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  1. A throw in the that leads to a goal. Who’d a thunk it?



    Ralston, Forrest, Christie – goal.

  2. FAIRHILL BHOY on 6TH AUGUST 2021 11:07 AM


    In the queue for tickets for Thursday.Might still be here on Thursday 😉😡




    i got mine yesterday despite the site crashing, then saying i had no privileges and finally it said I had to be a ST holder.


    At that point I was about to swear but noticed that under my Login on the RHS, there was a ‘reserved’ ticket.


    I clicked that and it took me to the basket .



    Might save you some pain when you get through

  3. stpatricksbhoy on

    I have just purchased my own seat for Thursday night do I just use my existing season ticket or do I need to do something else. Canny wait for Thursday not had any tickets so far.


    Hail Hail stpatricksbhoy.