Jozo, medicals and a midfielder


Reports that Jozo Simunovic may have failed his medial (not always a euphemism for rejecting a derisory contract offer) at Torino come as little surprise, but will be a distraction to Celtic as they had backfill offers ready to move. The player is fit, but will need to put a season together which demonstrates this beyond all doubt.

Some insight into what failing a medical can sometimes mean might be useful:

Medicals provide an overview of a player’s condition.  When an issue appears, as will often happen by default for a previously injured player, an alert is raised.  The buying club can then instruct a more detailed examination of the player.  Celtic occasionally send players to London for a second examination for this purpose.   Even then, with the best medical opinion money can buy, you are presented with no more than an opinion.

Whatever the first or second examination determines, the information is presented to the club, who have a decision to make.  If the player’s VO2 Max isn’t where it should be, but he’s not trained for six months, they might be prepared to take the chance.  Clubs seldom get a scan which reveals something as decisive as a piece of bone hanging off.  An evidence based but subjective view is taken.  Turino may be here right now.

The Jozo situation is symptomatic of the problems and opportunities of deadline day. If Jozo stays, another player, his club and agent, will only now be looking for an alternative move if Celtic is no longer an option. That will seriously annoy those concerned but this is the nature of the day, and creates opportunities for others.

Our principle target to add to the squad (not to swap like-for-like) is a midfielder. We’ve been working on this for a while but the nature of the target is such that there can be no guarantees, even at this stage.

What I can repeat is that despite what has again been reported (and at the risk of standing on a lonely ledge), Celtic have no idea where the James McCarthy story came from. It didn’t come from them and there is nothing in it.

Stay tuned!

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    WTF-I’ve not seen that!




    Don’t send me it,I need some sleep. Early start tonight and I’m already worried about nightmares now…

  2. TONYDONNELLY67 on 31ST AUGUST 2016 12:33 PM


    And cheer up ffs…you old misery




    Me cheer up? I’v been fine all day till the pack came in an caused it, your the guy who just told a poster to f… Off the blog?



    You for real?

  3. So, James McCarthy it is then Paul ;)



    Very much hopeful we can get a CM in today need a wanyama type imo, feel there’s enough creative players in Rogic Sinclair even KC for the league









    To be fair,one of my worst memories as a Celtic supporter is in my top ten too.



    An early lesson in hubris. I was too young to know what it meant,of course. And now I’m too old to care,so gimme a minute or two…




    Don’t feed them after midnight or closing of the transfer window either, just in case they sell their penalty taker and top goal scorer to keep the lights on. Be funny if they missed that story because they were on here causing bother at the countries biggest club. ;)





  6. mullet and co 2 on

    So whatever happened To the midfield player with EPL experience now playing elsewhere in Europe?



    This guy is Rodgers no 1 target

  7. Well if Jozo isn’t fit, and needs game time? Where is he going to get game time? It’s rather obvious he’s no happy here? So what next loan him out? Because the players won’t be happy if a man comes in the first team just to get match fit for a transfer?

  8. Celtic Champs Elect on



    Sandman – do u like KKlass PKA and who can forget the mighty UTAh Saints :-)))

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Quite happy if Jozo stays. Not exactly over-stocked with CBs.


    Definitely want a good DM though.

  10. Sorry if posted before……..I hear rangers are trying to tie up a deal to sign Totti. To go with the mince already there. HH

  11. Is Jozo unhappy? According to his twitter account he was looking forward to getting back to full fitness and playing again for the club.



    Granted that was 2 weeks ago, but I doubt much has changed for him in that time.

  12. P67:



    a midfielder. We’ve been working on this for a while but the nature of the target is such that there can be no guarantees, even at this stage.





    We’re getting Xavi.



    Told yeez. Bunting out!

  13. Jonathan Sutherland


    ✔ ‎@BBCjsutherland



    It’s my understanding that Everton midfielder James McCarthy moving to Celtic on loan is a non-starter @BBCSportScot



    12:42 PM – 31 Aug 2016 · Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

  14. Where’s Marc Crosas? He still loves the hoops! Is he in Mexico now or somewhere over that direction?

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Four or five new players to be integrated into the side.


    That`s more than enough.


    A reassessment in January when hopefully we still have European football is probably a good move.



    However , Brendan knows best. Of that I`m sure.

