.

  19. G67 @ 6.55



    I repeat my original statement — if he is the answer then what was the question.


    When he first came on the scene I thought he was support for KT at LB.


    Now we seem to be building the whole defence around him.



    I am wary as I would hope we would be working at a higher level.


    How many years are we looking at playing him at the top level — will he be CL ready for next season if we win the league?



    We have a poor mix at the moment.


    We seem to play a dog leg back 4 with KT advanced on the left.


    We lack stature and physical presence at the back.


    JS struggled big time yesterday because of the pitch.


    DB has lost his edge, the concentration has gone and the fear has returned.


    ML has had some good defensive performances this year but he looks on edge all the time — nothing comes easy at the moment.



    We then have NB and KA who have the height but not the defensive attitude.


    Both stick out as converted MF’s learning the position holding Ladybird book in one hand.



    Consequently MC will not be stuck for challenges.


    However I am looking for some real investment in the back 4.


    Was hoping DB and JS would kick on from last year’s improvements but for various reasons this has not happened — consequently we need to spend the bucks and bring in the talent.



    What does £10 mill get you in the Balkans / France / Benelux for a 22 year old?

  20. All good things come to an end – it’s the manner they do and the reaction to it.



    For what it’s worth my summary is



    Defence – too fragile, too passive.



    Midfield – we have the personnel but don’t know best combination.



    Upfront – decide on your best forward (s) and play them every week from the start until injury or loss of form dictate a change.



    Hail Hail to Brendan and the bhoys but recognise and deal with issues asap, e.g. defence has been ropey and physically not up to it against a variety of teams but nothing definitive happened. Joso and Dedryck have been struggling for a while and yet we did little to address either that partnership or our all round formation if we wanted to ‘protect them.


    Roll on El Glassigo on Wednesday.



    Hail Hail

  21. MADMITCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 7:11 PM



    I ask my original question to you, What type of defender is Marvin Compper? Is he fast or slow? Comfortable in possession? Good passer? An Organiser?



    I do not disagree that we could be doing with investment in the defence. We need experience in defence. If, as you correctly point out, the way we play with KT bombing forward we need a left sided centre half. Compper is experienced and left sided. Good enough, who knows but i’d at least let him sign and hold the Celtic scarf above his head before writing off. Do you know for a fact that Compper is the only defender we’re signing in January?


    I actually think Ajer could be the long term answer at CH and needs a run of games and someone experienced beside him.



    Andy Brassell, European football ‘expert’, who covers German football said of Compper signing for Celtic, “He’d be great. Did an absolutely terrific job with Leipzig last season, now they’ve moved on to next generation. He’s a real leader and stand-up guy. Worth having.”

  22. Kevjungle



    Leigh Griffiths is a goal scorer who is not currently scoring. That can be for a lots of reasons but to insinuate that this is because he is more intent on winding up opponents or their fans is your invention.



    It could just as easily be it is a manifestation of his frustration at not scoring, but you chose the former meaning and only you know why you do that.



    You have the chance to be understanding but choose to be provocative.



    With regard to Res12 – as I recall I offered you the opportunity a while back to be informed.



    You turned it down.



    That opportunity is still there and the information provided will tell you why the majority of supporters are unaware.



    Let me know if you chose to be informed or prefer the shelter of not knowing to hide behind.

  23. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    MADMITCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2017 7:11 PM


    G67 @ 6.55



    I repeat my original statement — if he is the answer then what was the question.



    When he first came on the scene I thought he was support for KT at LB.





    You have written this guy off without even understanding what position he plays! If you thought he was support for the left back position, you definitely don’t know the answer or the question!



    We have a relatively young and inexperienced defence, particularly the centre of the defence. An old head with over 250 Bundesliga games under his belt obviously isn’t a dud. Might not be Beckenbaur, but must have something about him.



    I remember the last old, over-the-hill dud we brought in who was written off by all and sundry before he even touched down. Lubo something-or-other I think he was called. Do you remember him?





  24. Madmitch



    Thanks be to god I’m not a Celtic miserablist, what an affliction you and others carry through life.



    How much does a Bundesliga CB cost – if he was £4M just like Jozo Simunovic would he be the answer? Have you seen Marvin Compper play even on Youtube? ( no need to confirm you haven’t )



    The question is Celtic need another CB one that BR considers better than Erik Sviatchenko whom he has deemed surplus, and one to play ahead of reserves like Nir Bitton and Kris Ajer.



    The transfer policy? that the one that brought us Moussa Dembele ( valued £20M ) Olivier Ntcham (price £4.5M )



    Odsonne Edouard’s valuation is £8M does that mean we should buy him even although the jury is still out on his capability?



    Paddy Roberts’s valuation remains fixed at £12M and they are prepared to loan him out for 2 1/2 years



    Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada Yada



    Well done for keeping your wisdom and counsel throughout the new British record, previously ignored no doubt by your ancestral Maley miserabalists.

  25. G67 @ 2nd attempt.



    I look forward to MC joining the club.


    However you have to ask why is he not in Leipzig’s plans?



    Looks very much patch and mend.


    If he is the answer then we are in a bad way.


    A bad way after a wasted summer.



    I too hope KA kicks on and turns into a quality CB.


    However he will need a lot of time and support to make the transition.

  26. We are all used to the EPL grabbing the headlines in the sporting media every Monday but naturally to-day it was rugby European Cup and the loss of Celtic’s fantastic unbeaten run coming to an end. i was out with relations yesterday and set my recorder for the Celtic match, came home did not know the result, saw the first half and although we were down 2-0 still had hope the team would turn things around in the second half. The recorder must have gone on the blink because I never got the second half and got the shock of my life when I checked out that 4-0 scoreline on CQN.



    I’ve already seen it mentioned on CQN that Hearts tactics were almost a carbon copy of those recently used by Anderlecht and i must say that was my impression watching that first half – high pressing.



    Some of the big EPl sides have also lost by big scorelines in the past and gone on to win their respective Championships. Wednesday night should be interesting and hopefully Celtic will get back on the winning trail. The winter break can’t come soon enough for the players.

  27. Corkcelt 7.27


    Stop sitting on the fence:-))


    In my opinion, you are correct.


    The problem is they play the game, good posters get frustrated and either stop posting or even worse, get red carded because of their frustration.


    I’ve yet to read Overseas bhoy or Maradominic post anything positive about Celtic.


    If Celtic makes posters that miserable then perhaps they should find something else that makes them happy.


    Hail Hail

  28. V8K @ 7.30



    Do we really have a young and inexperienced defence at the moment?


    This is just the excuse culture running riot.



    We have went backwards over the past 6/7 months.


    At a rate of knots that no one would have believed after the SCF.



    Now it patch and mend — 6 months too late.


    The current CB’s desperate to get away or at least playing like they are desperate to get away.



    This whole situation has not been handled well.


    I fear the balance sheet is now more important than the playing staff.


    We have generated the revenue but we don’t seem to capable of spending it.

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