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  1. I don’t see how Hart can be blamed for second goal ? He’s come out as he has to as a player is straight through. He’s made himself big and the lad has placed it in the top corner. Anywhere else and Hart has it covered. We’ve defensive problems but I wouldn’t go creating more where there is none. Hart done OK.

  2. Our new Japanese Bhoy is Mobile and then some.



    Efter Callum he is on the first 11 sheet.



    Ange is a Genuine hard Man and I doubt Edouard will start for Celtic again. Celtic cannae win them all regarding transfers.

  3. fairhill bhoy on

    TET-I’m going to go with you this time.


    Hope you’re all well crabbit arse 🍀

  4. JHB….so we shouldn’t bother turning up at AZ…shocking implication…you’re no Tim

  5. JHB,



    Very pessimistic my friend, and indeed wrong.



    Needleess to say I disagree. History is my judge.



    We thrive in adversity.




  6. Before today’s game I knew –



    Joe Hart was just in the door.



    The two fullbacks need replaced.



    Biton is not a centre back.



    Starfelt joined us last week



    The midfield are powder puff (hopefully this has been addressed)



    OE isny interested



    We need to recruit in all areas



    Delighted to win 4-2 away from home in Europe…….. and I don’t care who it was against.






    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Based on the performance tonight – it being Ange’s first win – it was not media clever for any celtic minded pundit to go after the team.



    JH’s red faced rant was either calculated knowing lots of celtic fans would back him (ie the act of a hun) or misjudged IMHO when we need to build on the positives. 4 goals AWAY.. First away win since Feb!!


    I believe it was the later as I love the big guy.

  8. I sincerely think there is a role for Bitton as a holding midfielder.



    I sincerely hope I never see him again playing a CH role

  9. Ange asked about defence after the game on radio and he said something along the lines of we need to have greater control to shore up the defence.



    He seems to me to be saying the system he wants us to play will take care of the defence. Like a Barca 2009 side, keep the ball, use a high press to win it back and don’t concede set pieces.



    All well and good but we don’t have the players to do that for 90 mins.



    Ange needs to get this defence doing the basics. So drop Bitton and get Welsh in, otherwise we’ll be killed against better opponents who can defend and hit us on the counter.

  10. Strong rumours that Yeovil Town are tablin’ 5 figure numbers in front of Stevie G to tempt him back down the road……..( The deal involves trackies an’ Cider)……..McAllister, ” Youse-Buy-The-Pies ” an’ Nosferatu to be unveiled as “replacements” via Zoom, soon………



    Huns are Berserkin’………..



    *developing story*




  11. Good win, liking the way we’re moving the ball and passing.



    Last year or two fragilities are still there and exacerbated by an unfamiliar lineup and tactics.



    Going to need a quality centre back in if we want to win the league this year.



    Both fullbacks are triers but lack pace to play at the level we need. Played better without Eduoard but we need an aggressive striker for when he leaves.

  12. Good result but the goals we conceded could have been avoided.



    But a 4-2 win away in europe not to be sniffed at.



    We will put 4 or 5 past them at paradise.



    SPFHell teams are a different kettle of fish with the 2 banks of 5.



    We need a left winger, centre back, RB, LB and CF.






    D :)

  13. Tonight we attempted to dictate play….and we did 75% of the game


    For the last 4-5 seasons we have let the opposition dictate play…..and the god news is we’re only a few games into the season. It’s only going to get better

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    O thought Hart was a bit slow coming off his line a couple of times, but will be down to lack of games recently, and The Seive in front of him

  15. We are WIP good news is going forward we at least look as though we have an idea about scoring …. Anthony looked a bit lost in the last 20 and we were wide open … still early days game by game

  16. Burnley 78


    I was at that game in Toronto when we played Roma


    Think it was about 80 buses that left from the Bramalea supporters club ( my family in Toronto are members)


    In the meantime


    I’m away to take the dugs a walk, around the current disused golf course out my back


    Going to bury my head in a bunker,


    if people think the performance from midfield and defence was acceptable tonight


    Shocking, with huge gaps all over


    Look at the 2nd goal again


    No right back or right sided midfielder to be seen


    Starfelt came across from the left, running past the lazy Bitton, to get to right side – yes he dived in


    Total set up for defending was abysmal


    Let’s ignore it though – we won 4-2



    A long way from my favourite ever 4-2 game, may I add



    PS – we have 2 ex Centre Halfs in Ange coaching set up, Kennedy & McManus


    What are they actually coaching Day to day 😡

  17. IniquitousIV on 5th August 2021 7:46 pm



    Messi now available. Get on it, Dominic.







    I don’t think thats out of the realms of Fantasy – He is susceptible to mair Money…. not a good fit for the olde…. I forgot what now.

  18. Messi available.



    City may be wondering if they jumped the gun a bit with Grealish?

  19. The ironic thing is that I ended up following the game on the BBC live text as it was a lot more measured than some of the vitriol pu up here.



    As for Hart, if he comes out for that ball, he has to absolutely get it.



    I wouldn’t blame him for that – it was a lucky deflection as well.

  20. Spent a terrific afternoon with the grand weans down at Scaniel’s donkey sanctuary today.


    Loved chatting with Martin who is extremely warm & welcoming and knowledgeable across a range of topics.


    And a true gentleman.


    Thanks again Martin for allowing us to enjoy your wee corner of Dumfries.

  21. Bankiebhoy1….are Cinch ready to pounce….the toilet block hav no existing contract with Parks….

  22. NTB…. Agreed but to be fair, he’s not even in the top5 most prominent.


    Great result.

  23. Going by Ange’s comments, it looks like Furuhashi will play through the middle and will replace Eddie.

  24. c’mon now don’t be criticising individual players or you will get a reputation for telling it as it is or that you come from the dark side.