  16. Celtic Champs Elect on

    He goes by the name of he sandman America




    Sandman – do u like KKlass PKA and who can forget the mighty UTAh Saints :-)))

  17. Sorry Ernie,you saying there would be sponsorship money and advertising just does not cut it.Yes there would be some,but a fraction of what we get right now.You have not mentioned trying to attract players into these leagues.We know how hard it is at the moment trying to attract players to the SPFL,with CL exposure,how would we do in Div 5.Not forgetting we still have to run Celtic Park,Lennoxtown,and we know how much that takes.


    Too fraught with danger to Celtic for me.As I said,The Championship,which even then would be no pushover.


    Top ten Celtic memories aren’t like books or records. I can buy them at a charity shop. You canny buy,there isn’t enough money in the world to pay for,our memories as Celtic supporters.



    Though some you can have for nothing! I include one as an early lesson. Not that I ever learned…



    As ever,in no particular order,and as I explained,truncated by my nomadic lifestyle!



    My first ever game,October 1967. Memory,well I remember they played in red and we won 2-1 so it was against Aberdeen. I’d not long turned four.



    My first ever defeat,and I picked a beauty. Partick Thistle. One of the scorers comes from Kilwinning. Met him thirty years later,frequently. Good lad. Bugger ruined my day,but he got a medal from it. I got a photo in The Celtic View. And a lesson. We don’t win every game.



    6-1 v Hibs. Dixie and JINKY-who was outstanding-playing for fun in the sun in the biggest crowd I’ve been in.



    21-5-79 and conclusive proof that God loves us really,even if he likes a laugh now and then.



    2-0 v Real. What do you mean,you never saw that coming? Great things happen at Celtic Park!



    2-2 draw wi Ajax in 82. One of the best games of football it has ever been my pleasure to see and I saw it for real. None of your YouTube nonsense. We got ripped to shreds by an excellent Ajax side,Molby,Lerby and Olsen in particular. But we didn’t lie down. And we know how the second leg worked out!



    5-0 v Sporting. We did to Sporting what Ajax did to us. But they had no answer. They were a good team-were they 2 up from the first leg?-but we destroyed Dr Jo’s team that night. As good as it got for Davie Hay’s team until a certain day in Paisley. Which I missed!



    85 Cup Final. Davie Provan curler,ya beauty! Now,I have to confess I watched this in The International Bar wi my best bud and our respective lasses. But only because of the near-disaster at NE corner. I couldn’t get my girlfriend clear,I had to push her over the turnstile,and follow her! We walked round and out the other side. She never attended again.



    The whole of The Centenary Season!



    I’ll throw one into the mix since then. There are actually a fair few,but it has to be the 2006 League Cup Final. The only time I got to take my nephew to a match-the first time I’ve not had a drink on the day since I was his age,I reckon!-but most importantly the day of our tribute to our greatest ever player.



    R I P JINKY. You and legends like you are why we are proud to be Celtic supporters.

  19. The last time we made the last 16 of the CL Efe and Kelvin Wilson were our CB’s.


    Thing is, we had Vic sitting in front of them, now anyone who thinks they know about football and how to set a team up against better opposition than yourself knows that a quality sitting middy is paramount, I would imagine Brendan knows this and wants one in, it’s down to the suits it seems.




    100% right on all counts.



    People also forget that the English leagues have financial fair play rules. We’d be severely limited in what we were allowed to spend, and the sponsorship money would collapse anyway.



    It would be a long haul. It might be ten years before we saw top flight football again, and a dozen before we saw European football. And at some point the vultures would be circling, foreign owners with secret bank accounts and all that goes with that.



    And when they wanted to change the name and the Hoops, what then?



    Not for me, not any of it.

  21. I hope i am proved wronng but my forecast is PL ” We treied to get some in , it was close but we ran out of time” meanwhile we give away players who we should be getting some money for. Hope we keep bulk of players.. a long season need to rest our first 11

  22. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Maradominic do you ever post anything positive or are you just hear to whinge and moan ya clown


    Oh,and while I remember…



    Thanks,Dad. For taking me to a lot of those games and for giving me the money for the rest of them!




    How dare you question TD67!



    If he says Jozo’s no happy Jozo’s no happy and who are you to question him who ur yoo enyhoo an ar you jist another dog fae the pact attakin’ guid Celtic soportiers meet me at CQN coarner, nwa ma hoose naw the local pub, naw dinny bother at awe.



    Maybe meet you at the Hootenanny for a beer and a chat.