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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Job in progress.



    right back. left back, central defender, striker…..at least…

  2. Drambowiecelt on

    @Burnley ..Big John just frustrated at our defensive weakness…


    Not like you to lose it mate….


    He as honest as a sellic day is long








  3. So forest is crap and big John is a hero forgoing over the top in criticism of tonight’s performance



    2-4 away from home. 3rd placed team in the league that beat both us and them in Europe last year.



    Catch a grip. We are still in transition. .

  4. B78, if you genuinely thought that was a performance worthy of no criticism you have very low standards. I don’t gaf what anyone said about the huns. Hiding the issues only resulted in a disastrous season last season.

  5. 3 of the back 4 need replaced. – 4 of the back 4 need replaced




    Barkas would have got slaughtered for that second goal – agree.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Just arrived over to Tallaght to watch the famous Shamrock Rovers play Teuta from Albania in a European qualifier. Will submit a report in Scales later


    C’mon the hoops

  7. STEBHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2021 6:49 PM


    hartson is absolutely spot on with his assessment – we can score all the goals in the world but if we don’t defend , we will win nothing this season.




  8. Well,that gives us breathing space.A RB,a CH,before the next Europa game,at least.Turnbull is not at it at the moment,hopefully,Mc Carthy coming into the midfield will free him up a bit.In saying that,Soro played well.Its Turnbulls 1st touch at the moment.Abada looks sharp,great start for him.Could play through the middle.

  9. Big John spot on, lots of +ves. Ange’s system leaves us venerable to that long diagonal counter- esp on our right at the mo ref West Ham.



    Kudos to the ref – we want him every week!!!

  10. Brief break from self imposed cqn August sabbatical – we won, we are improving, we all know the defence needs work, but we just scored 4 away from home in Europe to put ourselves in a commanding position in the tie.



    Just enjoy it for now. Nothing else changes. We need more recruits. The ones playing will get better.



    3 points on Sunday are the next goal.



    Well done Celtic. Well done big Ange.

  11. Drambowiecelt on

    @Turkeybhoy…Every time i see your name i wonder …are you well away from the fires??


    Hope your safe mate….








  12. Hart will prove his worth, guaranteed. Won’t be surprised if he is PTY come May 2022.


    Abada, what a talent. Still just a kid. He and Kyogo will be lethal.


    Hail Hail from Denia. Enjoy your evening.

  13. The personal abuse and insults dished out to John Hartson and Chris Sutton from so called Celtic fans, for the crime of being honest, is nauseating.

  14. All John Hartson is doing,is stating the bleeding obvious.We all know whats required.


    Tell you,if that’s the Huns tonight,it’s a fantastic result.No negativity allowed.


    It’s just another step to recovery.A good one.

  15. DENIABHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2021 6:57 PM


    ‘Hart will prove his worth, guaranteed.’








    Well he’s going to have to play a lot better than he did today then.

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    BBJ just sets higher standards than some. Also did more for the club than some critics on here…



    More importantly, green shoots of recovery tonight. They were poor, but we were good to watch. We’ll get better, but we do need to press home our superiority. That’s 4 games jn a row where we deserved more of a return on the balance of play, which is BBJ;s beef.we need to get out of that habit.

  17. bankiebhoy1 on 5th August 2021 6:46 pm



    To be fair to BBJ, he needs the Gig………skint.



    Like that other nugget Big Packy………………



    He who pays the Piper, calls the tune.






    I dinnae think BBJ is that type of person – I have no idea if BBJ is skint.



    Best of Luck to St J’s

  18. We’ve given ourselves a massive chance to qualify for the next round…but defensive additions are necessary to help progress

  19. Big Bad John saying what he believes.


    I agree with BBJ.



    To those slagging him, do they really believe this is the best we can be ?


    If so, what low expectations you have of us.



    Without fear or favour, say it how it is.




  20. Ange do yourself a big favour ,get rid of Kennedy,Strachan,look at defensive mistakes this evening, same mistakes last season under them 2,as for Ralston and Taylor not good enough Starfelt needs to up his game ,Big Bitton played very well ,and I like Christie but why does he not celebrate like other Celtic players,

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I thought BBJ was just speaking as any Celtic fan would – “…aye we won but whit aboot that fkn defence – nightmare!!!…”



    Big man is Celtic to the core – just wants us to be brilliant in all respects 😁🍾😎👍



    Same I think probably goes for McFadden but he doesn’t exhibit the passion.



    Thomson ??? Slithering, slimey snake in the grass.



    Early days and much more to come – more work, more fitness, more speed, better recovery when play breaks down.



    Things to sort – loving the direction of travel.






  22. Drambowiecelt on

    @Burnley ok mate some things sting….and obviously you carry that…


    No probs we all got issues…


    Been wae big J a few times and he is rooted in us…Believe it or not… lol.


    Hope your well mate and you dedication to the tic has shone thru for years on here..






  23. We won. I am happy with that as i was full of trepedation before the game. But…


    That team were dreadful opposition. The new signings have just pretty much met one another and their team mates. So some leverage is required. Some promising offensive play but we all see the glaring defensive deficiencies. Bitton should be midfield , (if he is picked). Starfelt looks slow and lets hope Hart ‘s confidence hasn’t s totally deteriorated.


    I will reserve judgement on Ange till he has his own team in situ. My attention was drawn to praise from Celts about Ange being assertive in his needs for more signings. Thing is. It sounded as though he was appealing to the club to sign players. I know he had a say in Kyogo. But is he happy to continue with the failed Lawell strategy of the club signing players and not him ?

  24. ernie lynch on 5th August 2021 6:58 pm



    DENIABHOY on 5TH AUGUST 2021 6:57 PM




    ‘Hart will prove his worth, guaranteed.’







    Well he’s going to have to play a lot better than he did today then.






    Let him settle ernie Bhoy. We got a much needed win – away frae hame too.



    We are miles away from where we should be… but, as Kojo would say, in Ange, we have a Brammer.



    hartson is absolutely spot on with his assessment – we can score all the goals in the world but if we don’t defend , we will win nothing this season.



    correct , how can many on here not see that unbelievable.

  26. No one else think BBJ is playing a game for Anges sake?


    He’s pointing out deficiencies to cajole the board into buying the defenders we obviously need

  27. Fortunately with Barkas not getting crucified, we had a spare cross available for wee Jamsie Forrest to launch it into the middle where it was nailed by Christ(ie) leading the Calvary charge.




  28. RC… You started all your Daily Record pish with Julian and have been made to look a moron.


    You’re trying the same with Starfelt… You know FA about football or you’re drunk… The guy is going to be a great player for us.