Laying commercial roots in Australia


This morning, Celtic announced an Academy link with a Sydney-based organisation to deliver a youth tournament ahead of the club’s visit there in November. Since the Ange Coming Home Tour deal was signed, the club have been looking at ways to broaden our footprint in Australia. Where you see ‘youth football tournament’, I am inclined to read, ‘laying down commercial roots’.

Our domestic market is fixed and, if anything, is likely to be butchered with young eyeballs migrating to the English Premier League. The great waves of Scottish migration to Australia and North America have been little more than trickle for decades. There is just not the same number of ex-pats there to sustain valuable streams.

Ignore these demographic trends and Celtic will shrink. It is difficult to swim against the EPL tide, but whatever we can do to irrigate new territories is worth trying. The more obvious question is what to do about Japan? I don’t see encouraging signs of building a Celtic oasis there. Pity.

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  2. P67 — why has it taken till AP arrived for us to take overseas markets seriously?



    Aus should just be the first of many efforts to grow the club.



    We need to run a youth tournament at P/head — large scale / money on the table / PR effort.


    All the talk seems to be about us going elsewhere rather than doing it ourselves.

  3. HMRC have smartened up their act since John Terry was supposedly paying 20% tax.







    The huns on EBTs were paying less than that. How did that work out for them?







    Differential higher band income tax rates will be relevant to players, agents etc.







    To claim otherwise is either dim or dishonest.




    Yes, just like all the workers with a student loan debt who refused to take a job with a salary higher than £10,000 to avoid paying it back.




  5. Sky Sports News ticker saying Lafferty out of N I squad, but strangely not saying why………..another mob riddled by huns

  6. Timmy 7 noted,



    To reiterate, surely you are not advocating and condoning tax avoidance schemes, like EBT,s. ?




  7. Greenpinata on 23rd September 2022 12:16 pm



    Sorry if this is insulting mate but is that a serious question? Where on earth from my post did I advocate such a thing? My point was that self employed people do not ever pay their fare share regardless of how they do it.

  8. Funny how all the unionists have today suddenly discovered the 46% top tax rate. It has been in place for years.



    It speaks volumes that they are criticising Scotland for having a higher upper tax rate than England. Socialists my arse.

  9. Is it being thick makes them join the cult or is it joining the cult that makes them thick?



    Maybe a bit of both.



    I suppose if rational, questioning thought isn’t your forte you’d find the simplistic certainty quite attractive. And once you’re in and committed to the cause any slight inclination you ever had to think for yourself never gets the chance to develop.



    You’ve almost got to feel sorry for them.




    Players will have advice on how to best to pay Tax etc.



    To think otherwise is….








    Galileo,is he available in the windae? :-))




  11. Greenpinata


    The ebt was tax evasion which is illegal, tax avoidance is not.


    However the complexity of tax rules makes tax avoidance a huge industry, gives Amazon etc opportunity to pay minimal tax.

  12. THE QUIET MAN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:22 PM



    I believe EBT’s were a legal form of tax avoidance at the time.


    They were retrospectively deemed illegal and thus classified as tax evasion.



    And rightly so.




  13. THE QUIET MAN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:22 PM







    The ebt was tax evasion which is illegal, tax avoidance is not.







    It was deemed to be avoidance, not evasion.



    The way the huns ran the scheme was flawed and that’s why it failed.



    EBT schemes, properly administered, have been successfully used to avoid income tax.



    Personally I think the back letters shifted it from avoidance to evasion but I’m not in charge. Yet.

  14. CELTIC40ME on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:30 PM


    Maybe keep the tax stuff to the previous thread?




    Why it’s Celtic related.




  15. I can’t imagine it’s of much interest to everybody else and it’s got absolutely eff all to do with Pauls leader.

  16. CELTIC40ME on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:32 PM


    I can’t imagine it’s of much interest to everybody else and it’s got absolutely eff all to do with Pauls leader.








    You must be new round these parts if you think comments ever have anything to do with the article.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on 23rd September 2022 12:22 pm



    Yes and of course turn it into an attack on Celtic, straight out of the big bumper book of unionism.


    Divide and conquer, the Brits have been brilliant at it for hundreds of years.

  18. GP @ 12.15’ish



    EBTs were illegal from the start.



    Trust in / Trust out — no side letters.


    The side letters killed it stone dead.



    What the TFOD1.0 EBT farrago showed was how poorly managed / controlled our tax system is in the self employed / tax advisor influenced margins.

  19. THE QUIET MAN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:35 PM


    I should have been more specific, the oldclub ebt scheme was deemed illegal.







    Technically it was deemed to be ineffective rather than illegal.

  20. Paul 67,



    I’m all for expanding our footprint overseas and a club such as ours requires to recruit good young players as per our business model.



    I wonder if we have considered emulating Brentford?




  21. I have not witnessed any attack on Celtic on CQN today.



    On the contrary, I have witnessed support for Celtic in how we do our business and overcome any additional hurdles.

  22. CELTIC40ME on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:37 PM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 12:33 PM







    That’s mild language for you. Are you ok?






    To be honest I don’t think I’ve fully recovered yet from the revelation that Scotland has moved on from sectarianism. It came as quite a shock.



    These things take time to process but I’m sure I’ll get back to my old self in due course.

  23. Ernie,



    assuming your living in Scotland, and assuming your catholic, where in your personal experience do you suffer discriminatory practices because of your religion ?



    Try just answer it once, just honestly answer it once.

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